Step Up or Step Down parents step up pressure on APS

Atlanta parents are ratcheting up the pressure on the system to improve.

Atlanta parents are ratcheting up the pressure on the system to improve. AJC photo

I have admired the quick response of APS parents to the SACS probation of the system. They have organized and shown up in force to remind board members of what’s at stake.

One fledgling parent group, Step up or Step Down, sent this informational packet to the Atlanta school board, which reflects how serious the community is taking the probation,

Who we are: We are a 10-day-old movement of parents, students, teachers and business-owners from neighborhoods across Atlanta who found each other with the common cause of preserving the accreditation of APS public high schools.  With 740 members, 62,500 hits on our Facebook page and an additional 50+ citizens writing our e-mail address in the first week, we are engaging the community in a solution-oriented manner that will keep our School Board accountable.


  • Maintain accreditation of APS high schools to protect the future of our children.
  • Ensure good governance and representation of public school interests by our elected officials.
  • Obtain concrete evidence of Atlanta School Board’s ongoing compliance with SACS’ required actions by the end of February 2011.
  • Restore confidence in Atlanta’s public school system.
  • Energize every Atlanta neighborhood to advocate for the continuous improvement of our public schools.
  • Step Up or Step Down Requires the APS Board to:

    Engage the public
    Aggressively seek constructive input and engagement from stakeholders in every Atlanta neighborhood in an effort to expedite and enhance the Superintendent search, rebuild community trust, and guide the future of Atlanta’s public schools. (NOTE:  This action embraces steps 1 and 5 of the SACS Report, which require public engagement).

    Close the loopholes in Board policy.
    Take immediate action to revise the bylaws to require a 2/3-majority vote for major decisions such as hiring of a Superintendent, the election or removal of Board officers and approval of contracts (those brought by the Board) in excess of $10,000.  Upon approval of this bylaw change, current officers should be re-elected by a 2/3 vote. (NOTE:  This action embraces steps 3, 4 and 6 of the SACS Report, which address ethics and policy improvement).

    Seek expert executive guidance.
    Adhere to the actions approved at the 1/24 Board meeting to work earnestly and transparently with an executive facilitator to improve Board effectiveness, and with a respected and experienced search firm to recruit and vet our new Superintendent. (NOTE: This action embraces steps 2 and 5 of the SACS Report, which address these processes).

    Statement from the Organizers of Step Up or Step Down

    Statement from the Organizers of Step Up or Step Down on last week’s board meeting:

    As our community movement reaches its one-week anniversary, the organizers of Step Up or Step Down wish to applaud all 9 of our School Board members who demonstrated on Monday evening that they are willing to Step Up.  We especially appreciate the 700+ parents, students, teachers, business leaders and property owners (from every neighborhood in Atlanta) who have joined our movement.  Together, we are holding the Board accountable!

    -On Monday night, it was clear that the Board heard your voices.  They voted unanimously to a) accept the SACS report and work as a full board to accomplish the six steps outlined to maintain accreditation; b) to elect a new superintendent and/or an interim superintendent by a super majority vote (7-2) vs. a simple majority vote (5-4) and c) to meet every Monday night at 7pm at least until May (public is invited).

    -Step Up or Step Down is encouraged by the board members’ actions this week, but know that there is a long road ahead requiring transparency, accountability and the voice of the public.  That’s why we’re here!  Tell your friends and invite them to the discussion.

    -SACS has given verbal assurance that if, in a worst-case scenario, the probation is not lifted in September as expected, next year’s senior class (current juniors) will not be affected by the Board’s inability to meet the SACS guidelines.  Our group has asked SACS for written assurance of this. We will post it here once we have it confirmed.

    - Our fondest hope is that our group can become major fans of this School Board, but we remain true to our purpose and continue to insist upon better governance.  Any Board member who impedes the progress to secure our accreditation will be singled out and asked to Step Down.

