Updates on Tech NFL rookies


I have some updates on Georgia Tech rookies in the NFL. Please share with your friends, especially those who enjoy reading about Georgia Tech rookies in the NFL.

Baltimore rookie running back Anthony Allen gained 34 yards on five carries with a touchdown in the Ravens’ 34-13 win over Kansas City. All of the carries were in the Ravens’ final two possessions. Interestingly, Baltimore got the ball back on an interception with less than 1:30 to play and leading 24-13. From the Kansas City 41-yard line, the Ravens completed a 38-yard pass, and then, two timeouts and three plays later, Allen banged it from the 1-yard line with eight seconds left. Coach John Harbaugh said he wasn’t trying to run up the score but just wanted to give players like Allen a chance to show what they can do.

A Baltimore Sun blog says he needs to do a better job of holding onto the ball, but that he’d be a worthy practice squad addition.

In the same game, former Tech running back Mike Cox ran four times for 13 yards and caught a pass for eight yards.

Cox’s brother Lucas caught one pass for the Falcons, for 10 yards in the fourth quarter, in their 15-13 loss to Jacksonville Friday. This is late, but my colleague D. Orlando Ledbetter said in his game preview that Cox is a practice squad candidate.

Wide receiver Kevin Cone did not play. I’m not sure if he was injured.

Joshua Nesbitt made a special teams tackle for Buffalo against Denver in the third quarter. Linebacker Brad Jefferson got an assist on a tackle in the fourth quarter. Nesbitt has been switched from quarterback to safety, which, given the depth at quarterback, is probably a boon to his chances.

Dallas cornerback Mario Butler was in in the second quarter and made a first-down preventing tackle and defensed a third-down pass in the fourth quarter in the Cowboys’ 20-7 loss to San Diego Sunday. Early playing time is, broadly speaking, a good sign for one’s chances.

New York Giants safety Jerrard Tarrant plays Monday night against Chicago at 8 p.m EDT.

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By Ken Sugiura, AJC

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August 22nd, 2011
3:56 pm

Pulling hard for Nesbitt…


August 22nd, 2011
3:57 pm


Thanks for the great updates. Did OT Nick Claytor ever sign with an NFL team? I hope he got a shot with somebody after leaving the Flats with another year of eligibility left.

headley lamar

August 22nd, 2011
4:12 pm

In case anyone is interested Bradley has done a good piece on whether or not the ACC will even exist in a few years.

Interesting stuff. I say no they wont.

Hey then Tech could go back to being an independent and try that ” Notre Dame of the South ” thing all over again.

George Stein

August 22nd, 2011
4:31 pm

Nice, objective analysis from headley. Or not.

It’s really too bad UGA didn’t run a pro-style offense or Caleb King could have been drafted. Wait, what?

Jackets 2011

August 22nd, 2011
4:33 pm

Tech will land on their feet just as their grads do in real life.
Shouldn’t you dawg trolls be spending their time figuring out how to make Uga’s 3 out of 21 futility rate against your most hated rival back into a game you don’t choke in every year?
I really thought you were going to win against the Gators last year.
That must be a tough drive back eating crow year after year while paying $3/gallon for gas.

headley's nemesis

August 22nd, 2011
4:57 pm

Hey Headley:

How that time at Mars Hill work out for ya’ when Dooley wouldn’t give you the time of day?

headley lamar

August 22nd, 2011
5:03 pm

Uga’s 3 out of 21 futility rate against your most hated rival back into a game you don’t choke in every year?

This is an advanced Tech Course. Beyond the Tech 101 stuff of blame the refs or what if we hadn’t fumbled.

headley lamar

August 22nd, 2011
5:06 pm

It’s really too bad UGA didn’t run a pro-style offense or Caleb King could have been drafted. Wait, what?

Hey they cant all be gems.

We have sent so many guys to the pros and won so much over the last decade ( 90 wins 7th most in the NCAA ) that you just begin to expect them all to make it.

RamboDog Returns!!

August 22nd, 2011
5:16 pm

Headly, way to eat them up! The Tech guys always land on their feet in life…I saw one at the Varsity last night at the “onion ring fryer”…

RamboDog Returns!!

August 22nd, 2011
5:20 pm

Jackets 2011….you will soon find out that your “dream education” will land you in a cubicle somewhere doing little projects for UGA grads who are out playing golf and building companies, so you guys will have a place to work. Enjoy it…the up side is you will be able to play video games on your PC while the BOSS it out of the office, so it’s not all bad.

Tech '10

August 22nd, 2011
5:44 pm

Ken: Thanks for the updates.

Good to see the uga blogs are boring and mundane enough to have ugag trolls on here.


August 22nd, 2011
6:22 pm

Did any of the aformentioned players graduate from Tech?

