Two-term Cherokee commissioner withdraws

Two-term Commissioner Derek Good of Cherokee County withdrew suddenly from the July 20 Republican primary Tuesday afternoon over past inaccuracies about his military service.

Robert Trim, a political consultant who has helped Good campaign previously, responded to a call to Good from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Trim said that when Good first ran for office about nine years ago, he mentioned in an interview that he had served as an Army Ranger. That was not true, but it was printed.

Trim said Good had served in the Army and attended Ranger training, but did not graduate because of an injury and eventual honorable medical discharge. Good, however, never corrected himself.

“Over time, he went with it because it was easier to stick with what people already believed than correct it,” Trim said.

However, during a Tuesday interview with a county newspaper reporter, the interviewer was going over Good’s background and asked about his military service.

“It has been weighing on him for a long time,” Trim said. “He said, ‘ I never corrected it. It is my fault, and this is not up to my standards for what I expected from myself. I am going to withdraw because I allowed it to go on.’”

Trim added, “He realized that this was was probably not a fatal thing, but it is not consistent with his philosophy and standards for what he expected of himself.”

Janet Munda, the Elections Supervisor for Cherokee County, confirmed Good’s withdrawal.

That leaves Jason Nelms, a Woodstock businessman and neophyte politician, a the winner of the primary. Nelms does not have a Democrat opponent in the fall election, so he will take the Post 4 seat.

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Emily Lemke

June 30th, 2010
10:36 am