Incumbents warming their engines to leave D.C. for back-home battles

Expect to see a lot more of your representative in the days ahead as Congress finishes work on a temporary budget plan to keep the government running after the current fiscal year ends on Thursday, says Washington political blogger Jamie Dupree:

[B]arring some last minute hangup, it is possible the Congress could skip town as soon as today, as lawmakers are more than ready to get home and start the final stretch run to November 2.

Get those engines running.  Your lawmaker might be hustling down the Capitol steps and looking for a quick ride to the airport, as the most dangerous place in America today could be the parking lot just down the steps from the House and Senate wings.

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The Centrist

September 29th, 2010
2:53 pm

Our GOP delegation is coming home to proudly announce that they voted AGAINST the Democrats on middle class tax cuts, small business tax cuts, holding BP accountable, students staying on their parents health insurance, all Americans with pre-existing conditions keeping their health insurance, equal pay for equal work, preventive healthcare, PAYGO, a jobs bill, extending unemployment, and supporting our troops. I guess none of these are conservative values.