Federal stimulus dollars to help recently unemployed in Fulton County

By Kristi E. Swartz

Fulton County is getting a $2.4 million boost to help re-train residents recently laid off from their jobs as well as to help young Iraq veterans look for work.
The money — part of the federal stimulus package — is going to the county’s Department of Human Services and is only available to a specific number of people.
The funds include $1.4 million for 5,682 people who have been laid off from full-time jobs within the last year.

The money will help pay for career training at state-approved vocational schools and other apprenticeships.

It will also help pay for rent, utilities and transportation costs.
Other money includes $655,710 to help 350 people ages 16 to 24 look for jobs.

The county’s Human Services Office of Workforce Development said it will use this money to help Iraq veterans train for new jobs.
Another $300,690 will go toward helping 1,200 low-income adults train and look for jobs.

The agency said it also would use the money to offer one-time help for rent and utilities.

Besides accounting for how the money is spent, the county must keep track of jobs created by the federal stimulus package.

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