    –From Maureen Downey, for the AJC Get Schooled blog

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    Dr NO

    February 1st, 2011
    10:07 am

    At least someone is trying to do something. Unfortunately, it would appear we as citizens must band together and begin tossing “leaders and that from the lowiest of the locals to the highest Federal as they are no longer listening to The People.

    DeKalb Educated

    February 1st, 2011
    10:49 am

    Wish them luck and hope they can make some positive changes. We are tying hard in DeKalb without much luck. We hope it doesn’t take SACS probation to get the BOE on the right track to get ethics policy, new superintendent and to have Ramona Tyson finally turn over requested docs regarding pay (Ernst & Young 2005 study) according to Freedom of Information Act requirements. The study was done in 2005 and has been buried. The pay for many Central Office Staff members is 2.5 times that of a position at Fulton County. We’d like the study published.

    Dr. John Trotter

    February 1st, 2011
    10:57 am

    “…ongoing compliance with SACS’ required actions…” Something is askew when a school board is being brow-beatin’ by a private company which is not accountable to the people and which makes its money threatening school systems and feeding at their public troughs. Can anyone say, “Pimp”?


    February 1st, 2011
    11:07 am

    Dr. No The problem of listening to “the people” is that “the people” are divided. If you satisfy one group, then there are dozens of other groups who are mad because you didn’t do what they wanted done. On this APS issue, I understand that parents are united. It would not be difficult to get this right, but on most issues “the people” only look at a situation as to how it affects them and their families. There is just no way to make everyone happy.

    Oh Intown Writer...

    February 1st, 2011
    11:17 am

    As an APS parent who has not joined this group although solicited at least twice:

    I haven’t heard a serious peep about addressing / making a plank of the APS CRCT cheating scandle.

    When a board fight erupts to sack a (corrupt) administration that leads to accreditation issues, oh now that is an issue.

    Some of these step up/step down folks have been very pro-Hall and protective of ABOE members who were also pro-Hall; that, the lack of emphasis of getting to the bottom of systemic cheating on the CRCT along with other likely issues of corruption (eRate) has me saying – um, nope!, not joining~


    February 1st, 2011
    11:34 am

    @Oh Intown Writer – You and I are joined at the hip. I totally agree with you regarding this “Step Up or Step Down” group. Where were their voices when this cheating thing hit? I guess as long as it’s not their schools being investigated for cheating, they don’t give a damn. As soon as “their schools” are threatened with loss of accreditation, then all of a sudden they are doing this “for the children”. Yeah, right! I’d like to hear what they think of this superintendent that is controlled by the Chamber of Commerce and that is involved in the worst cheating scandal in Georgia history. What about this SACS organization that appears to be a rogue organization and won’t release its records?

    I have some advice for the Step Up or Step Down Group; Direct your energies toward Beverly Hall, her administration, Penn Payne, the Chamber of Commerce, SACS, & the 4 Rogue Board Members. If you can’t do that, then step the hell out of the way.


    February 1st, 2011
    11:52 am

    @Dr.No and @Lynn43 : Many Great points on this issue……and it is amazing how people from all walks of life (but not all people) become United and stand for a common cause….i now direct you to the opening “Webpage” of any News outlet in the Modern World today :)

    Can you imagine if we could incorporate a “responsibility or just being stupid” clause for any Board of Education members ?

    Where they would be held “financially or criminally responsible” for their indiscretions. These Creatons wouldn”t have to wipe when they went to the bathroom…hahaha

    Can i get an AMEN ? Holler if you hear me ?


    February 1st, 2011
    12:01 pm

    intownwriter/chilly willy: I agree. BUT at this moment – the accreditation is number one issue, if you have a kid in high school, I suppose.

