DeKalb school board candidate addresses 2006 domestic violence arrest

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Get Schooled blogger Maureen Downey has obtained a statement from DeKalb school board candidate Corey E. Wilson on a 2006 arrest on charges of domestic violence:

“I have worked to address the real issues that impact our children in the DeKalb County School System: improving our schools; and supporting our teachers. I encourage everyone to look at my complete record and focus on the big issues. Let me be clear. I have been in love with my wife since we were teenagers, and I still love her. After recently celebrating our 12-year wedding anniversary, I am committed to my family, this school board district, and winning this race. I have a history of community service that speaks for itself. Look at the lump sum of my achievements and not a just few acts.”

The AJC’s Megan Matteucci reports Wilson isn’t the only one running for the school board who has an arrest record.

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October 27th, 2010
1:12 pm

Mr Wilson is stupid to say the least. The issue is Wilson’s arrest for domestic family violence and not whether he is in love with your wife. Dishonest and deceptive answers like this are why people believ politics is very very corrupt period. If this was an answer in undergraduate college, Wilson gets an F. Pathetic amd folks make no mistake, people believe ALL politicians are crooks.