Perdue addressed Senate, praises hard work on “historic” bills

On the last day of the legislative session Gov. Sonny Perdue made a rare visit to the Senate chamber to give his farewell address and help usher out the session.

“I really wanted to come a congratulate you all on what I believe was one of the most production sessions you could have had,” Perdue told senators. “It was 106 days ago that I stood before you to ask you do the hard work. That was the challenge and I believe history will reflect that you have done that.”

Perdue praised members of the Senate in passing “historic” bills on water conservation, transportation and ethics.

“And when we faced a financial situation unlike many Georgians have seen, you passed a budget filled with right things,” Perdue said. “You made the tough choices.”

In what is his final session, Perdue was a bit reflective. He talked about the tough times during his eight years in office. He said Georgians have had a history of coming together when facing important issues.

“No other administration has had to deal with the economic difficulties that we have,” Perdue said. “Georgia will be more prepared to lead the nation in economic recover because we worked together. Challenging each other and putting our state before ourselves.”

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April 29th, 2010
4:57 pm

Thank goodness this is the last time we will have to hear him speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 29th, 2010
6:08 pm

Good work my A**. Microchip bill–because a lady claimed it was inserted in her vagina, a road kill bill, borrowing more money to finance this years budget, hospital bed tax, forgot about need resevoirs for North Georgia (tried to sue Tennessee for some land), passed the so-called transportaion bill to another generation, allowed guns in bars, cut transportation funding, lost out on federal transportation funding, wasted millions for go fish program, allowed schools to be so strapped that they can’t even by pencil sharperners, try to take away teachers retirement, try to ram merit pay down the schools throats, took away the funding for national certification, sit and done nothing while Georgia’s unemploymen rose to 10.6%, passed a tax increase for normal people and cut taxes for wealthy people, raised our Georgia power rates to pay for a nuclear power plant, made no effort to try to convince Ford to remain in the state, allowed the people around atlanta to pay for a Falcons stadium without doing research, allowed taxes to go uncollected and says it is only 5% (500,000,000), furloughed thousands of teachers and state employees, depleted the prison systems, cut YDC’s, yeah the list goes on–GOOD JOB-Thanks for all the D*** work you did bunch of A**holes!


April 29th, 2010
7:38 pm

d2 — AMEN. Go Fish – Governor FishBrain. Unlike Jimmy Carter who cannot shut up and stop meddling — here is hoping that you will NEVER BE HEARD FROM AGAIN.