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Were there any winners this session?

Another session of the Georgia Legislature has ended, but because of the tight budget it’s hard to find many winners.

Many of you will be happy to know that money for school nurses remained, but it’s only $29.1 million, because it was subject to the same 3 percent cuts in funding as other education programs.

The approved budget took the $49 million set aside for graduation coaches and moved it to the overall school funding formula. School systems could still use this money on the coaches who help at-risk students graduate or local leaders could spend it on other programs.

Money also was included to give 10 percent bonuses to teachers who currently have National Board Certification, but no new graduates of the program will get the extra money.

As for the bills, there was a lot of action during the last few hours of the session.

For example, SB 84, the controversial school governance bill that aimed to prevent another school district from losing its accreditation like Clayton …

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