    My question is this, and I’ve asked and asked, and haven’t even gotten a sidestepping answer. From lots of people I’ve asked:

    So, great, even if we replace the board – we still have the same system. Why is that so wonderful? It hasn’t been working up til now. Why do we want the same system in place? And how do we change the whole system? I clearly don’t want the city or the state to take over APS, but what do we do to make changes…? I mean, this type of system isn’t working in most of our cities out there, there has to be a better way…

    Double Zero Eight

    February 1st, 2011
    12:38 pm

    Dr. John Trotter made an excellent point.
    Why is a private corporation in charge of accreditation?
    Why shouldn’t the state be in chargte of accreditation?
    The state does not allow private corporations or companies
    to regulate banking, agriculture or transportation in any forrm
    or fashion. Isn’t accreditation, in essence, a form of regulation?

    Double Zero Eight

    February 1st, 2011
    12:39 pm

    Spelled “charge” incorrectly on line three of previous

    Springdale Park Elementary Parent

    February 1st, 2011
    12:42 pm

    @ John Trotter: You want to attack SACS, fine. But launching that attack here and now–when SACS is doing something (whacking our BOE members upside their heads) that absolutely needs to be done, at a time when only SACS seems to have the cudgel (and the cojones) necessary to do that job, is just bad timing on your part.

    You’re not doing your anti-SACS crusade any help by pointing out SACS’ alleged flaws at the very moment it is doing something many parents believe is absolutely necessary.

    Stick to your “good teaching conditions” mantra and your laudable efforts to shine a spotlight on bad actors like Beverly Hall (and so many others). There will be a good time to re-evaluate SACS, but right now SACS is doing the dirty job of cleaning up the mess we voters made by electing people like Cecily “I Heart Bev” Harsch-Kinnane and Courtney “Plastic Man” English.

    And by the way–Step Up folks–Chilly and Oh Intown are exactly right about you. You really need to step up on Bev Hall–or step aside.

    Glad I could afford to send my children to Pvt. School

    February 1st, 2011
    12:49 pm

    the facts as I understand them

    1. Ms. Hall allowed cheating CRCT.

    2. The old School Board Chairman along with Ms. Hall and the business community tried to cover it up.

    3. The current School Board Chairman and the members that voted for him refused to go along with the cover up.

    4. SACS is upset at the School Board Members who did not going along with the cover up and can remove accreditation from APS.

    5. In business it is the job of the Board to rout out Corruption, apparently SACS thinks it is their job to cover corruption up.

    6. The name says it all

    Dr. John Trotter

    February 1st, 2011
    1:11 pm

    Glad: You are exactly right. SACS is part of the cover-up, in my opinion. SACS should be focused on the corruption of the administration (if it wants to be a player in this game). Let the voters take care of governance. This is the way democracy works.


    February 1st, 2011
    1:22 pm

    Really interesting. Someone once told me that things change when an issue once it begins to affect the majority in any one population. I find it wonderful that this parent group is engaged, where where you during the ACLU lawsuit against your alternative education facility ?


    February 1st, 2011
    1:38 pm

    Thank you to all parents that have started, step up , step down. I agree with Sec Duncan, just go to work. The children come first and the board and their childish approach to issues is a disgrace to our great city and an insult to our property taxes we all work so hard to pay and 50% is going to aps, and is being wasted.
    It is time to ask Dr Hall and the board to resign now, enough is enough and the pc nature of this is not helping our children.I have had Dr Hall’s number for years and I have called it like it is, she teaches to the crct and the bonus checks, bot what is best for our children.

    Get rid of tenure and affirmative action and hire and fire based on who is the bets teacher, the best principal, the best leaders to teach our children regardless of anything about those individuals except their ability and credentials. I suggest we use our tax dollars to hire Michelle Rhee to run aps if she will take the job and an at once emergency election for an entirely new school board made up of aps parents.Not one of these board members, nor Dr Hall deserve another chance to lead our children. They are all great examples of how not to act.

    Dr NO

    February 1st, 2011
    1:51 pm

    A MAN Brother godo and one other thing…Drinking beer didnt make Bud Wiser…AMAN!!! Hhhrrumpfff!

