State legislators prefile bills aimed at illegal immigrants

A lawmaker has introduced legislation aimed at blocking state agencies and counties from hiring illegal immigrants for taxpayer-funded projects in Georgia.

Sen. Judson Hill’s “Georgia Public Works and Contractor Protection Act” would toughen existing state laws targeting illegal immigration. Among other things, it would require state and local government contractors to prove they have been using a federal work authorization program – such as e-verify — for six months prior to getting government work.

E-verify, for example, confirms prospective employees’ eligibility to work in the U.S. by comparing information they submit against federal records, including those held by the Social Security Administration.

Anyone caught lying on an affidavit about their compliance with this part of the law would face a fine of up to $1,000 and up to five years in prison.

The bill would also require state agencies, cities and counties to send annual reports to the state auditor, certifying they are complying with this law. And it would potentially cut funding to any state agencies that break the law twice within five years.

Hill, R-Marietta, prefiled his legislation this month in preparation for the General Assembly session that is set to begin in January. He introduced a similar bill during the last legislative session, but records show it didn’t make it out of the Senate.

“The law today as it exists doesn’t have the penalties that we need,” he said. “This puts the teeth into it to discourage violators.”

This is the second illegal immigration-related bill that has been prefiled this month. Rep. Tom Rice, R-Norcross, filed legislation on Nov. 17 that would block illegal immigrants from enrolling in Georgia’s public colleges.

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Dragosnake Thornton

November 29th, 2010
2:51 pm

I really want these bills to become a reality, because Illegals are costing us lost of money. In my opinion, it would costs all of us $500 Billion, which is way more than our state’s deficit. SO PLEASE make these bills a reality.


November 29th, 2010
3:22 pm

Be warned about the issue relating to illegal immigration and even legal immigrants. Currently our government is attracting and giving visas to over a million foreign nationals annually. Yet they keep on insisting we have only 12 million aliens that have settled here, as does the far left press and special interest groups? Look around at the density of people in the big cities, in the towns and even small villages throughout the United States. Whether the Dream Act passes or not, our country cannot assimilate the millions of legal visa holders, let alone those who continually lie on tourist visas, student visas or the mass of migrants from South of the border. The illegal immigration problem cannot be termed as problem any more, as it’s become a serious situation on national security. After viewing the Fox news presentation, we must realize our government is not telling the truth about the illegal immigration invasion.

Next week will add further enticements for illegal immigrants to come here, if this Dream Act passes?

I watched as federal agents intimidated camera crews who were warned not to film in the Tucson sector area, as they didn’t want any recognition of regions signed with warning notices. These are areas where American citizens are confronted with signs declaring these regions were off-limits to citizens, as it was infiltrated by armed drug smugglers and dangerous criminal activities? Since when are American citizens are not allowed to enter their own sovereign lands, no matter the consequences? After the 1970’s Washington has assumed responsibility for passing out even more visas to mediocre legal workers who are now unfortunately without work, and now supported by taxpayers welfare.

Chain Migration is the principal mechanism that has caused legal immigration in this country to quadruple from about 250,000 per year in the 1950s and 1960s to over one million a year since 1990. This isn’t counting the 1.5 million immigrants who arrive here, through legal channels annually. Eventually the people sponsored will end up on the taxpayer’s welfare and entitlements program, which happened after the 1986–AMNESTY. As such, it is one of the chief menaces in America’s current record-breaking population boom and the record attendant sprawl, traffic congestion, school overcrowding, dwindling energy supplies and other impacts that reduce American’s quality of life. This type of immigration is very dangerous to our society as the US population is beginning to see the light, from the costs brought to them in higher taxes from catering to the illegal alien inhabitants by Liberal zealots.

Go to / on the U-tube website and then you will comprehend the seriousness of this mass immigration and the imminent predicament for this country in overpopulation. Titled, “Immigration by numbers–off the charts” and learn what our previous or current government has kept silent about. The out-of-control population explosion has severe implication on your taxes and this country’s infrastructure.

The invasion hasn’t stopped and never will until we cut of all welfare entitlements?

Sharon L. Kitchen

November 30th, 2010
7:47 am

Did you know this county that is still called,”Turtle Island” by the original peoples…was invaded…..
The original peoples continue to be harrassed….removed,killed,etc. to this day.
Ga. was founded as a prison….a throw away place for those not wanted by England. They dumped their jails and mental people here. They were the first….”ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS”….so those of you that are their descendants….what right do you have to keep others out?
All that were not the “original peoples of Turtle Island” are immigrants.
Get along.
The boat is not big enough for the constant fighting.
If you keep it up, you WILL turn the boat over.
I thought adults had been elected this year…….guess not.

Sharon is stupid

December 1st, 2010
8:17 am

Come on Sharon. Really? Turtle island or turtle brain? using your analogy, the boat is going to sink if we don’t stop the never-ending theft of all services and resources this country has!!!!!! Turtle island. Gimme a frickin break…. And, by the way, “Dragonsnake”, this bill IS a reality.


December 1st, 2010
10:58 pm

There are a couple of things here that bother me. I am for tougher immigrant laws, for sure. We do need immigration, young workers will support those who are older and go no longer enter the work force. Without immigration we could end up like countries like Japan who are facing an aging workforce and not enough youth to pay for services to keep up the standard of living that they are used to.

Also if we start fingerprinting certain groups, the government can go hog wild on all groups one day. Look at the TSA.