Day 38 just got longer

The House Rules Committee just met to set a supplemental floor agenda for this afternoon and 11 bills and one resolution were added to the mix. 

But the list is most notable for what’s not there: S.B. 200, the transportation governance bill that passed out of House Transportation on Friday. 

Instead, we were given a laundry list of Senate bills that seem mostly benign, with the exception of S.B. 67, which requires that driver’s license examinations be conducted only in English. 

It will most likely pass, but it’s one of those measures that Democrats try to fight before falling to superior numbers. 

The day isn’t over and S.B. 200 could still come up, but Speaker Pro Tem Mark Burkhalter (R-Johns Creek) said a moment ago in the hallway that it is unlikely to before Day 39 — Wednesday.

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