    Dr NO

    February 1st, 2011
    1:53 pm

    Dr Hall…LMAO. She is no Dr. She is a tragic joke that should be stuffed with Hostess Twinkies, cupcakes, floated into the Gulf Of Mexico with Crapltano and hopefully the two of them might float home to Jamaica Mon!

    Tonya C.

    February 1st, 2011
    2:04 pm


    Bone up on what’s gong on at APS before you go and make matters worse. Other posters here have given you great information on the situation and what it really entails. Going off half-cocked may put the school system in a situation worse than the current one.

    Michelle Rhee: Not right now. I just can’t even go into why this would be a disaster waiting to happen. Are you aware she is a Beverly Hall protege, modeling her practices after the ‘esteemed’ Dr.? Wasn’t her contract terminated by DC schools? All that glitters isn’t gold.


    February 1st, 2011
    2:11 pm

    I so agree with parent that could send to pvt school.We could all send our children to pvt school if we got 50% of our property taxes back and used that as a voucher. I forgot to mention that earlier. Sec Duncan,President Obama, Mayor Reid, Gov Deal, listen up, we want our vouchers. Figure it out. It is not that hard. The amount of money the Us, state and city waste on other topics could give us all a 10,000 dollar a year voucher to make our own choices since the federal, state and city govt cannot figure out how to educate. I am sick and tired of hearing the same excuses and speeches about education from our leaders as I heard my mother listen to 35 years ago. Think about it people, do those of you in the private sector get 35 years to do your job correctly??? No, we would all be fired after the 18 month review process if we did not perform and hit our goals. Listen up, our biggest
    issues in education and many other areas of local, city, state and federal govt are affirmative action, tenure and teacher unions, bloated pensions, etc. This is where the money is going, to keep teachers in the system for 20 years just because they fit a % or have tenure, not because they are the top, best number one history teacher to teach a child in aps fourth grade history, etc, etc. So why do you deserve a pension or tenure or govt paid healthcare just because you are a teacher, or any other city or govt worker? Work for it, earn it, because you are the best , just like the rest of us out here in the real world.get the best, qualified people to teach our children, lead our schools, elect the best to be on the boards, be our governors, be our mayor, be our President and reject the lip service that we have all grown lazy and accepted over the years. This is why schools in China, Korea, Japan, etc are educating better than us, as they made it their top concern and held people accountable. Meanwhile we still have John Lewis in Atlanta talking about things from 60 years ago versus bringing more dollars into Atlanta to give us state of the art, but he gets elected because he has been there for years. Meanwhile what has he done lately? Thanks for the work from the civil rights era, you did great, but what have you done in the last 20 years?

    Dr Hall, why are our schools not like the great work done in Harlem to convert those schools from failure to leaders, all going to college?

    Mayor Reid and council, why can you not shave off useless things in your budget to cut our taxes so parents could choose private school? You focus on meetings with people that do not want to pay for parking, yet what have you done for education? You allow the watershed department to run without collecting millions of past due dollars for water, yet you take more taxes from parents that we could use for private school.

    It is all related parents, so start actually holding your elected officials accountable and start voting for the right people to fill these jobs from council to mayor, to governor, school boards, , president, etc and get involved.
    Our children deserve the best and we live in the greatest country with all types of possible solutions within the current budgets, we need the right people to be in the right jobs to make sure the money is used properly and it is not for bonus checks for crct , it should be for the number one teachers in the right jobs and for the right supplies and equipment to give our children and I say give our children first, before we give handouts everywhere else and yes, I mean dont give away free education to the
    dream act. Vote that down. I would love to stand in the street and give away money to all, but I dont have it and neither does Atlanta, Ga or the USA.

