Perdue hints at backing independent candidate for state superintendent

Earlier this week, we told you that Gov. Sonny Perdue might appoint a successor to state School Superintendent Kathy Cox — who would then conduct an independent campaign to win a full four years in November.

Otherwise, the timing of Cox’s resignation restricts Perdue to the five candidates – two Republicans and three Democrats – already on the ballot. Or, Perdue could pick a caretaker who would simply fill out the last six months of Cox’s term.

On Tuesday, after signing a bill that gives the governor more power to intervene in the affairs of troubled school systems, Perdue dropped a very large hint that he is indeed considering Door No. 3 – the independent route.   Read the complete story

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May 29th, 2010
8:19 pm

rr’s comments make me believe he is merely scared of his job if a merger of two year colleges occurred. Interesting how public employees invariably fear change. Senator Harp most likely proposed this because of tight budgets and in the name of more efficient government.