Democrats file ethics complaint against Deal over contributions

Georgia’s Democratic Party has filed an ethics complaint against Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nathan Deal, alleging that the former congressman accepted more than $100,000 in illegal campaign contributions.

The complaint, delivered to the State Ethics Commission on Monday, is at least the fourth filed against Deal. Three others were filed by government watchdog George Anderson of Rome, alleging that Deal violated the state’s ethics laws governing use of private aircraft and that he filed incomplete personal financial disclosures.

The Democratic Party’s complaint says Deal took at least $128,700 in questionable contributions. Much of the money came, the complaint says, from companies that are “affiliated” with one another, while the remainder of the money came from individuals or corporations that exceeded the $6,100 maximum contribution.

In an interview Tuesday with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Bob Keefe, Deal said he had not seen the Democrats’ complaint. But, he added, an internal campaign audit found instances where one contributor had given more than he should have.

“There was one individual who had multiple different corporations and had given under those corporations,” Deal said. “We’ve taken the initiative and we’ve already reimbursed that individual.”

“That’s why you have accountants and folks who look at records,” he added.

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October 19th, 2010
4:33 pm


October 19th, 2010
7:10 pm

that’s the pot calling the kettle black !


October 19th, 2010
8:32 pm

Deal is a crook pure and simple.

Ga Voter #1

October 19th, 2010
8:37 pm

Someone should investigate all the community bank investments that Roy Barnes has & has had…were “strings” pulled to get their charters, etc and investigate his investments in extended stay hotels…..are they being run as something that is not legal???? What was his hourly rate for DeKalb County……..sounds a lot like John Edwards.

South Georgia

October 19th, 2010
11:14 pm

Desperate Democrats have no record of accomplishemnt. Therefore, they stoop to defamation and slander in order to try to steal an election. Roy Barnes was a bad Governor and does not deserve another chance.


October 19th, 2010
11:42 pm

Except for maybe a problem with claiming deductions that he shouldn’t filing taxes, Barnes is pretty clean of ethics scandals and the appearance of impropriety. Most of the complaints and allegations come from election year politics, all pointing of Barnes in the private sector, not as Governor or member of the Georgia General Assembly. Still don’t care for him, but he does seem clean in this respect.

Nathan Deal on the other hand…

Nathan Deal has regularly used his elected positions to promote his private business through no-bid contracts, manipulation of laws and rules, setting up of companies within companies (a hide-the-lady game) so tracing of funds is convoluted and weaved into a web of subsidiaries (North Georgia Aviation, HRPW, PWWR, Chattahoochee Logistics, Gainesville Salvage and Disposal, Recovery Services, etc), making ethical violations difficult to pursue. Remember Nathan Deal is also an attorney as well as a savvy inside-the-beltway Washington politician.

And Deal will probably be elected Governor, which is a sad indictment on the condition of the current state of partisan politics – the us against them mentality. But Democrats, do not take the high road, if roles were reversed I’m not sure you would be behaving any differently.

When is enough, enough?


October 20th, 2010
8:22 am

If you want to call Deal a crook…anyone seen where Roy Barnes is making all his money. In front of judges her appointed as governor. That is the only place he likes to try cases. Can’t get much more crooked than that!!!!!!!


October 20th, 2010
10:01 am

Hello Interesting…

I agree, Barnes actions are questionable and give many (including myself) pause, but have not been deemed unethical – and there are legal watchdog groups that monitor the judicial system. Even the groups have questioned it, but (sadly) this does not fall within the guidelines of being unethical. And Barnes has never attempted to hide or shield his actions.

The same cannot be said for Nathan Deal – we’re comparing Apples and Oranges.
Go to Wall Street Journal article:

Deal did not give a heads-up to his own Party – Republican Party – that there might be a problem with his finances that could cause the Party some problems. Many National and Georgia GOP leaders are not happy about this, some here in Georgia have resigned their posts in protest. There will be some fall-out within the GAGOP over as we move past the election. And this is not even delving into the ethics side.

The voters in Georgia need to take control of the situation so candidates like Barnes and Deal are our only choices (Monds has no shot).

I’ll step off the soap box now…

God Bless the State of Georgia!