    Look at all of our potholes and crumbling schools and roads, how can you vote for people that want to give free education or reduced tutition to the girl at Kennesaw, yet our own children are being robbed of an education in aps? All of this is related and yes, it would be great if we could all send our children to private school, but since we cannot, I would like to see our monies used properly for our children first and to start holding our elected officials accountable for balancing all budgets and for education, safety, economy first, then they can look at pet projects after we have educated our children properly so that they can compete in the wonderful world that awaits them when they hopefully graduate from a high school in aps that can make sure their credits are as they should be,
    so that they can go to college.

    So next time you vote, think about, is this the best person for school board and to lead our children and demand solutions, not just lip service which is what we are getting from Dr Hall and this entire board.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    3:18 pm

    @ Chilly Willy
    and @ Dr. John Trotter

    This is “how it works” in northside Atlanta…
    These connected families have now stepped up to the plate because NOW THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE.
    Donations and Political payoffs will fix this problem again.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    3:19 pm

    And when it came to really dealing with all the corrupt issues within APS…
    Step up …Did a Step to the Side…
    When issues are brought to you about the NORTHSIDE schools and how they have cheated to get the awards and probably have more reason to CHEAT on the Northside of Atlanta to keep property values and the school’s reputation up…

    Your STEP UP – FACEBOOK page deleted valuable information that disclosed the problems…
    You group wants to use your snack cake rhetoric to keep this a positive movement.


    February 1st, 2011
    3:58 pm

    @Top School – I think the Step Up Group are a bunch of hypocrites. Where were they when this cheating thing first hit the fan? They never said a word until they felt the schools “in their neighborhood” were threatened. Now all of a sudden, they want to call the shots at APS.


    February 1st, 2011
    4:04 pm

    Sorry, Tonya C

    I am not half cocked , I TELL IT LIKE IT IS and unlike our school board, I do not take it personally, nor do I care about exchanging childish remarks. This is a blog to get the issues out there and solve them, not to sling sand like our useless school board is doing.

    The facts are that there is no reason to trust this board anymore. They have failed and time is not on our side.We need new members with an emergency election called now, let’s let the majority choose
    as they have now seen the true side of the current choices. Maybe now we can choose intelligent, focused leaders from the various communities, at least I hope that we get three or four non corrupt people on the board that actually care about education, not a power trip. I think Dr No said it best, those that are our leaders are not listening to the people, so I say let the current board catch a ride
    on the next flight out of Atlanta and ruin a school system somewhere far away, we dont need them here.STEP UP STEP DOWN. GO AWAY. ANYWAY YOU WANT TO SLICE THE PIE, THEY ARE FAILURES AND I EXPECT, NO DEMAND LEADERS, TRUE, SMART, CAPABLE LEADERS


    Michelle Rhee was fired because she wanted to take on the unions and tenure and other issues that she felt stood in the way of actually teaching to children versus being politically correct and I would take six of her anyday over what we have.
    I propose Clark Howard over what we have. To say, give them another chance is absurd.

    You may think change is half cocked, I call it progress and I raise winners in my home and leaders,not those afraid to speak the truth.
    The people in Egypt are standing up to enough is enough, that is true step up, step down, or do you call it Half Cocked?

    Let’s recruit winners, Michelle Rhee or recruit someone from a winning school system in New York.Let’s get fresh ideas . We have had enough repeat politicians and board members from Atlanta’s spin cycle for the past 25 years. We made the mistake as a city of taking Turner as our Chief of Police, he came from the spin cycle of Chief Pennington and Mayor Reid from the spin cycle of Franklin and Franklin form the spin cycle of Campbell and Jackson. Reid could not even clean off Peachtree street from ice in three days, so again, it is all related, this is a city that has a history of picking bad leaders and now we have a major school system as a disgrace on the national news, with Dr Hall at the helm, so as a parent, I want someone from a sound , proven track record and there is not a single board member worthy of staying, nor Dr Hall, nor a council member, except maybe for Howard Shook and Alex Wan, so bring on change and make it fast as our children deserve it and so does the entire city.

