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Recap of coverage of Saturday’s gubernatorial debate

Just in case you missed Saturday’s gubernatorial debate, AJC columnist Kyle Wingfield has provided a recap of coverage:

There weren’t too many surprises in Saturday’s debate with Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal and Libertarian John Monds. We started with a trio of questions about health care — the event was sponsored by the Medical Association of Georgia — but also touched on the economy, taxes, immigration, education and water … in what felt like a very short hour. I really appreciate all the questions y’all submitted, and I’ll incorporate more of them as I meet with the candidates during the rest of the campaign.

Click here for Wingfield’s complete report.

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New ad from GOP governors: On the ‘iron fists’ of Roy Barnes and Barack Obama

Political Insider’s Jim Galloway has the latest ad GOP governors have come up with targeting Roy Barnes’ ties to President Barack Obama:

The Republican Governor’s Association today cut loose a second TV ad against Roy Barnes – clearly a campaign to establish a Pavlovian relationship between the Democratic nominee for governor and President Barack Obama.

The RGA accuses both Obama and Barnes of ruling with “an iron fist.”

Not details have yet come from RGA, but we’re told that the 30-second spot will see a significant amount of play in metro Atlanta and beyond – through Thursday. And then will pick up again next Tuesday, after the Labor Day holiday.

Update: Nick Ayers, the former Sonny Perdue aide and RGA executive director, just sent a message indicating the new TV spot will stay up through the Labor Day weekend — the cash was sent yesterday — and has been joined by a 60-second radio ad, also playing statewide, on the same theme. See the ads and the rest of the …

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Update: Deal campaign says ‘You’ll know’ when tax returns are disclosed

“Miscommunication” between people outside GOP gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal’s campaign is probably the reason there is confusion  over when the former congressman will reveal his tax returns, a campaign spokesman suggests. And there’s the matter of finishing up last year’s forms.

Savannah Morning News’ Larry Peterson caught up with Deal spokesman  Brian Robinson, hoping he could shed more light on when Deal’s returns might surface. Democratic rival Roy Barnes, who often touts how he’s released years of his returns,  has been trying to turn the heat up on Deal to do the same.

While Robinson appeared certain the forms would be disclosed, the “when” remains a mystery.  The following is from Peterson’s report:

“We’ll release them,” said Brian Robinson, spokesman for the former congressman. “You’ll know when when we make the decision.”

But not until Deal finishes his forms for last year – a missing link Robinson acknowledged only on Friday.

He also said conservative …

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Handel looking for donations to pay off campaign debt

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel, who lost a bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination earlier this month, is reaching out to supporters one more time for money.

Handel just sent out an email saying she didn’t know what she would do next, but that she will “remain involved in the political arena.”

“But before I can look ahead, I must call on my friends one last time,” Handel wrote. “As we close down our campaign, we do have some minimal debt to take care of.

“Our campaign never had the benefit of being the most well-funded. Ours was a grassroots operation of individuals like you who only wanted to see good government, a change to the same old way of doing things, and real leadership. Can I call on you one last time to make a donation to cover our last remaining campaign expenses? Any amount will help us close down our campaign and begin moving forward.”

Handel staffers said they don’t know the exact amount of the debt but repeated that it’s “minimal.”  If she …

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Barnes, Deal miss face-to-face with business group

When Central Atlanta Progress called political figures, academics and business leaders together last week to brainstorm about ways to improve Georgia’s position in the Southeast, organizers were disappointed the two top gubernatorial candidates phoned in rather than drove down.

CAP’s GeorgiaForward Forum was held at Macon State College. Organizers told the Macon Telegraph they tried their best to get Democrat Roy Barnes and Republican Nathan Deal to show up in person.  A Barnes aided said the former governor was at a political event. Deal’s camp said he had meetings and that he had to serve on a National Federation of Independent Businesses panel. This is from the  Telegraph’s repor:

Both candidates were invited to attend but ended up being interviewed by Georgia Public Broadcasting anchor Rickey Bevington, who asked each candidate the same set of questions. By not being present, however, none of the attendees were able to follow up on comments either candidate made.

Deal, …

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Casino-gambling site criticizes Deal’s change of heart seems a bit ticked off that GOP gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal has soften his position on the idea of bringing casinos to Georgia.

If you recall Deal originally appeared open to the idea during an appearance at a tourism forum in Savannah. That was until religious conservatives reacted in disbelief. The Associated Press reported Ray Newman, lobbyist for the Georgia Baptist Convention,  became so alarmed  he called the former congressman to express his concern.

Now Deal is catching heat from the gambling industry. Terry Goodwin of  CasinoGamblingWeb writes:

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal has shown …  just how far politicians will go to secure votes in upcoming elections. Deal, who originally voiced his willingness to consider casino gambling expansion in the state, has now backpedalled from that position.

Speaking earlier this month, Deal proclaimed that he would keep an open mind when dealing with the casino gambling issue. The issue …

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Georgia governor’s race attracting national dollars

The race for the Georgia governorship is not only attracting national attention but national dollars, according to a report from Ashley Friedling of the Gainesville Times.

Friedling says part of the interest can be traced to the influence the new governor may have when congressional lines a redrawn in the months ahead. Here’s part of her report:

Both the Republican Governors Association and the Democratic Governors Association say they already are involved in the partisan duel between former Gov. Roy Barnes, a Democrat, and former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal, a Republican.

Nationally, the groups have reported raising record amounts of money this year to make sure their parties snag the top job in states across the country.

Even the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee — groups that normally stick with federal offices — are getting involved in gubernatorial races.

Observers chalk up the national interest to an acute concern over the hand that will …

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Deal finds unlikely ally when it comes to ethics probe – Democrats’ Clyburn

When it comes to ethics investigations, Republican nominee for governor Nathan Deal has found an unlikely ally: U.S. Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C. – the most powerful African-American in Congress.

In an interview with Larry Peterson of the Savannah Morning News, Clyburn said the Office of Congressional Ethics – a relatively new entity that acts as a kind of grand jury, making preliminary inquiries — has an “accusatory mentality about every allegation.”

The OCE has initiated investigations of several African-American members of Congress, including U.S. Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Charlie Rangel of New York.

Clyburn made his remarks at a gathering of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus. From the SMN:

Clyburn, the House majority whip, said he has no opinion about the validity of the case against Deal.

But he said the ethics office investigatory process “is being used by … people who want to make mischief.”

Clyburn said the office lets inquiries be …

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Roswell residents can speak their piece today

AJC reporter Ralph Ellis has this reminder for Roswell residents:

Do you have something to say to the Roswell City Council?

Then show up at city hall at 7 p.m. Monday and speak your piece.

The council holds an open forum whenever a month has five Mondays. There’s nothing on the agenda except the pledge of allegiance and listening to anybody who shows up and signs a comment card.

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We’re coming up with 10 questions for the gubernatorial candidates and you can help!

How do you feel about eliminating state income taxes?

If the General Assembly presents a bill allowing local municipalities to vote on Sunday alcohol sales, will you sign the legislation?

What initiatives would you support as governor to reduce urban sprawl in Georgia’s urban centers?

What is your position on ways in which our state can lessen our illegal immigrant problems?

These are just a few of the questions on the minds of Georgia voters and they’re questions voters would like to pose to the three men vying to become the state’s next governor: former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal (R), Democratic former Gov. Roy Barnes and Libertarian John Monds.

Here’s your chance to vote on questions that already have been submitted, and your chance to submit your own questions. We’ll pose the top 10 questions  to the candidates and give them a chance to  answer them directly to help make an informed decision in November. Click here to get started!

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