House includes money for school nurses, teacher health care

The House will be voting on a fiscal 2010 budget this week that includes money to pay for school nurses and limits health insurance cost increases for teachers.
Budget subcommittees are going over the budget Tuesday, and the panel for education approved a plan that includes $29 million needed to continue paying for school nurses. Gov. Sonny Perdue’s proposal for fiscal 2010, which begins July 1, had cut that funding.
The subcommittee also approved money to pay 10 percent bonuses to more than 2,500 teachers who have earned national certification. Many of the teachers have been receiving the bonus money for years. Perdue cut it out of his budget plan.
Perdue also has recommended health insurance cost increases for 100,000 state employees and more than 100,000 teachers. Essentially, the cost for health insurance would go from a state-employee split of 75 percent- 25 percent to 70 percent-30 percent. The change would cost employees hundreds of dollars more each year for health insurance.
The House subcommittee plan keeps the split at 75-25 for teachers.

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[...] alert: James Salzer over on Gold Dome Live reports that the House will vote on the 2010 budget to include money for school nurses and the 10 [...]


March 17th, 2009
4:10 pm

Sigh of relief….

Gwinnett Educator

March 17th, 2009
5:05 pm



March 17th, 2009
5:10 pm

Yeah for socalized medicine! Everyone come get a handout!


March 17th, 2009
6:11 pm

School age children in Georgia are truly blessed!


March 17th, 2009
6:12 pm

I hope and pray that this info is accurate, and that the powers that be at the capital did the right thing for school nurses and National Board teachers. At any rate, shame on you, Perdue.


March 17th, 2009
7:28 pm

Okay, I can take no COL increase but to double down with an increase in health cost is a bit too much.


March 31st, 2009
2:54 pm

I am so grateful to all who fought to keep school nurses! My mother is one and the service they provide is invaluable. One side note….ugacpa02 is an idiot. How about you know the subject before you open your mouth to comment on it!


April 5th, 2009
8:08 pm

Diane long

April 14th, 2009
12:33 pm

I have kids in school Let’s ALL pray that they keep school nurses. They do a GREAT job!!!!