    Lake Claire Boy

    February 1st, 2011
    4:09 pm

    I’m also completely with Oh Intown Writer at 11:17 and chillywilly at 11:34. If anything warrants probation, it’s the cheating scandal itself — not a Board disagreement about how to deal with the cheating scandal. And if any group on the Board bears any blame, it appears to me that it’s the four (not the five) who supported the obviously woefully inadequate (i.e., joke) Blue Ribbon Panel “investigation” into the cheating scandal.

    That being said, investigation of the cheating scandal now is in the State’s hands. And the best thing the Board can do now is move forward quickly and efficiently with hiring a quality new superintendent.


    February 1st, 2011
    4:27 pm

    I personally called Dr Hall a few years ago and complained about the crct and how it had taken over the school calendar. I also complained to various so called involved parents at our school and the pta and they all shut me down in support of Dr Hall, so this cover up is wide and deep as well as the blame for picking Dr Hall.

    Dr Hall refuses to even return calls to parents and you have to ask permission at town hall meetings to ask a politically correct question, borders on denying freedom of speech. This is what is wrong with the entire process. This board thinks along with Dr Hall that they are above parents and that they are rock stars.
    Let the state handle the crct investigation, but the parents and community at large need a voice in cleaning up this board and starting over.

    Dr Hall needs to resign or be fired now. She should have zero input into this current process of working with sacs and this board should not select our new superintendent.

    SACS taking sides?

    February 1st, 2011
    4:36 pm

    “…but right now SACS is doing the dirty job of cleaning up the mess we voters made by electing people like Cecily ‘I Heart Bev’ Harsch-Kinnane”

    But HOW is SACS doing that?

    I’m not enough of an insider to know if this is what’s really happening, but “Glad I could afford”’s post above is what a lot of people are arguing, and the timing certainly looks suspicious. Why didn’t SACS get involved when the majority on the BOE was whitewashing the CRCT scandal – why did it wait until there was dissension on the board about that whitewashing to step in?

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by dennis borowski, PRO Legal and PRO Law, Maureen Downey. Maureen Downey said: Step Up or Step Down parents step up pressure on APS [...]

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    4:58 pm

    Your STEP UP – FACEBOOK page deleted valuable information that disclosed the problems…
    You group wants to use your snack cake rhetoric to keep this a positive movement.

    There is nothing positive about the retaliation suffered by teachers willing to STEP UP long before you came into the picture.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    4:59 pm

    You claim you will ASK all of those involved in the corruption to STEP DOWN…
    Instead this MOCK organization plans to keep the corrupt in the positions of leadership so they can manipulate the outcome…which is exactly what happened to get us into this mess. Political payoffs.

    Your Step Up, Stepped Over the real issues.
    APS does not deserve accreditation from any entity based on what the history of leadership under Beverly Hall.

    You want to keep her in a position of leadership until September …and leave the School Board and her corrupt administration in place so they can continue to cover up the problems?@$##$%$^%?

    Lake Claire Boy

    February 1st, 2011
    5:02 pm

    I’d also say that Glad at 12:49 has the 6 part chronology of this whole situation about exactly right. SACS and Step Up’s scolding of the current school board pres and majority of five is largely misguided — it’s Dr. Hall and the minority of four on the board that botched the handling of the cheating scandal. But that’s water under the bridge now — just get a good new superintendent hired.

