Updated: ACC reverts to eight-game league schedule

The ACC has moved back from its planned nine-game league schedule to eight games. The upshot for Georgia Tech is that it will see Atlantic Division opponents less frequently and may strengthen its non-conference schedule.

The impetus of the move, announced Wednesday at the end of the league’s fall meetings, was the five games that Notre Dame will play annually against ACC teams starting no later than 2014. The load on Tech, for instance, to play nine league games, Notre Dame and Georgia in the same season every three years was considered a bit too heavy.

As a result, Tech and other ACC schools now have openings to fill. With the nine-game format in place since February, Tech has only three non-conference opponents lined up through 2015, and only two in 2016. Anticipating the switch, Tech associate athletic director Ryan Bamford said that he has had conversations with “like institutions” in the Big Ten and the Big East about home-and-home games for 2013 and 2014.

“We’ve got a couple people that might be interested,” said Bamford, who hoped that deals could come together in a few weeks.

When Pittsburgh and Syracuse join the league next fall, teams will play six division games, one game against its primary crossover partner and one against another inter-divisional opponent. Tech will keep Clemson as its permanent partner but will only play other Atlantic Division teams, including Florida State, once every six years.

It obviously means a slower rotation through the opposite division. In the present format, any given team plays every team in the other division home and away in a five-year period. For Tech, that means Florida State (and every other Atlantic Division team besides Clemson) will come to Bobby Dodd Stadium once every 12 years. Notre Dame, by comparison, will likely play in Atlanta once every six years.

No other details about scheduling, including the rotations for Notre Dame or inter-divisional play, were released. Most coaches, including Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson, had been in favor of an eight-game schedule vs. a nine-game schedule. Particularly for Clemson, Florida State and Tech, which have an annual rivalry game with an SEC opponent, they felt that it would create an overly demanding schedule and also leave less room to play non-conference home games.

Tech has non-conference games for 2013 against Georgia, BYU and Elon. Earlier this year, Tech canceled the second half of its four-game series with BYU (games in 2014 and 2017) thinking that it would only have room for three non-conference games each year.

Georgia Tech’s basketball teams also received a surprise. With the league reverting to having two primary partners with its 14-team, 18-game league schedule, Tech kept Clemson and added Notre Dame. (Wake Forest, which has been Tech’s other partner besides Clemson, will have Duke and N.C. State.) Both the Irish men’s and women’s teams are among the best in the country. The Notre Dame men’s team has averaged 22.8 wins over the past five seasons and has qualified for the NCAA tournament five of the past six seasons, never worse than a No. 7 seed. The Notre Dame women’s team has reached the championship game each of the past two seasons.

The conference tournament will continue to include every team and will now start on a Wednesday and run through Sunday.

The baseball tournament will expand from eight to 10 teams, with double-elimination games running Tuesday through Friday with single-elimination games Saturday with the Sunday championship game.

Ken Sugiura, Georgia Tech blog

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October 3rd, 2012
9:55 pm

I agree www, 5150 post your links on opinion blogs. Please

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October 3rd, 2012
10:12 pm

[...] ACC reverts to 8-game league schedule [...]


October 3rd, 2012
10:44 pm

Was any progress made in balancing the schedule to move either Clemson or Va. Tech to an even year home game? Va Tech should be forced to come to Atlanta two years in a row, like we were forced to do when VT joined the league


October 3rd, 2012
10:59 pm

“…then push hard to get penn state into the acc as the 14th team”

Agree but only after ND is a full football member.


October 3rd, 2012
11:21 pm

Starting in 2016, Gt picks up another SEC team. Should be fun. Hope I live to see it.


October 3rd, 2012
11:22 pm

Penn St. will be 16.


October 3rd, 2012
11:38 pm

What’s the benefits of playing cupcakes? I agree that we need to give up on going undefeated if that is why we schedule the cupcakes. BDS, in the CFB mecca, should showcase the best OOC match-ups when not playing conference teams. A sell-out for every OOC game and entertainment for the fans.


October 3rd, 2012
11:41 pm

What’s with all the love for the kiddy diddlers? I don’t want ND or Penn State in the ACC. Penn State has just been proven to have allowed rampant paedophilia and Notre Dame is being investigated for possible involvement at high levels for the same; why should we give them a safe home to which they can flee?
I say let them both rot in hell and stay off our lawns.


October 3rd, 2012
11:45 pm

Also, I agree that we should schedule better OOC opponents, SEC would be great – we ate them up in recent years and I would love to continue to do so. I also agree that we should get rid of the constant other division opponent, hate to see the Clemson series shrink, but it has to happen for fairness sake with the two larger divisions.


October 4th, 2012
10:31 am

should for sure try not to schedule cupcakes that beat the crap out of us…..

This is great news for GT

October 4th, 2012
12:42 pm

Having the option to schedule a sure win like MTSU is a ……………………….ops never mind


October 4th, 2012
4:21 pm

I’d love to see a rules change that says BCS teams can’t play FCS. But that won’t happen. Money talks, like Charlie Sheen

yeller bug

October 4th, 2012
8:23 pm

Yeah 5150, many would consider that this is probably not the proper forum to post u-tube videos that demonstrate how our current president is destroying this country morally and driving us over an economic cliff into fiscal oblivion. However Tech is very forward thinking and the 2 hot dogs and a coke with the purchase of a ticket may be highly appealing to the famished and unemployed. Could become a winning strategy to fill Bobby Dodd stadium.