Radakovich visiting Tech for son’s graduation

Former Georgia Tech athletic director Dan Radakovich did not attend the opening of McCamish Pavilion Nov. 9, having been named athletic director at Clemson two weeks earlier.

He’ll finally get a look at the building whose renovation he led Saturday, when his son Christian graduates from Tech Saturday with an industrial engineering degree. Commencement exercises will be held at McCamish.

“I’ve seen it a lot with all the workers moving around, but this’ll be a good opportunity,” Radakovich said Friday.

He plans to return Feb. 14, when Clemson’s men’s basketball team will face the Yellow Jackets.

“I enjoy Georgia Tech and I enjoy it to this day,” Radakovich said. “Saturday, my son graduates from Georgia Tech. That’s going to be a special day, and Georgia Tech will always be a big part of our lives.”

Radakovich’s comments were part of an interview that will run on the blog early next week.

Ken Sugiura, Georgia Tech blog

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5150 UOAD

December 14th, 2012
4:12 pm

P.O.Drad………….throw EGGS at him. LOL
Congrats he LEFT AFTER his kid got a GT Diploma…..What an azzzzzzzzzzzz

5150 UOAD

December 14th, 2012
4:26 pm


TECH Fans if you have the chance go to the DOME tomorrow night and cheer for CUSTIS(lovejoy) the Tech RB commit in the State Championship game. Support Future TECH players.


December 14th, 2012
4:36 pm

After what happened up here today, I’m glad that DRad is able to spend time with his son and watch him accomplish one of life’s more noble goals. Hug your children and please pray for the victims of this senseless and evil act.

Unbiased Sometimes

December 14th, 2012
4:39 pm

Agree, let the man celebrate his son’s accomplishment. Don’t be a sore loser.


December 14th, 2012
4:54 pm

Congrats to the son for getting out of the number one IE program in the country


December 14th, 2012
5:10 pm

This is a non story

Dog kicker

December 14th, 2012
5:20 pm

5150 UOAD

December 14th, 2012
5:25 pm

If you can go to the DOME and wear TECH stuff to support CustIs….What DRads kid is GREAT for him and something to be celebrated by the family………..BUT………..it is NOT a TECH page worthy post.

George Stein

December 14th, 2012
5:47 pm

I’ll never understand why people get angry for a guy taking another job and claim disloyalty unless they want that same someone fired. Sports is a unique field filled, I guess.

Unbiased Sometimes

December 14th, 2012
5:53 pm

I completely agree 5150. This should not be news. I’m glad he got to see the Hank he helped make happen though. I have no grudge for the man.

Flowery Branch Yellow Jacket

December 14th, 2012
8:07 pm

@UOAD & Unbiased …. I disagree. This IS news … just not very important news. I found it interesting, and I congratulate Christian, DRad, and the rest of the family.


December 14th, 2012
10:18 pm

A swift kick in the nads should have been in order.


December 14th, 2012
10:36 pm

And he will be pulling for Clemson when he returns for the game. Traitor! I hope Tech smashes the tigers!

GT Fan Man

December 14th, 2012
11:12 pm

Some of you people need to get a grip. He did many good things while at GT. Look at all of our new facilities. Congrats to his son. He should be glad that his diploma if from GT and not Clem though!


December 14th, 2012
11:15 pm

Wonder if DRad plans to sell tickets to his kids graduation? Stinger seats? Licenses for seating? At least his son got a great eduation the both of them can be proud of – well – at least maybe the son. It’s a wonder DRad didn’t try to have the ceremony moved to Clemson where most of his friends are now.

Biff Pocoroba

December 14th, 2012
11:15 pm

DRad had to leave. His horrible contract given to PJ is going to ruin his legacy just like Braine did with Hewitt. Ga Southern showed tonight why this offense just can’t work long term. Not being able to pass or overcome a 5 yard penalty will just kill you when you dont have a very good defense.

Dacusville Bill

December 14th, 2012
11:35 pm

Congratulation to Little Rad–DRad’s son got a free education and that is one of the perqs of the job–Hope DRad gives Dabo a sweetheart contract like he did Pitiful Paul—

just sayin'

December 14th, 2012
11:43 pm

Dacusville, how do you think his son got a free education? I worked at GT for 35 years. Employees of state schools do not get free tuition for their kids. They have to pay the same as everyone else.


