Voters in state of discontent

All across Georgia, residents have critical issues for this year’s political hopefuls to address in an election season marked by economic turmoil.

Adults need jobs. Children need education. We need stronger borders.

Our politicians? Well, they’d better watch out.

Reporters from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and 10 other newspapers from Chattanooga to Valdosta last week interviewed more than 150 residents about their hopes, concerns and priorities for the campaigns.

The findings? We’re fretful about the economy, fearful for our schools, frustrated with illegal immigration, fuming at lawmakers.  Read the complete story.

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Rick in Grayson

May 31st, 2010
10:33 am

“It [immigrant status] doesn’t matter to me,” said Hickman, who’ll be attending Michigan State University this fall. “They might as well be a citizen.”
Maybe it will matter to her when she starts to pay taxes to support these illegal aliens and their children. Maybe it will matter to her when her children are displaced from college or college scholarships.

We can not afford to educate foreigners in this country illegally! We can barely afford to educate and provide jobs to our own children.

SR in Kennesaw

May 31st, 2010
11:15 am

I don’t get it. Does no one understand what the word “illegal” means anymore? Our country is not nor have we ever been against people immigrating to our country. It’s where almost all of every citizen of the US came from. But we went through Ellis Island or other appropriate immigration sites and earned this country’s trust and respect legally. We did not sneak over illegally and demand services or that the nation speak our native language. These people, whether intending to bring harm or not, are here illegally and they cannot be rewarded with citizenship, free healthcare and education for doing so.