Get ready for CRCT results

The Georgia Department of Education has said it will release CRCT results this afternoon. I’ll link to them as soon as we get something.

Here’s some background:

Heightened anxiety surrounded this year’s CRCT as teachers, parents and other officials feared a repeat of last year’s high failure rates.

Last spring, about 71 percent of sixth-graders and 76 percent of seventh-graders failed the social studies portions. About 38 percent of eighth-graders failed the math test.

Those three tests were based on revamped curriculum that teachers just started using.

Teachers and parents accused the state of developing faulty tests. Many said they didn’t trust the Georgia Department of Education.

State Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox ultimately threw out the two social studies citing a breakdown between the learning standards, the exam and what teachers taught.

Cox kept the math results, explaining the scores were a true reflection of students’ abilities with the more challenging material.

She insisted students must receive more rigorous math lessons if they are to succeed in college and work. Test scores will improve, she said, as teachers become acclimated to the new materials.

Public schools now use an integrated approach to math, which weaves elements of algebra, geometry and statistics into a single math class, rather than teaching each separately. Middle school students now study algebra and other concepts previously taught in high school.

Sixth- and seventh-grade social studies, however, underwent a major overhaul over the past year. State leaders clarified and changed what should be taught. They also offered training to teachers at every public middle school.

The state also developed new social studies tests, which were field-tested when sixth- and seventh-graders took the exams earlier this spring. As a result of the field-test, students’ exams were not graded and they will not receive any scores.

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