State official subpoenaed over contacts with Nathan Deal

A state official who met with then-U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal about a lucrative contract the Republican politician had with state of Georgia was the target of  a recent  federal grand jury subpoena.

The grand jury wanted records and testimony from Georgia Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham in June, according to documents obtained  by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution through the Georgia Open Records Act.

Toward the end of his congressional career, Deal had been the target of an ethics investigation over his business dealings with the state. Deal, , now a gubernatorial candidate facing a runoff, has said he did nothing wrong and that he acted as a public servant and not in an attempt to protect his own interests.

Deal’s attorney, Randy Evans, said his client has not been subpoenaed and is not the subject of an investigation. Read more.

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July 28th, 2010
2:36 pm

And this is the guy who may be our next governor!! If you actually believe that he was acting as a “public servant” instead of “protecting his own interests,” I have some beach front property in Minnesota I want to sell you.


July 28th, 2010
2:55 pm

Deal. Real. Corrupt.


July 28th, 2010
3:11 pm

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The Winner

July 28th, 2010
3:29 pm

The Dems will say anything to get Barnes re-elected. Do you own homework.

good ole earl

July 28th, 2010
3:38 pm

jane..i hope you get a good price for your beach front property in minnesota. yes, i believe nathan deal was acting as a “public servant” just as he has for his 30 years of service to his state and country. someone gave an at length answer to this issue in a blog last night setting the record straight on this issue. have you ever wondered why this came up only after deal announced for governor. um..nobody seemed to worry about this until election time. why and try to bring a good man down with false accusations. he’s still the only candidate that rasmussen says can beat roy barnes in november. but, maybe you are a roy barnes supporter.


July 28th, 2010
4:16 pm

Deal, yeah a deal for him. I hope he is exposed for the corruption.


July 28th, 2010
4:18 pm

What part of the definition of “public servant” covers deeply dipping your hand into a cookie jar that does not belong to you. Or maybe Mr. Deal has a problem deciding which cookie jars don’t belong to him. Or maybe he is that great savior of the state of Georgia, totally innocent of all the accusations, cloaked only in truth and justice- waiting to come to our rescue. Yeah… sure.


July 28th, 2010
4:25 pm

Rasmussen’s surveys are not reliable. they only call landline phones on one day. They used automated machines to ask the questions of whoever answers. If that person hangs up, they don’t call that number back. they do all calls on one day from 5-9 p.m. Guess how many people won’t answer the phone during that time. All in all, their survey methodology is crap.


July 28th, 2010
4:28 pm

From Carol Porters facebook page:

The incumbent Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle (against whom I am running) and Nathan Deal brought Bart Graham, the Revenue Commissioner into the office of the Lt. Gov. (that is your… office by the way) to allegedly strong-arm him into stopping Graham’s efforts to privatize the DOR inspections which would have quite possibly slowed Nathan’s 1.5 million of no bid state money for his company. Graham thought his ideas would save the taxpayers’ money. Cagle and Deal allegedly didn’t like Graham’s suggestion. Somehow, in the Senate, over which Cagle presides and is the President, the money in question got put back in the budget again. Deal says he sent an email asking Cagle not to do it. He did. The little fact he keeps leaving out? It was an hour after the vote had been taken, :) Really. They thought we wouldn’t check? By the way, Nathan Deal has used some of his funds to donate to Cagle. Ready for new leadership yet?

John Galt

July 28th, 2010
4:40 pm

I expect it’s actually Black Bart the Revenue Commissioner who is under Grand Jury investigation. If incompetence was against the law he’d get a long sentence.


July 28th, 2010
6:16 pm

It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance or blind zealotry of folks on these blogs. I have never posted here, but I felt I finally needed to say something. So many of you are rats to the ajc’s and other media outlet’s pied piper. You glance at the headline skim the report and draw your conclusions from what is a slanted story.

No one wants to take the time to find out that Congressman Deal was only one of nine investors in the company that is a subject to the complaint. Nobody wants to actually read the report to discover that the only potential violations of which Congressman Deal was guilty dealt with the use of his office’s resources to set up a meeting that was otherwise within the rules and laws of both the state of Georgia and the United States.

What we are talking about here is the use of a cell phone and email by a staffer of Mr. Deal to set up a meeting with his lieutenant governor. Yes people. He is also a citizen of this state and entitled to meet with his lieutenant governor. There are no accusations regarding any quid-pro-quo. There are no allegations regarding the legality of the contract. Facts that while very relevant to this story are conveniently left out by this media outlet and nearly every other one reporting on this story.

Congressman Deal has served his community for more than 3 decades. For those 3 decades his constituency has continued to elect him back to office by overwhelming margins. In those 3 decades not once until this campaign-the biggest of his career-has anyone made an ethics complaint or violation against his service. Does anyone not feel that it’s appropriate to even look at the source of this complaint or its timing? An organization funded and supported by George Soros? Does anyone not even think it may be possible that this complaint was politically motivated and without merit?

I may not know the answers to all these questions, but my point is that too many within the media and the voting public is too lazy, too ignorant, or too biased to ask them.

There may be a better option than Nathan Deal for governor, but it will not because he is a corrupt or unethical person.


July 28th, 2010
10:18 pm

I just wanted to add an AMEN to the comments from “flyonthewall”. Well said Partner!

Rob B

July 28th, 2010
11:34 pm

fly on the wall, I think you need to pay a little more attention to what is going on with the so called ethics committe…..

here is a sum up of what the office of congressional ethics released.

here is the total report released.

I think if you would read that….yea Nathan deal is a corrupt and unethical person. Have a nice day.