House Speaker Picks Chief of Staff

Spiro Amburn, the legislative affairs director for the state Department of Juvenile Justice, has been tapped to be House Speaker David Ralston’s chief of staff.

“Spiro is not only someone who I have a great deal of trust in, but he has served this state well as a committed public servant in his time in state government,” Ralston said in a prepared statement. “I am honored to have him leading our staff and confident that he will be an asset to the Speaker’s Office and the entire House of Representatives.”

Amburn’s political background includes a stint as deputy legislative affairs director for Gov. Sonny Perdue. He has his undergraduate degree from Kennesaw State University and his master’s degree from the University of Georgia.

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January 30th, 2010
10:38 am

Amburn is an excellent pick and will serve the state of Georgia well in this role.


January 30th, 2010
12:19 pm

I agree he is a top notch pick!!!

Cindy Pack

January 30th, 2010
8:23 pm

Spiro is an excellent pick, he will serve the speaker and the state of georgia well


January 31st, 2010
8:52 am

I don’t see why the Speaker needs a chief of staff. He should be his own chief of staff and save the tax payers the big salary that the so-called chief gets.


January 31st, 2010
9:06 am

A very unfortunate FIRST NAME.


January 31st, 2010
9:46 am

Spiro will set the gold standard in supporting the boss, just as Bart Gobeil does for the Lt. Gov: make the boss look good and make the train run on time. No games, just results – are you reading this Eddie Haskell Holcombe?


January 31st, 2010
2:21 pm


“I don’t see why the Speaker needs a chief of staff.”

That is clear. It would be best swapping out see for understand. I share your desire to reduce government spending and the thought of eliminating unnecessary government positions is admirable. However, considering what the Speaker of the House has to manage in terms of the other 179 House Members, his interactions with the Executive Branch, the Senate, his own personal business (considering this is a citizen legislature – the Speaker is the only technically full-time legislator in the 236 combined House and Senate – who the majority of those member make about $17k a year from this position), and many more functions that the Speaker serves, it only makes sense that he can better serve us if he has assistance.


February 1st, 2010
8:14 am


February 1st, 2010
2:03 pm

Sounds like a Sonny full employment program and put a spy the speakers office.


February 1st, 2010
4:49 pm

Help him with his personal taxes…