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Barnes: I made mistakes, ready to move forward

Former Gov. Roy Barnes, in announcing his return to electoral politics, said Wednesday he made mistakes in his first term, but that he has learned from those days. 

Now, he said, he’s ready for another shot. 

“When I was governor before, I didn’t do enough listening,” Barnes said from a small stage in a packed meeting room at the Hilton conference center and hotel in Marietta. “I realize I was impatient and I had an aggressive agenda. I didn’t take time to explain why I thought certain issues were important or time-sensitive and critical to make a Georgia that could be instead of a Georgia that was.

“But, let me tell you, my momma told me I was the hardest-headed kid God put on the face of the Earth. And momma was always right. But I did learn from those experiences and from those mistakes and I learned also from my successes.”

Barnes said he called the three other Democrats already seeking the party’s nomination Wednesday morning. 

“They’re all good folks,” Barnes said. “This …

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