Perdue follows through, signs transportation bill

Gov. Sonny Perdue said Monday he planned to sign Senate Bill 200, the transportation governance bill, into law and Tuesday he proved to be good to his word. 

S.B. 200 was among dozens of bills the governor signed into law today. 

As a refresher, S.B. 200 overhauls the state Department of Transportation and the way the state plans for and executes transportation projects. While leaving the DOT board in place, the bill takes away much of its authority and gives it to a new director of planning, who will be named by the governor with the approval of the House Transportation Committee. 

But the bill also gives the General Assembly power to decide how to spend a goodly portion of the state’s road-building money. 

While the bill is far different from the one that Perdue called for at a news conference earlier this year with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram), it was good enough  for the governor to sign.

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May 12th, 2009
11:42 pm

Old South Politics at it’s best. You tick me off, I’ll take your toys away. Yeehaw.

You people voted for this goober not once, but TWICE. Remember that.


May 13th, 2009
1:25 am

Well he finally signed a bill that will force the GDOT to get back in line with fiscal responsibility. Since 1992 after the Olympics were announced the GDOT has spent money with no regard to the who was paying the bill. The GDOT needs to eliminate jobs, programs and at this time only repair bridges, stop building roads and pull crews who do nothing off the road. GOOD JOB GOVERNOR, Make someone answerable to each dime spent.


May 13th, 2009
4:13 pm

It’s hard to figure what the guv has accomplished. He simply doesn’t understand how DOT funding works. The huge majority of DOT spending is with federal funds, tied to specific projects. If he chooses to veto, say, $10M for some project the effect is simply that the $90M the feds would have contributed is forfeited. That money goes back into Uncle Sam’s pocket to be spent by some other state. Sonny won’t get that $90M to distribute to his cronies. It’s what my granma called cutting off your nose for spite.


May 15th, 2009
3:43 pm

Sonny the accidental governor strikes again! Transportation will only get worse with a bunch of psycho politicians in charge.