Senate candidate smeared in anonymous flier

By Cameron McWhirter/

The race to fill the 42nd district state senate seat, set in a heavily Democratic area of metro Atlanta, has been a downright polite affair over the past several months. Jason Carter, grandson of former president Jimmy Carter, Decatur lawyer Tom Stubbs, independent Steve Patrick and Libertarian David Montane have avoided any nastiness. Carter and Stubbs, both Democrats and both lawyers, have publicly said they think the other candidate is a nice guy.

But on the Friday before next Tuesday’s special election, things got ugly in the district, which encompasses eastern sections of the city and a large part of DeKalb County including Decatur. Someone – no one has taken responsibility – distributed fliers in the Toco Hills neighborhood that purported to show one of Carter’s donors in a photograph with the late Yasser Arafat, onetime leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and first president of the Palestinian National Authority. The flier linked Carter and his grandfather, who in recent years has condemned Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians.

What’s its importance in a local legislative special election?

Many Jewish people live in the district and many Jews were angered by the elder Carter’s position. The fliers were sent out the day before Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalyn, were set to stump for Jason Carter in East Lake.

“It’s ridiculous,” Carter told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I don’t think it will have any impact on this election one way or another.”

Stubbs issued a statement blasting the flier as “last-minute smear.”

“I condemn this type of anonymous attack,” Stubbs said. “It has nothing to do with the campaign, nor the issues facing the people of Georgia’s 42nd senate district.”

The election is to fill a seat vacated by Sen. David Adelman, who left to become U.S. ambassador to Singapore.

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May 10th, 2010
4:29 pm

Do I get a smell of republican politics?

Diane Levy

May 10th, 2010
4:49 pm

Jason Carter should not get elected just because of who his grand-dad is or was. He has no experience to lead and was never heard of until he decided to run for office. Shame on the Democractic Party of Georgia trying once again to tell us how to vote. I have been bombarded with mailers and calls in support for Jason with the Democratic Party of Georgia in my caller I.D. He is NOT the only Democrat running, Tom Stubbs actually came by my house and one of his supporters stopped by recently to encorage me to vote for Tom Stubbs. I am a Democrat and I have not forgotton what the party did to Mary Norwood they should have never spent my money to spread lies about her in a non-partisian race. Lets show the Democratic Party of Georgia that we support Independent minded Democrats not just special interest namesakes.

Dot Hambry

May 10th, 2010
5:06 pm

I so agree with you Diane! I’ve never met Jason Carter nor have I even heard of him until this year. I am, however, familiar with my neighbor Tom Stubbs who went to law school with my husband. I also appreciate the fact that Tom has been active in the community for many years. In my assessment, I believe that he’s more suited to be our State Senator. We’d be foolish to not elect Tom as our next State Senator. This kid Jason – bless his little heart – he isn’t ready to lead…………………..


May 10th, 2010
5:55 pm

Well I don’t agree with Dot and Diane – I’m voting for Jason Carter because he’s a CARTER. No different than a Kennedy. This seat is his birthright.


May 10th, 2010
7:08 pm

Jason Carter is heading to the State Senate. He will win on Tuesday and then will run again for re-election later this year. He is a bright young man and the Democrats are proud to have him.


May 10th, 2010
7:16 pm

Gregory: “This seat is his birthright.” You moron… why don’t we just go back to royalty? People like you should not vote. You do not have the intellect to be a free thinking man. You are and need to be a subject to a master. You do not deserve the privilege that voting is.


May 11th, 2010
9:29 am

Forgive Gregory’s comments “I’m voting for Jason Carter because he’s a CARTER. No different than a Kennedy. This seat is his birthright.” Obviously, in the words of Larry the Cable guy “you can’t fix stupid” I am reminded of the quote by Abraham Lincoln “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and resolve all doubt.” Also remember that Mark Twain said “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
Remember that it took Ronald Reagan to straighten out the mess that the last Carter (Jimmy) put us in.

Mr. Grumpy

May 11th, 2010
10:59 am

Myron–Get serious. Reagan straightened out the mess that Jimmy Carter put us in??? Oh, really. If you’re talking about the Iranian hostage “mess”, you better check history. The solution was already in the works by the time Reagan was inaugurated. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. And was it the financial mess we were in? Do you recall how much of a deficit Reagan gave us. He couldn’t be accused of taxing his friends, but he spent us into a mess.
So, what mess are we talking about?


May 12th, 2010
3:24 am

Any Jew in this district who voted for Carter should just convert out already.


Haven’t you jinos done enough damage to America voting in Øboma? As for the photo with Arafat, just search on the internet for “carter arafat” and don’t forget to search “clinton arafat” and check “images” and you will see that Dem party has CONSISTENTLY played kissy-face with the so-called “palestinian” terrorists.

Congrats DeKalb county, you have just elected a pro-jihad state senator.

cindi taylor

May 12th, 2010
11:46 pm

stubbs is quickly becoming the ‘Joe Bembry’ of winoa park.