2 thoughts on those hammer-and-sickle billboards in the 7th District

Is the Communist symbolism ascribed to President Barack Obama on billboards over the top? Political Insider Jim Galloway notes that Tim Bryant of  WGAU (1340 AM) posed this question to Rob Woodall and Jody Hice, the two GOP runoff candidates in the 7th District congressional contest. Hice is actually the force behind the hammer-and-sickle “Had enough of Obama’s change?” billboards in the district. Hice, as expected, defends the billboards; Woodall, however, appears less strident in his support. Read more.

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July 30th, 2010
12:11 pm

First of all, the hammer and sickle is used by Socialist groups around the world, and clearly that is what Hice is trying to say…

Personally, I’m just glad that someone running for elected office has the intestinal fortitude to call it like it is. “reaching across the aisle” hasn’t exactly been the usual, unless the Republicans decided to join the D’s on massive government expansion.

…And even if I was a bit put-off by the overtness of the billboard, I’m DEFINITELY not going to vote in some guy like Woodall who’s lived almost half his life in DC. He can talk about “serving the 7th district” all he wants to, but a phone call versus actually living here and having a private sector job are totally different animals. How dumb does he think we are??

Tim Samis

August 2nd, 2010
4:40 pm

Steve Good points. I am personally more put off by debasing and inflating our currency, having the Fed Govt be in the charity business with my tax dollars and encroaching in to places they are not authorized to go than I am about a Hammer and Sickle.

Socialism is an economic system that has failed everyplace except for convents and monasteries.

It is based in legal plunder of it citizens and supported by a false sense that the laws of our country should lift up charity and a goal.

The sign was fell suited.

As far as Woodall. He is an insider, he admits its and he will tell you he knows how to play the current system in Washington DC. Well since he has lived there for over 16 years, I hope he knows how to live peaceably among the majority of thieves in Congress.

Yes he speaks well, but so does Obama, Yes he promises the Fair Tax, but he knows it will take a super majority to get it – maybe 20 years. All he knows how to do is have daddy John Linder tell all his friends to vote for Robby. After all I owe little Robby for making me the congressman people think I am today. That’ s what Tom Price said in his endorsement. Rob made John the Congressman he is. I thought John did all that?

Linder has moved to MS, Boortz mostly Florida and Now with Price’s endorsement, I wonder if Price will abandon Georgia too?

Our present system in DC does not need tweaking, it needs to be dismantled. Do you really thingk an dinsider of 16 tears will see it that way? If so I have some swamp land in Florida I would like you
to buy.

Wake up folks this is our country you are talking about. Woodall is playing you.