Handel ad calls Deal a ‘relic’ – and a corrupt one at that

Who’s a “‘corrupt relic” of the D.C. establishment? If you ask GOP runoff gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel it would be her rival Nathan Deal. See Handel’s latest TV ad and political blooger Jim Galloway’s report on it.

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Rob B

July 29th, 2010
2:40 pm

the story should read…”as two incompetent fools run for office”

Firstly, who cares what Sarah Palin says, this woman couldn’t even tell networks what the job of the Vice President is. It’s in the Constitution.

Secondly, we know Deal is corrupt but calling yourself a true conservative is a laugh as well.

“Cutting government”, we have heard that for 8 years and look where Georgia is, 2nd in lost jobs behind California. Brilliant.