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Georgia Tech bowl update

Clemson’s victory in the ACC championship makes it a near-certainty that Georgia Tech will go to El Paso, Texas, for the Sun Bowl Dec. 31.

Virginia Tech, the title-game loser, will go to the Chick-fil-A Bowl. The ACC bowl games are contractually obligated to select the team either with the best conference record or a team within one win of that team. The Hokies went 7-1 in the ACC and no other available team fared better than 5-3. That would slot Florida State for the Champs Sports Bowl. The Seminoles, the only other ranked ACC team, would undoubtedly be a popular choice for the Orlando-based game. Georgia Tech has been the stated preference of the Sun Bowl if available.

Tech’s opponent appears to be Utah, which finished 7-5 overall and 4-5 in the conference in its first season in the Pac-12. The Jackets and Utes played previously in the 2005 Emerald Bowl in San Francisco, a 38-10 Tech loss that began its current six-game losing streak in bowl games. Washington is reportedly …

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Georgia Tech still looks pegged for Sun Bowl


Sorry for the absence. I’ve been covering the NCAA women’s College Cup (soccer final four) up at Kennesaw State this week, which has swallowed up a lot of time and didn’t provide much in the way of Georgia Tech-related blog material, except for that I learned that Tech is the only ACC school without a women’s soccer team. (I knew the school didn’t have one, mind you, but didn’t know that it was the only one in the ACC.)

(If you’re wondering, I don’t see that changing. A lot of women’s soccer teams were added for the sake of Title IX and Tech, for better or worse, doesn’t have to worry about Title IX as much as other schools because of the male-female ratio. Further, room is scarce, as is money in the budget. If Tech were to ever add another sport, my guess it’d be something smaller, like women’s golf or sand volleyball.)

Anyway, I spoke with two bowl directors this week, Steve Hogan at the Champs Sports Bowl and Bernie Olivas at the Sun Bowl, who is fast becoming …

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