House GOP candidate Jason Shepherd addresses 2000 domestic violence arrest

Just in case you missed it, Political Insider’s Jim Galloway reported on the warning he received from  Jason Shepherd, a Republican candidate for a state House seat in Marietta, about an old domestic violence arrest Democrats were soon to bring up.

Sure enough, the package arrived shortly afternoon. Ten years ago, as Jason Goldfarb, Jason Shepherd was arrested on a charge of domestic violence by his live-in fiancée.

The charges were later dropped, but paperwork lives forever. (The state Democratic Party does not dispute the lack of prosecution.) …

Shepherd said the incident hasn’t been a secret. He informed Scott Johnson, chairman of the Cobb GOP, about the arrest when he was recruited as a candidate. …

Shepherd said the only other blemish on his record is a speeding ticket he was issued in upstate New York in 2004.

Shepherd faces Democratic incumbent Terry Johnson in the Nov. 2 general election

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September 28th, 2010
9:52 am

The real crime is his name change. What’s up with that??


September 28th, 2010
10:29 am

ByteMe, as Galloway quoted in his blog post, Shepherd’s parents divorced and his mother took back her maiden name. She registered him in high school as Shepherd but he didn’t legally change it until his fiancee was emigrating from Germany.

My mother and I did the same thing – when we moved to Georgia, she reverted to her maiden name and I was enrolled in school with the same name. One difference is that my legal name change was done promptly.

Someone at my old high school did this at my old high school during his senior year. Which was probably a good idea. I’m trying to reconnect with classmates and I’m having to explain the name change over and over again.

Crooked Knows Crooked

September 28th, 2010
12:23 pm

All things being equal, I am more likely to vote for the guy that does not beat women.

Susan B

September 28th, 2010
4:58 pm

Jason Shepherd = Looser!

"Lapdog Blogger" ?

September 28th, 2010
5:30 pm

Just saw on facebook that those who are embarrassed with Jason Shepherd are Democrat “lap dog bloggers”. That is not true in my case because I have never blogged before in my life. All I know is that this seat is meaningless. It is a stepping stone for “Shep”. He could care less about that district. He just wants to be part of the Good Ol Boysclub. He sent me so many “money bomb” e-mails, I had to unfriend him. He is desperate and grasping for straws. Look, if you want to really win a seat in Cobb, help Sam Teasley. Jason whatever his REAL last name is ~ an embarrassment and we do not need to give money to such a fake, woman beater.

#ShackUp #BeatUp

September 28th, 2010
6:11 pm

Way to go Jason (you dumbass) . I was volunteering for you until I saw this sh*t. You are so disappointing. I always knew you were kinda weird and a social retard, but now I know you need psychiatric help.