    The one part I disagree with Glad about is his name: “Glad I could afford to send my children to private school”. I have kids at Mary Lin elementary and Inman middle school, and as far as I can tell, my kids’ educations have not been affected or disrupted one iota by the cheating scandal or any of the school board stuff. There was no CRCT cheating at these schools, and I am very happy with the quality of educations my kids are receiving. That’s something that seems lost in all the headlines, or I think that outsiders to APS may have the wrong impression about — many APS schools are excellent, and continue to be excellent, and are essentially unscathed by all the hubbub.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    5:08 pm

    Nancy Meister and other APS Board Members SOLD OUT These leaders have been fully informed throughout this corrupt mess. EVALUATE YOUR Top School in Atlanta Public Schools…Warren T. Jackson Elementary and see “how it works” This is not new information…much negative was provided about the APS system …and NOW since it has snowballed to this and it arrives on your personal doorstep you have something to say. First of all…the sold out parents need to Step Up to the plate and apologize for not asking what was wrong when teachers were telling them something was askew.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    5:09 pm

    NOW, the Debbie Snack Cakes want to come out and save the day.
    We know what runs APS…and we know who runs the Chamber of Commerce…the families on the NORTHSIDE of Atlanta should be ashamed. You’ve made this mess…and want to buy your way out of it again.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    5:14 pm


    February 1st, 2011
    5:20 pm

    Amen Top School. You’re telling it like it is.

    [...] Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) [...]

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    5:31 pm

    The MUSICAL “Bring it on” at the Alliance Theater has summed it up. ( my musical friends have cleverly woven your Northside mentality into this musical …your awards and top girl have been put on stage for your evaluation)

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    5:35 pm

    It is laughable that you’ve named yourself the Step Up Society…that you’ve blocked your NORTHSIDE secrets on your facebook page…and you call yourself “solution-oriented…that will keep our School Board accountable.”

    Atlanta Mom

    February 1st, 2011
    5:35 pm

    Step Up or Step Down has one agenda – protect the status quo.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    5:37 pm

    You are a little late bailing your children out of this mess…they still have the scars of APS trailing behind on their diploma…”Oh yea …that’s the school system that cheated”…and yes on the NORTHSIDE, too.

    The first Atlanta mom

    February 1st, 2011
    6:54 pm

    So, let me understand this. There is a cheating scandal at 58 Atlanta schools. For the past year, folks have repeatedly wondered where the parents were.
    There is now a problem with the school board. Parents are involved and people are questoning their motives? Or because parents didn’t get involved before, they are now required to sit on the sidelines? There’s no pleasing some folks.


    February 1st, 2011
    7:25 pm

    I called out Dr Hall four years ago and was one of very few in the Northside neighborhood that did this.

    I recall one Mom in particular that told me I was so, so wrong and sung such high praises for the inept, Dr Hall, now I laugh when I see her name on the blogs and on facebook as such a strong opponent

    Too bad the children have had to deal with this second class education delivered by this team, I say Sept is not acceptable. Dr Hall, have the guts to resign now, surely you dont need the money. You made a bundle from your crct bonus checks.

    Those of us with brains know that is what your agenda has been, teach to the crct and collect those checks, even when you had teachers verbally abusing children, and I gave you proof, you turned your back, cause they had high crct scores in their class, now karma is going to bring you down and hopefully those parents that protected you and the horrible teacher that should have been fired 10 years ago have learned the truth, the crct is not the way to teach


    February 1st, 2011
    8:10 pm

    @first Atlanta mom: you’re right. There’s no pleasing some folks. Meanwhile, we’ve got a problem we need to fix and the BOE needs to know we’re watching, no matter what neighborhood we reside in!

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    February 1st, 2011
    8:22 pm

    @Top School February 1st, 2011 5:37 pm

    I agree – we all bear the scars from the Beverly Hall Administration. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, etc.

    However, Step Up did not Step Up until it affected “THEM”.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    8:36 pm

    @1st Atlanta mom said…There is now a problem with the school board. Parents are involved and people are questoning their motives? Or because parents didn’t get involved before, they are now required to sit on the sidelines? There’s no pleasing some folks…

    The parents sat back while decent people tried to step forward.
    Now that all the issues should be on the table …the parents on the NORTHSIDE want to make it look like this is a southside problem. They don’t want to discuss their Northside corruption.

