Tech’s Glen Rice charged in incident

In an incident stemming from a gunshot fired from a car, Georgia Tech basketball player Glen Rice Jr. was charged with permitting unlawful operation last Thursday. A Tech graduate assistant who played for coach Brian Gregory at Dayton, London Warren, was charged with DUI-less safe.

In a statement issued Monday, Gregory said Warren has been dismissed from the program. The status of Rice, who has been suspended from the team since Feb. 17, will be reviewed in the near future.

“I’m deeply disappointed in the actions of these two individuals associated with our basketball program,” Gregory said in the statement.

According to an Atlanta Police Department incident report, Rice was a passenger in a Cadillac Escalade leaving Halo Lounge in Midtown near the Tech campus early Wednesday, one day before Tech played its opening-round game of the ACC tournament at Philips Arena. Police responded to a shots fired call and pulled over the Escalade at the intersection of West Peachtree and 10th streets. The incident report stated that Warren, the driver, was glossy-eyed with the odor of alcohol on his breath and was unable to stand, swaying back and forth.

Another passenger in the car, Steven Pryor, admitted to firing the gunshot from a 9-millimeter Ruger pistol. Pryor, who had a firearms license in his wallet, told police it was an accident as he tried to remove the gun from between the seats. Pryor, who is not a part of the basketball team, was arrested and charged with discharge of a firearm while under the influence. Police searched the club for victims or property damage and did not find anything.

The only mention of Rice in the incident report was his charge of permitting unlawful operation.

Tech’s season, Gregory’s first, ended Thursday night with a loss to Miami. Warren was suspended for the game and dismissed afterwards.

Rice, Tech’s leading scorer and rebounder this season, was on shaky ground with the team even prior to Gregory’s hire last March. Previous coach Paul Hewitt benched Rice for the final five games of the 2010-11 season for disciplinary reasons. Gregory suspended him for the first three games of this season for violating team rules and then suspended him following the Wake Forest game Feb. 15. He did not practice or play with the team from that point forward.

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The Institute

March 12th, 2012
4:04 pm

FL Jacket

March 12th, 2012
4:08 pm

GRJ…I would say it was nice knowing you…but it really wasn’t. I hear George Mason has a spot for you…and a coach who’ll let you be sloppy on and off the court.

Any more bad publicity for the program, and the next member of the Georgia Tech athletics department who needs to leave should be Dan Radakovich…


March 12th, 2012
4:11 pm

So the assistant’s DUI and the non-affiliated kid were the active criminals here. Glen Rice, Jr, is charged with….allowing it all to happen?! I didn’t even know there was a law against letting stupid people do their stupid things.


March 12th, 2012
4:13 pm

Open comments on this blog…closed on Chip Towers blog about Branden Smith’s arrest…hmmmm. And those dingbat dawgs think that the AJC has a Tech bias.

Alabama Jack

March 12th, 2012
4:18 pm

Spot on GT4Life, spot on. I think the difference is that Ken is a journalist and Chip is an athletic supporter.

Supersize that order, mutt

March 12th, 2012
4:23 pm

GT4Life, that’s amazing. But it’s not surprising. And I agree with both yours and Alabama Jack’s assessment. That being said, however, I hope we have seen the last of Rice. Regardless of what his involvement here actually was, he sure seems to be a bad seed.


March 12th, 2012
4:23 pm

hey, Ken….why not pull a “chip towers” and close comments on this one?

Brandon Cox

March 12th, 2012
4:28 pm

If you own a car and knowingly allow someone intoxicated to drive it, you can be charged with DUI, even if you weren’t driving it yourself. That appears to be what Junior is charged with (although they don’t say who owns the vehicle). It carries the same penalties as a regular DUI.


March 12th, 2012
4:29 pm

Hard call for Coach Gregory
Rice should be in good hands hanging out with a Tech graduate assistant.
London Warren blew this for Rice, sad, glad he was kicked off team and hope he never lands another coaching job.


March 12th, 2012
4:34 pm

The main difference is that dawg fans don’t really come on the tech blog to make fun of somebody getting arrested. That’s a tech thing


March 12th, 2012
4:36 pm

Its really not funny to do it either, if I made fun of rice and tech for this I’d just look childish and stupid.

FL Jacket

March 12th, 2012
4:36 pm


That’s a pretty funny and sarcastic joke…

Road Scholar

March 12th, 2012
4:37 pm

Flush the three of them…now! Daddy Rice…when will you start parenting your son? Coach, we are better off w/o them!

PS I am renewing my season tickets…impressed so far with what you are doing Coach.

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