Lorenzo Wallace Sr. closes the door on the Senate after 23 years

It seems appropriate that the Senate was at its most quiet when Lorenzo Wallace Sr. stepped to the rostrum to speak.

For 23 legislative sessions, Wallace has served the Senate as a doorman and finally, sergeant at arms. Thursday marked his retirement.

“I am convinced that I am one of the luckiest persons on the face of the earth,” Wallace said.

Wallace, 90, has been the sergeant at arms for five years. During his first 18 years in the senate he worked as a doorman.

In one of his official duties, he announces special guests when they visit the senate chamber. Thursday afternoon for example, he introduced Gov. Sonny Perdue and led him to the rostrum.

As part of his honor, several senators led Wallace to the speaker’s platform.

“He has always been a calming force on this process,” said Sen. Minority Leader Robert Brown (D-Macon). “From time to time, we can get loud in here. People can try to push the rules. Unauthorized people try to get in. He just quietly moves up to people and gets them to obey the rules. I have never heard him raise his voice. He has never embarrassed anybody. He has a quiet, but firm demeanor.”

Wallace has served under four lieutenant governors, three senate secretaries and countless senators.

“And in my humble opinion, the senate has seldom operated any smoother than with the present leaders,” Wallace said. “I have met many good friends in the Senate and around the Capitol. May God bless and sustain you in your continued quest to make Georgia a better state for all Georgians.”

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Stephen Smith

April 30th, 2010
9:12 am

Don’t you think the 90 year old man deserves a picture in the paper?


April 30th, 2010
12:20 pm

GOP ran him off!

Gold Dome Gal

April 30th, 2010
1:25 pm

Mr. Wallace is a class act, just like his predecessor. I worked for the Senate for several years and absolutely adore him. He will be missed by the Senators and staff. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Wallace, you deserve it.