Perdue signs bill cracking down on ’super-speeders’

Gov. Sonny Perdue today signed legislation into law creating new stiff fines for drivers who are caught speeding well over the posted limits. 

The fines — expected to total about $23 million a year — are intended to help the state’s cash-strapped network of trauma hospitals while discouraging dangerous driving, although state lawmakers will have to specifically mark the money for that use. 

Perdue signed the bill Tuesday after touring Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite trauma center.

Perdue has been pushing the measure for three years now. Drivers caught speeding faster than 85 mph on four-lane highways and interstates or 75 mph on two-lane roads will face a new $200 fine (in addition to existing fines).

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N in ATL

May 5th, 2009
2:22 pm

Well, it looks like old Sunny “Do nothing” Perdue has found a way to tax the citizens of Georgia again. I hope he takes into consideration that nobody can safely drive the speed limit in this town without being killed on all of the interstates, 285, 20, 675, you name it. I guess he had to have one to grow on before he gets the boot next year. This city should be called Taxlanta instead of Atlanta.

J in ATL

May 29th, 2009
10:35 pm

If the idiots that are driving well past the speed limit, and get caught, then the fear of driving safely should go away. PRO LASER III will find the heavy footers, and when the pockets start to empty, maybe they will slow down. If not for other drivers, they will slow down for their wallets!!!