December 15th, 2012
12:19 am

Sure drad did not have a “free education” for his child built into his contract?

Hope he shows his azzzzz, I mean face, at the game.

GT fan

December 15th, 2012
1:21 am

Who cares…….

Dodd's Luck

December 15th, 2012
2:20 am

It takes a special person to succeed in any leadershi role in Tech’s Athletic Department. Radakovich tried, but he wasn’t up to the job. So, he left for a nice place in the country where academics pose no chalenges for the Athletic Director. He should be able to succeed at Clemson, and we should be able to find an AD who can succeed at Tech.


December 15th, 2012
4:52 am

Where is GTBob? Oh yeah. He is posting over on UGA columns again. As usual….you should be proud he spends 90% more time there than on GT columns….just plain old jealousy. As old as Cain and Abel. Go Dawgs! Maybe things will improve for the athletics at GT with a new guy running the programs cause well, we know they aint been stellar where it matters most. UGA is wiping the field with you over there ever since Richt took over. And will continue too as long as he is there…That is unless you go buy Saban. He might just take you up on it too. He needs a challenge and well that is a challenge wouldnt you agree wholeheartedly? I mean coaching and winning it all at Bama isnt a challenge when your Saban Its like shooting fish in a barell for him….want to impress me and the world and be challenged? Win that big at GT like that consistently. I would offer him. He could beat Spurrier at his own game….couldnt hurt.

Richt is kickn that rump every year….must really “sting” too huh? Whats that offense you run called? I think you can win the ACC with it and thats what matters right? Dont worry about UGA beating you every single year after year after year…who cares right? Go Dawgs!


December 15th, 2012
7:16 am

“Maybe things will improve for the athletics at GT with a new guy running the programs cause well, we know they aint been stellar where it matters most.”

Yep, football is the only thing that matters when you go to college.

Bored in Newnan

December 15th, 2012
9:44 am

I wonder if DBad will be wearing that beautiful orange on orange attire again to the ceremony.

UGA = Yawn

December 15th, 2012
9:48 am

Stone him or egg him – traitor!!!

UGA = Yawn

December 15th, 2012
9:49 am

…and apparently GT Fan Man who doesn’t understand loyalty!!!


December 15th, 2012
9:52 am

Radakovich is a pompous Ass


December 15th, 2012
10:00 am

I’m not mad at D. Rad for leaving, I just don’t really give a sh!t about this article. Who cares.


December 15th, 2012
10:02 am

Who are the candidates for the AD position?

Freddie Blassie

December 15th, 2012
10:37 am

Dodd’s Luck is on the money, but Homer Rice is not available. The Tech administration does not want the GTAA to succeed in the traditional sports so that GT remains known for academics rather than sports success. The Hill is apathetic in general towards athletics; always has been.
I’m thinking Jason Bourne for AD with bad intentions. He could kick bootay and ultimately merge the AD job with the President of the Institute job and solve the problems on the Hill.

robert cockerham

December 15th, 2012
11:10 am

I think you are wrong about the administration. Didn’t Bud Peterson play college football. I think I heard he walked on and earned a scholarship. I know he’s a big college football fan. Several of the Deans are too esp the Dean of Civil Engineering and the Dean of Engineering. I know both of these guys and they are big college sports fans. The Dean of Civil Engineering is on the Athletics Board at Tech and has a box at the Stadium. He’s def a big college football fan. I think DRad did a good job at Tech. I think he just thought the Clemson job might be easier I guess. I don’t think he got much of a raise to go there.

Bill Siggelkow

December 15th, 2012
11:43 am

Congrats to to DRad’s son from an ‘85 grad with a Bach of Ind Eng


December 15th, 2012
3:36 pm


Some of us appreciate the post and what DRad did for Tech. The GTAA has some serious financial issues moving forward but DRad rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty cleaning up the cesspool left behind by Dave Braine. For chrissakes, we almost had Bill Curry for A.D.! (he was the other finalist).

Everyone is allowed their opinion (sometimes that is regretful). Grateful that Anthony and Flowery Branch Yellow Jacket chimed in above with class.

Georgia Tech is a world class university with a decent athletics program. Don’t let the tail wag the dog.


December 15th, 2012
7:15 pm

Happy Holidays Ken Sugiura!

