An inauspicious start to Day 38

The House has only been convened for a few minutes here on Day 38 of the 2009 session and already things are getting backed up. 

We told you over the weekend about where things stand for the final week, and how much was left to do and how little time.

The House has 11 bills on its agenda today and a list of 12 uncontested resolutions honoring this or that (but not, however, the controversial President Barack Obama resolution). Ordinarily, the House would vote on all 12 of those resolutions at once, just to get them out of the way since they are — as noted — uncontested.

That would get them out of the way so the House can get to its actual work.

But, Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta), as he is wont to do, objected to doing it that way. With his well-read copy of House rules, Franklin noted that it’s not kosher in the body’s rules to do it that way. Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram), while frustrated, was forced to agree. That means each of those 12 resolutions will have to be considered individually, which, of course, will take much more time. Richardson, however, might just not call the resolutions at all.

Good thing the House has so much time left. Oh, wait …

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