Big Ol Stinger

August 22nd, 2011
7:12 pm

Do any NFL players graduate anymore? If their any good, they leave early.

What’s the percentage? Maybe 10%?

Big Ol Stinger

August 22nd, 2011
7:12 pm

Ken Sugiura

August 22nd, 2011
7:46 pm

nick claytor has not signed, unfortunately. he’s back in school, from what i understand.
Mario Butler, Kevin Cone and Lucas Cox have graduated. i know Brad Jefferson and Joshua Nesbitt have not, and I don’t think Tarrant has, but I believe they’re close.
BOS – i don’t know what it is, but i’m going to guess it’s significantly higher than 10 percent.


August 22nd, 2011
7:54 pm

ken, looks like cox may stick with the falcons??


August 22nd, 2011
7:57 pm

Wow headley really with the what if we didn’t fumble. That was the excuse of every uga fan last year on their losses. And the blame the refs, hah that’s a ugas fans favorite excuse. I’ve heard it more times from uga fans than I’ve made it as a Tech fan so try again.

Tech Fan 76

August 22nd, 2011
9:29 pm

Uga trolls that try to dis a GT degree don’t one at all and are just unemployed ignorant losers.

Tech Fan 76

August 22nd, 2011
9:31 pm

“Have” This is basic child physcology. If you can’t have one then you must trash it. A latter day “sour grapes” kind of thing. So trolls and all let’s get back to Tech football.

Tech Fan 76

August 22nd, 2011
9:36 pm

Have you heard all of the doggies moan and groan about the possibility of Tech getting back in the SEC (as if they wanted to)? The wise ones know that after a few recruiting classes we would dominate UGA like we did before. But it will never happen because UGA will block it (if they know what’s good fir it) and Tech would not lower there standards to SEC style academics.


August 22nd, 2011
10:21 pm

Thanks for the updates Ken, also thanks for updating our UGA Nadlicker guest on the graduation info. Now the trolls can go back to doing what they do best, “licking their nads”.

Ken Sugiura

August 22nd, 2011
10:37 pm

sure thing, toemeetsleather.
michael – It sounds like Cox has a chance at practice squad. I don’t think he’ll make the roster, though.


August 23rd, 2011
12:03 am

mark bradley ought to be put on probation and sanctioned by the NCAA..if he thinks the SEC is without sin, just a matter of days/weeks before the truth comes out…ala, auburn…you name it


August 23rd, 2011
6:00 am

Ken, get with it here in Jacksonville! Daryl Smith, Gerris Wilkinson, Dawan Landry, all with the Jaguars. How about some quality updates on these guys, especially since Landry and Wilkinson were signed recently?!?!?!


August 23rd, 2011
8:46 am

All these chumps will be bagging our groceries in no time


August 23rd, 2011
12:06 pm

Ramdumb dog, or whatever your name is…

You mention UGA grads “who play golf and build companies”…Really? The stupidity of that statement in general really sums up the intelligence of most dawg fans in general.


August 23rd, 2011
12:34 pm

Too many of these comments are unrelated to the topic.

Good Luck to all the former GT players trying to make their NFL dreams reality.

Not Disappointed!

August 23rd, 2011
2:36 pm

I’m with JM! Good look to all Tech Players trying to make a NFL Team!


August 24th, 2011
10:09 am

I love the banter on these blogs! Best of luck to these gentlemen trying to pursue their dreams, but it’s too bad that nobody told them that they were diminishing their chances by playing for a Service Academy. Before you techies run and hide behind the usual academics comment, think about this. Your coaches did these kids a disservice and now it’s time for you as alumni, students, and fans to assist these kids with their next venture.

What’s the first thing a GT football player says after his illustrious career has come to an end?

“Welcome to the Varsity, can I take your order?”


August 24th, 2011
8:47 pm

Great to get an NFL progress report on the rooks. Anything on Choice or Dwyer? Choice seems persona non grata since early last season. Has Dwyer lost his way in Pittsburgh?

Buford T. Pusser

August 24th, 2011
9:18 pm

Techies, the best way to hurt “Giving head to Lamar” is to ignore him. It’s apparent he is just another UGA troll working at Wal-Mart who is living vicariously through a bunch of 18-19 year olds playing for a college he never attended; or any college or university for that matter.

Giving Head, when you finish playing on the computer in the electronics department, there is a broken mayo jar for cleanup on aisle 19.

The Sheriff has spoken.


August 25th, 2011
7:07 am

Cox would be a good addition to the Falcons practice squad, I believe.

I tried to tell y'all that ...............

August 25th, 2011
12:24 pm

I tried to tell all of you GT fans that Josh Nesbit would make a fantastic special teams player and meat grinder practice only safety at UGA, and you all did not want to buy into it, that is him not being recrutied as a legit college QB.

