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AJC exclusive: Some noncitizens registered to vote in Georgia

Given the importance of Tuesday’s election, many are concerned about the integrity of the results. Now comes an AJC/Channel 2 exclusive in which state elections officials acknowledge some people who will be voting may not be eligible to do so because they aren’t citizens:

The Secretary of State’s Office, which oversees Georgia’s voter rolls, does not know how many noncitizens are registered to vote. But state officials acknowledged there are some. And an Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Channel 2 WSB-TV investigation found noncitizens who have voted. (Also watch the exclusive on Channel 2)

Tea party activists are so concerned about the problem and other potential abuses at the polls Tuesday that they plan to have poll watchers on hand. See AJC’s Craig Schneider’s article. But Political Insider’s Jim Galloway reports activists are livid over a ruling by Secretary of State Brian Kemp that shirts, hats and buttons with tea party logos won’t be allowed in polling …

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It’s the economy, stupid, but not always in elections

When people are frustrated, cash-strapped and fearful, wouldn’t they be inclined to reject whoever is in power? And when they are securely employed, well-paid and watching their home value soar and their portfolio bulge, wouldn’t they be more likely to accept the status quo?

These are questions AJC’s Michael E. Kanell poses in a piece about the quagmire Democrats find themselves in because of the lackluster economy.

Yet, Kanell reports,  a look at the history says the economy-electoral link is not always so tight.

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In less than 24 hours, Georgians go to the polls

In less than 24 hours we’ll go to the polls to cast votes in what many consider to be one of the biggest mid-term elections in recent memory.

The polls will open at 7 a.m. Tuesday and close at 7 p.m.

If you don’t know where you’re suppose to vote, just  click on this Voter Guide link. Also remember that you must show photo identification.

Tuesday’s weather outlook: Cloudy; 30% chance of light rain or drizzle; lows near 50 in town, 40s in the suburbs; highs in the upper 50s to low 60s; winds east 10-15 mph. But we won’t let a little drizzle stop us, will we?

On the ballot: Georgia voters will choose a governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state schools superintendent, agriculture commissioner, insurance commissioner, labor commissioner and a public service commissioner; representatives of all 13 congressional districts; a U.S. senator; the entire state General Assembly – senators and representatives; statewide and state superior court …

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Debate over Georgia’s paperless e-voting process continues

Georgia’s paperless electronic voting process and systems in five other states have gained the attention of an election watchdog group. In a ComputerWorld article on e-voting, the Verified Voting Foundation says states relying on paperless machines will have a hard time auditing the results, which, the group says, are vulnerable to tampering.

Voter-marked paper ballots that are scanned and tallied by electronic systems, along with paper copies of electronically cast votes, together give election officials a reliable way to verify the accuracy of tallies,  [said the watdog group's president, Pamela Smith]. “Paper enables the properties of recounting that we need right now,” Smith said.

But Merle King, executive director of the Center for Election Systems, says Georgia’s system is safe and disputes the watchdog group’s concerns. CES is a venture between Georgia’s secretary of state’s office and Kennesaw State University.

“I think the notion that electronic systems are not …

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Find your polling place for early voting in Georgia

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You’ve already heard about the large number of Georgians turning out to vote early as Nov. 2 nears.

Just in case you want to get in on the action before this Friday’s deadline but don’t know where to go, the secretary of state’s office has a tool that allows you to find early voting sites, which aren’t necessarily the same as your regular polling place. Just click here to start.

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Georgia governor’s race could be headed to a runoff

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Sunday’s Insider column pointed to the possibility of a runoff in Georgia’s race for governor. 11Alive just provided some fresh statistical underpinnings:

With the general election just a week from Tuesday, a new independent poll from SurveyUSA commissioned by 11Alive News and V-103 Radio shows a commanding lead for Georgia’s Republicans in statewide offices, but it also shows an increased possibility of a runoff in the hotly contested governor’s race.

Democratic candidate and former Gov. Roy Barnes is up a small bit from our last survey six weeks ago, but the numbers indicate that Republican former US Congressman Nathan Deal is ahead of Barnes, 49 percent to 39 percent.

Libertarian John Monds, at 8 percent, Monday takes the votes of 1-in-4 independents and 1-in-6 liberals, potentially keeping Deal just under the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff, though support for third-party …

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Is the breadth of the tea party movement inflated?

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The Washington Post said it spent months trying to get a better understanding of the tea party movement, which has galvanized a large vocal segment of the electorate angry with Washington and what the say is the country’s downward spiral, and The Post has come to this conclusion:

[That the tea party is] “not so much a movement as a disparate band of vaguely connected gatherings that do surprisingly little to engage in the political process. …

Seventy percent of the grass-roots groups said they have not participated in any political campaigning this year. As a whole, they have no official candidate slates, have not rallied behind any particular national leader, have little money on hand, and remain ambivalent about their goals and the political process in general….

The findings suggest that the breadth of the tea party may be inflated. The Atlanta-based Tea Party Patriots, for example, says it has a listing …

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Confusing amendments on Georgia ballot explained

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Confused about the five amendments on the ballot next Tuesday? Voters may have a hard time weighing through the densely worded proposals, so AJC staff writer Steve Visser provides an explainer for each one. As Visser points out, the problem with amendments is the legal wording can make it unclear why the measure is being proposed and what it accomplishes. The five amendments:

Amendment 1: Making non-compete agreements more binding

Amendment 2:  Providing funding for trauma centers

Amendment 3: Change in transportation funding

Amendment 4: Allowing state multi-year contracts

Amendment 5: Allowing owners of industrial area property to get city services.

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Ballot measure for trauma would add $10 to Georgia car tags

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By Carrie Teegardin, AJC staff writer

Plenty of Atlanta drivers speed through the South Georgia segment of I-75 on the way to Florida’s beaches.

But they might slow down if they knew what some health care workers call that portion of the interstate: “the corridor of death.”  The stretch of road earned the name because people who get in car crashes in much of South Georgia are at least 50 miles from a trauma center – a hospital equipped to handle serious injuries.

Georgia voters will decide on Nov. 2 whether they want to add $10 to the cost of annual vehicle registrations to improve trauma services statewide. Hospitals, emergency services workers and public health officials say the $80 million that would be raised every year by passage of Amendment 2 is needed to save lives.

Everyone wants a fast response when they dial 911 for help, but selling the new $10 fee may be difficult. Some metro …

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1,900-plus serving in military file for absentee ballots

County elections offices have received more than 1,900 applications for absentee ballots electronically from military and overseas voters, Secretary of State Brian Kemp said this week.

Requests for absentee ballots in electronic format have come from Georgians stationed or living in approximately 45 countries in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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