Seriously, haven’t had to use this in a long time, but POAD behave! You’re not doing Tech or its supporters any favors with your tone… You’re better than that…

5150 UOAD

December 15th, 2012
7:27 pm

It is just they way he left that is so maddening. He should be there for his child’s graduation.


December 15th, 2012
8:32 pm

Never be mad when someone leaves, be mad if they stay and make things worse… Dude is not Bobby Petrino, it is up to Tech folks to help make your sports program the thing you’d like for it to be in the future… Good luck with that, and to all of you regardless, Happy Holidays…


December 16th, 2012
12:31 am

Go kick rocks D rad!!!!

Phil Cochran

December 16th, 2012
4:55 am

Congrats to Christian Radakovich for earning his degree from GT no small accomplishment son. Everyone should let DRad enjoy and celebrate his son’s graduation. Act like the classy GT grads and fans that the world expects.


December 16th, 2012
7:34 am

Le’s not overstate the accomplishments of Dan as they are all overshadowed by him being solely responsible for attempting to mislead the NCAA and the probation that followed. I am happy for his kid obtaining his degree.

Supersize that order, mutt

December 16th, 2012
7:58 am

@ Buzz….. I agree completely. And what’s worse, he allowed CPJ to be perceived as being completely at fault in that matter. In other words, DRAD threw CPJ under the bus and never admitted that HE (DRAD) was the one who screwed up.

5150 UOAD

December 16th, 2012
11:32 am

Emmanuel Dieke
Its official!!! Ya boy done graduated from georgia Tech!! One of the best feelings ever and well deserved!! I dont know what nexts for me but whatever it is, i know that God will guide my path!! Thank you family, friends and all those who supported ya boy! #TRU

Jahi Word-Daniels 2 hours ago near Panthersville
Finally an alumni! Going back and getting my degree…Way better feeling than playing in the NFL!! God is good!

5150 UOAD

December 16th, 2012
11:43 am

Congrats to the (5) current and former Yellow Jackets graduating on Saturday!!! David Sims Emmanuel Dieke Roderick Sweeting Jahi Word-Daniels Brad Brad J. Jefferson


December 17th, 2012
12:28 am

GT graduation was great! How to deal with college friends leaving… http://www.rcsoatl.com/2012/12/when-friends-graduate.html


December 17th, 2012
7:36 am

I agree D Rad did good things for Tech as an AD. I also agree that this is not news worthy. don’t really ant to read about a former AD and his son graduating. While I commend his accomplishment, it is not news. I am glad to see all the posts on the Poole brothers. now that is news!

…and the UGA “fan”. Its gys like you that make Tech fans hate the stupid team from Athens. Fans like you make me have to cheer for Nebraska and feel good about it. Leave Johnson in place, he has a hatred for your team as well and will get some wins against the “almighty” Richt. Johnson is running a great program and getting some better recruits. WE just need a B back and we are ready to pound those pups no matter what you call our offense. I call it the Wreckbone!

Hoops looking really good these days and only getting better. (Oh UGA fan nice team you are fielding! Fox will be gone it seems.-who’s gonna lead your team next year? Maybe you can hire away Ga State’s coach…looks like that would be an upgrade) Watch the weekly show on GT hoops. There is a glimpse of Stacey, Jr playing there. He looks very mature. That and his little brother! I can’t believe this turn of events. Can’t wait to see them both gel with this team. imagine, we can do a 100% lineup change. We can play all upper classmen and switch to a roster of Freshmen or new players and not have any drop in effectiveness! That is very exciting! Talk about an infusion of talent!! Go Jackets!!


December 17th, 2012
10:08 am

one more probation=strike 3 for me, only keep supporting because the first 2 may have had an element of stupidity-still, some places put up statues to ADs that had multiple probations…

Tech Troll 13

December 17th, 2012
12:47 pm

We were never more than a “stepping stone” for D-Rad. You could tell that when he was hired. Welcome to the family, Christian.

Coach Moore

December 17th, 2012
2:18 pm

5150 Gonad, How did Custis look against Norcross? Not too good!!!

Like, Supersize...

December 17th, 2012
3:52 pm

…CPJ has never thrown any of his players under the proverbial bus?

And, Geroge Stein – thanks for some sensible comments – if only the other Tech fans who sound like complete morons would understand what you wrote – and I am talking to each of you, POAD, GTGIrl, huh, Tony, & GT Fan…