NFL folks see most of these GT kids as grinders ………………… practice team dummies.


As these young men look back on their GT careers

August 25th, 2011
12:31 pm

THese GT men will see no titles, no major wins beyond the one fluke win vs UGA, in like 10 or 11 tries and no bowls. They will see 0 success and they don’t even have their Recreation diplomas from GT.

Sad, wasted efforts. Really sad to do inner city Atlanta School System kids that way.

The cruel reality is that they lack even a true 3 full years of legit college credits, even though when they left GT for the NFL, they likely played as a Junior in eligibility. More reason for the NCAA to come back to The Flats and snoop some more.

As for that ACC trophy, it is collecting bacon grease as a coat rack at the new downtown Waffle House.

SEC moans about GT getting back???

August 25th, 2011
12:38 pm

Let us be crystal clear ……………. the SEC would never, ever, ever ( did I say never?) ever ask GT to rejoin the # 1 conference in the nation. Here is why:

Money? GT cannot fill up that DOWNSIZED lil stadium, unless it is NC or Clemson or FSU or UGA.
TV markets? ATLANTA is ALREADY OWNED by the SEC.
Prestige? That for GT, left when Dooley ran Bobby Dodd off to Bitsy Grant back in 67, after Florida humiliated Tech in the Urange Bowl.

Moaning? Yes, GT men my age that would sell their now 60+ year old brides to see UT or Ole Miss or LSU or Alabama or AUBURN roll into Bobby Dodd Stadium.

THAT is the source of the moaning. Now, you go back to your lil video games boy.

GT Alum

August 25th, 2011
2:47 pm

Lots of hilarious whining from UGA fans attacking a GT degree. This is even funnier when you consider that most of these fans didn’t even attend UGA or a four year college. Most GT players graduate with a degree in management or engineering. Management, while certainly less rigorous than engineering, is more rigorous AND higher ranked than the business degree at UGA. Of course, at UGA only a few of the ’smartest’ players are in business, while the rest are in housing, PRE-business, speech, Arts & Sciences, criminal justice … largely unemployable majors directly out of college. In summary, Tech’s ‘easiest’ major is more rigorous and more respected than ANY football player major at UGA.

The references to graduation rates are equally comical. A GT degree must be earned, and thus the graduation rate will be lower than a school such as UGA that grants degrees in non-practical subjects with little work required.

On to the football field, where some UGA fans say we are ‘doing kids wrong’. Nothing could be more false. GT continues to put players in the league, including at receiver and running back where BeBe Thomas and Anthony Allen are doing just fine in the NFL. The kids that don’t go pro get good jobs if they applied themselves in school, like Albert Rocker at Microsoft, Osahon Tongo at Turner, Dominique Reese at Norfolk Southern, Sean Bedford at UF law school, etc.

It’s UGA doing kids a disservice, promising them all that they’ll play in the NFL because you run a ‘pro style offense’. How are all of your pro-style quarterbacks doing in the league? How’s DJ Shockley doing after he waited 4 years to play – cut. How’s David Greene doing in the NFL? How about Joe Cox? The list goes on for 50 years. Hell, Matt Stafford is the only quarterback you’ve got in the league, and the only thing he’s done is get hurt for two years.


August 25th, 2011
3:53 pm

Ken/anybody, what’s the word on Jonathan Dwyer at Pitt. Is he going to make the team again and get more playing time this year?
After what happened to the Giants DB’s I suspect Tarrant will make that team. Good for him.

And why do UGA fans want to get on the Tech blog and try to trash Tech? Do Tech fans do that on the UGA blogs? I’ve never looked at an UGA blog, I don’t really care about them. Why are these UGA fans so obsessed with us?

Hayseed Dixie

August 25th, 2011
4:31 pm

Ken, you should re-name your blog Wal-Mart.

Not because of the quality of the writing (personally, I love the amount of updates and insight you have.)

But because only a Wal Mart has more UGA fans than this Tech blog.

Not one of them will answer why they don’t talk trash on an Alabama, Auburn or Florida board, even though those fans hate UGA just as much.


August 25th, 2011
8:11 pm

I was only going to say I wish all the GT NFL players good luck and hope they can make a good living from football. I pull for the local guys to make it big – UGA & GT. I want to know why the GT fans, Jackets 2011 this time, have to bring up our 3 of 21 wins against UF when we don’t bring up your 2 of 14 wins against Florida State.


August 26th, 2011
2:07 pm

I love how UGA fans like to talk about our loss to Iowa in the BCS bowl game. Iowa was probably the best defense overall that season plus an offense that was above average. UGA also wouldnt have standed a chance in that ball game. Instead they get to draw Hawaii in their BCS bowl game and brag about winning that for the next 5 years. Seriously?? Vanderbilt could have beat Hawaii in that bowl game. HAHA