Oxendine launches statewide radio ad

Republican gubernatorial hopeful John Oxendine has launched the first paid advertising campaign of the 2010 race. 

Oxendine’s team announced Tuesday the launch of a statewide radio ad that asks voters to call his campaign with ideas for improving state government. 

To hear the ad go here. The script follows at the end of this post. 

The ad comes the day after a series of articles by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution detailing the more than $120,000 in campaign contributions Oxendine’s campaign has received from a series of Alabama-based political action committees with links to a pair of Georgia insurance companies. Oxendine is the state’s insurance commissioner. 

After the AJC’s initial reporting, Oxendine decided to return the money and has asked the State Ethics Commission for an advisory opinion as to the legality of the contributions. A state government watchdog, meanwhile, has filed a complaint against Oxendine with the commission. 

The ad does not address the controversy, and instead names Oxendine as the “one candidate for governor who offers positive solutions — who understands real Georgia families and the issues that matter to us.”

Here’s the script:

Are you tired of the same old status quo politics in Georgia?
Is it time for our leaders to put aside self-interest and listen to Georgians like us?
You’re right. It IS time.

Good news Georgia, there is one candidate for Governor who offers positive solutions – who understands real Georgia families and the issues that matter to us.

It’s time for a Governor who will hold state government accountable to taxpayers. A Governor who will put families ahead of special interests.

Georgia’s conservative leader, John Oxendine listens to Georgia.

Check out John Oxendine’s Contract with Georgia at johnoxendine.com; visit Facebook at John Oxendine for Georgia’s Governor or call 888 224-0480 to have your voice heard…. 888 224-0480
John Oxendine. Real solutions – real change. He’s the real deal. Yes, Georgia, The time is now. Call 888 224-0480.

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Perimeter Progressive

May 12th, 2009
11:56 am

Him calling to put aside self interest is laughable, after those campaign contributions. He’s certainly willing to take special interest money in order to put his own family ahead…straight into the Mansion.

[...] – Oxendine launches first laughable ad. Via AJC – Oxendine’s launching an ad.  Convinently times to try and steer the conversation [...]


May 12th, 2009
12:51 pm

Actually he returned that money as soon as it was brought to his attention. To bad the Dems and their wonderful President didnt do the same. Do you have any idea how much of the donations Obama has that came from terriorist nations? No either does anyone else. It has not and will not be disclosed.

Perimeter Progressive

May 12th, 2009
3:54 pm

Lady, where’s any sort of evidence of that? It’s easy to come up with bold faced lies that are impossible to prove. For example…

Do you have any idea that George W Bush made out with Osama bin Laden? No, neither does anyone else. It has not and will not be disclosed.

Oxendine returned the money after it was brought to attention. a) How many other contributions are dirty? We’ll never know. It has not and will not be disclosed. b) Why did it take the AJC to point it out? If you were given 120,000, shouldn’t you know where it came from? If he’s not a crook, then he’s just plain dumb. I’d rather have neither in office.


May 15th, 2009
4:01 pm

Move on crook.