DeKalb school board candidate disqualified over residency

AJC reporter Megan Matteucci reports the DeKalb County board of elections is accusing a school board candidate of lying about his residency and has has disqualified him.

Donny “Muhammad” Grogan said he mistakenly listed the wrong district and will file an appeal Thursday with the Superior Court.

Elections officials said they launched an investigation into Grogan’s residency after receiving a complaint from another school board candidate.

In June, Grogan qualified to run for the District 7 board seat. He paid his $540 qualifying fees and signed an affidavit listing his Buckingham Circle address and District 7. He went back to the elections’ office several times to check on his paperwork, gathered supporters and printed signs, he said.

Last month, he received a letter questioning the affidavit he signed. He went to the elections office and was told that he doesn’t live in District 7, but was allowed to change the affidavit to say District 5.

Elections director Maxine Daniels said she later consulted with the county attorney and Secretary of State’s office, and learned that the affidavit could not be changed.

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August 26th, 2010
12:23 pm

DeKalb & Clayton counties are corrupt to the core. Martial law should be declared in both an IQ tests given to those that vote.


August 26th, 2010
12:59 pm

Hopefully this will increase the chances of Zepora “Sluggo” Roberts being forced into a run-off!


August 26th, 2010
1:25 pm

We need a new school board. All new members. You can not get nothing done at the board and the board does not see parents. You only talk to their assistants and they have about 5 assistants each. Sacs need to look into the policies and procedures of the group that is managing the children placement. I have two school age children that attended Chestnut Elementary. My wife died in a car crash so i am a single parent. I received permission to attend Chestnut Elementary because I work down the street as a mechanic and can pick them drop them off and pick them up to and from work. I have no one else to help me so I must do it all. I recently was told that my children would have to go their home school which is in the lower half of Dekalb. I applied for school of choice and no child left behind. I was told no right away. I tried to talk to someone at the board and was told that no one could see me. My children are not old enough to go home alone and I cannot afford after school care on my salary. No one will here me or see me. I just keep getting standard letters from the board. I even received a letter with another childs name on it. i could not believe the board could be so wrong. I just wanted my child to attend Peachtree Middle which was set up for her from the past. My child cries every night that we may be evicted because I have to leave work to pick them up and jobs are scarce. I did find out that the administrators at the board, the assistants, clerks, transportation personnel all have approved transfers for their child. My daughter asked some of the children that got in to Peachtree where their parents worked and most said the board. There is even one child that the parents live in Conyers but received permission to attend the school over my daughter. I going to write SACS to make sure that they look into this matter for me.