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Deal’s partner says they ditched lucrative business over safety, moral concerns

The business partner of U.S Rep. Nathan Deal, a Republican candidate for governor in 2010, says they got out of the lucrative state auto salvage inspection business because they fear changes made by the state endanger the safety of Georgians.

“I am deeply concerned that a reduction in safety requirements could result in a liability issue for our company and therefore was not in our best interest,” Ken Cronan said in an email blast Deal’s campaign sent to supporters.

He later added, “This was more than a business decision. It was a moral decision.”

State Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham has said the inspections will be no less safe than they’ve been over the past 20 years, when Deal and Cronan were in the business.

The AJC reported this week that Deal ended his business arrangement with the state that earned his company about $300,000 a year.

State records show that Deal and  Cronan chose not to continue as one  one of the Department of Revenue’s locations where rebuilt …

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State revenues plummet 16 percent in September

Georgia’s revenue collections fell another 16 percent in September, compared to the same month a  year ago, as the state’s three main sources of tax income continued to bottom out.

It is the 10th consecutive month of declining revenues.

For the fiscal year, which began July 1, state revenue is off 14.2 percent, compared to the first three months of the previous fiscal year.

The biggest drop in September came in individual income tax collections, which were off 14.2 percent compared to September 2008. Corporate income taxes were down 13.2 percent and sales and use taxes were off 11.4 percent.

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