New ad from GOP governors: On the ‘iron fists’ of Roy Barnes and Barack Obama

Political Insider’s Jim Galloway has the latest ad GOP governors have come up with targeting Roy Barnes’ ties to President Barack Obama:

The Republican Governor’s Association today cut loose a second TV ad against Roy Barnes – clearly a campaign to establish a Pavlovian relationship between the Democratic nominee for governor and President Barack Obama.

The RGA accuses both Obama and Barnes of ruling with “an iron fist.”

Not details have yet come from RGA, but we’re told that the 30-second spot will see a significant amount of play in metro Atlanta and beyond – through Thursday. And then will pick up again next Tuesday, after the Labor Day holiday.

Update: Nick Ayers, the former Sonny Perdue aide and RGA executive director, just sent a message indicating the new TV spot will stay up through the Labor Day weekend — the cash was sent yesterday — and has been joined by a 60-second radio ad, also playing statewide, on the same theme. See the ads and the rest of the report.

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