Georgia voters miffed at software glitch

New software may be causing a technical glitch for voters at Montgomery Elementary School on Ashford-Dunwoody Road, one voter tells the AJC.

Edith Fusillo said she went to vote at the polling place – as she has for the past 20 years – but when she walked up to get her ballot, a poll worker said:

“You’re not on here.”

Fusillo’s name was on the list of voters – only the name didn’t match up with the one on her voter registration card. It matched with the one on her driver’s license.

Her maiden name.

“That’s what it was when I moved here,” she told the AJC. But since then, “I’ve never used my maiden name,” she said.

Of the five people trying to vote around 10:30 a.m., Fusillo said three of them faced the same problem.

“We were all very annoyed,” she said. “I think this is despicable.”

Fusillo and the others questioned the poll workers, who said the voting software had “been changed.”

She voted using a provisional ballot.

The AJC is trying to follow up with the voting site as well as with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Please check back for updates.

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