    Northside Atlanta APS schools have been cheating on attendance, awards, segregation of HISPANIC students ( The report I sent to the Office of Civil Rights for investigation is still pending ) and probably testing of most of the children in Northside APS gifted program have been altered in some manner.

    ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS under the disguise of NORTHSIDE LEADERSHIP does not deserve SACS Accreditation of their schools.

    The mere fact that you would even consider keeping the same BOARD and SUPERINTENDENT along with employees of APS that have misused the Professional Development Plans for evaluating teachers, those that falsified addresses, and misrepresented information during formal investigations…THESE PAST REPORTED ISSUES tell me you do not have the best interests of children in mind.

    You have one goal and one goal only…GET THE SACS accreditation while YOU NEED IT for your child…and move on.
    You could careless that unethical people are administrators in your schools, on your board and working with your children as long as you GET WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR CHILD.

    The ethics of those in charge of STEP UP…ARE JUST AS CORRUPT AS THOSE IN APS.
    because you are failing to look at what made all of this happen…Unethical leadership.
    Until you require your top to step down…and try to salvage what is left…you too become part of the problem.

    The problem has been ignored…
    It will not go unchallenged as long as I HAVE A FINGER TO TYPE and I WILL POST IN EVERY NEWSPAPER FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES to Sarah Palin’s Alaskan POST.

    Parents are involved for what reason?
    PARENTS need to evaluate all the information they have and DEMAND THE EXCELLENCE THEY WANT FOR THEIR SCHOOLS…
    The cheaters are still receiving a paycheck and serving on your school board…smiling in your face…and manipulating how they will screw you in the back.

    i THOUGHT AT ONE TIME it might be that the parents just did not know what was going on…
    But now…that I have clearly seen the set up…and made this website…it is clear…YOU KNOW…YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

    The first Atlanta mom

    February 1st, 2011
    8:43 pm

    @top school
    Wrong, my kids are all graduated.
    I’m sorry you had a bad experiance at your school, but I am real tired of hearing about it.
    At the schools my children attended in APS, if there was a problem, the parents banded together and did something about it.

    Top School

    February 1st, 2011
    8:47 pm

    It will take a village to correct the APS problem…and we need all the people to STAND…LOOK AT ALL THE INFORMATION…DEMAND BETTER…
    This leadership is no worse than the news in other arenas…IT IS ALL ABOUT RACE…AND IF YOU DON’T THINK SO…SKIP THIS APS mess and look on the next page of the AJC…

    Ed Schultz: Is Ohio Gov. Racist For Telling Black Legislator ‘I Don’t Need Your People?’

    Northside Atlanta needs ALL people to stand up and demand a cleansing of the school house that works with ALL the CHILDREN IN APS.
    If you are going to Step up…don’t do a half step…when you need to do the tango.


    February 1st, 2011
    8:57 pm

    Whew, I’m really tired of hearing about it too, and I haven’t even been reading this blog for very long. My child goes to the school you are so angry about, and I have been wondering how long you were going to continue to try to tie your issue in with every single topic that is mentioned on here. Now that you have let us know that “as long as you have a finger to type” I guess I will just stop coming here. You are just ruining it for me.

    The first Atlanta mom

    February 1st, 2011
    9:08 pm

    Please continue to come here. Simply pass over the fools who rant about the same thing over and over and over.
    There’s actually some pretty good information to be acquired here.


    February 1st, 2011
    9:46 pm

    What took you “Step Up” folks so long to step up? As long as it was a “southside” problem, you could care less and went on about your business. Now that the accreditation cloud is hovering over the “northside”, you want get involved in APS business and be caring school parents all of a sudden. Again I ask, “Where have you been all of this time”? You cannot have it both ways. Either call for Beverly Hall’s immediate termination or shut your mouths and keep your little “wholesome than thou” butts up in Buckhead.

    The first Atlanta mom

    February 1st, 2011
    10:01 pm

    Chilly, where have all the “southside” folks been? Northside folks should step in when southside folks haven’t?