Nesbitt thinks about the Virginia Tech game every day

Joshua Nesbitt said he thinks about that bitterly cold night in Blacksburg every day.

Should he have thrown the ball? Could he have led Anthony Allen more? Should he have tried a different way to make the tackle?

It doesn’t matter now. What’s done is done. Now, Nesbitt is focused on showing scouts what he can do at Georgia Tech’s Pro Day today. He hopes to show the talent evaluators that he can play in the NFL. He hopes it’s as a quarterback, but he’s willing to play anywhere. He’s been working hard in Charlotte, N.C. since early January precisely for this day. His trainer thinks he can run a sub-4.5 40-yard dash, which will certainly get him some attention. He’s also been working on his accuracy, trying to improve what was perhaps his biggest weakness at Tech. His agent thinks he can be an asset similar to Brad Smith, who is featured in a variety of positions for the New York Jets after a standout career as a quarterback at Missouri.

Georgia Tech was rolling that night, though. The offense was moving up and down the field on Virginia Tech. The Thursday night crowd, so loud at the start of the game, was quiet.

Was this the same Jacket offense that looked so mistake-prone for most of the season?

Earlier in the game, Nesbitt sprinted 71 yards up the middle of the Hokies’ defense to give the Jackets a 14-0 lead with 4:44 remaining in the first quarter. The run also gave Nesbitt the record for career rushing yards by an ACC quarterback.

Leading 14-7, Nesbitt and the Jackets were third-and-goal on Virginia Tech’s 6-yard line.

The play called for Nesbitt to roll left and hit Allen running to the corner of the end zone.

Nesbitt saw Davon Morgan shadowing Allen, but he thought he could squeeze the pass in. Morgan cut in front of Allen, intercepted the pass and began running up the sideline. Nesbitt sprinted over and tried to push Morgan out. Instead, Morgan’s knee slammed into Nesbitt’s forearm, breaking it.

It cost him the remaining games in his career and started a new set of questions.

The arm is healthy now. Nesbitt said a few weeks ago that he feels no physical effects from the injury. Though there is a mental hangover.

“I regret it to this day and probably for the rest of my life that just being lazy on that one play,” Nesbitt said. “That’s what I think about it every day now.”

– Doug Roberson, AJC

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Buzz Me

March 9th, 2011
4:45 am

Joshua is a class act and there are few who play with more heart and soul than he. I, and the rest of GT fans thank him for showing us what heart and determination can do and hope that the pro scouts see what a value someone like Joshua is to have on a team. We wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him play on Sunday. If not, he should be brought back as coach on the GT sidelines.

A fan

March 9th, 2011
5:58 am

Agree, he is a class act. I know we will miss him.

SC Jacket

March 9th, 2011
6:07 am

You are going to get your chance in the NFL. Once there, that play will just be a distant memory, replaced bay all the unbelievable plays you made the past few years. Best of luck to you going forward. You’ll have our support forever.


March 9th, 2011
6:09 am

Go get ‘em Joshua


March 9th, 2011
6:34 am

He is for sure a good athelete but not so sure his future in the NFL, if he has one is at quarterback. He never got to show his passing skills to a great extent with GT’s offensive scheme. He was a fairly good runner though so maybe he has a chance at that position in the NFL. He has speed in his favor so maybe if he can develope as a runner in the NFL over time, he could return kick offs and punts to latch on to a team at first.
Unlike Cam Newton, he did not get a chance that often to pass. Cam will make it simply because he is strong, has speed and size, and at least he got to throw the ball a lot more than Nesbitt did in college. He just needs to learn how to be a NFL player, by learning a true NFL type offense. Except for Josh’s running skills, very little he did in GT’s offense setup translates into NFL offensive schemes.
To his credit, when CPJ came on board, he stuck with him and learned his offensive scheme, versus transferring to another DIV. 1 school. In hindsight, he may have been better off transferring but to his credit, he was loyal to GT, and for that all of the Tech. fans should be thankful.


March 9th, 2011
6:38 am

Never will forget Nesbitt stripping the ball away in that Florida state game in 09. We will surely miss him…

Man among boys

March 9th, 2011
7:20 am

Any college team should be so lucky to have a man like Nesbitt suit up for them. Same for the pros.


March 9th, 2011
7:23 am

You lost the game and the season for your team. Way to go Heisman candidate. Hahahahaha. Enjoy Canada.


March 9th, 2011
7:31 am

Nesbitt was a warrior for the Jackets. That one play cost the team a great deal, but it doesn’t change what Joshua meant to his team. Good luck at the next level, Josh!


March 9th, 2011
7:32 am

Real classy devildawg…

Jackets 2011

March 9th, 2011
7:37 am

Agree with all comments except, of course, devildawg’s.
Get a life man.
Maybe worry about all the dawg fans being foreclosed on in every Friday’s huge section of the Marietta Daily Journal that is larger than the rest of the newspaper.
And that’s just one Georgia county.
Yea your pals up to their necks in trouble.
I buy lots of goods in adjoining states.
I prefer to help folks who deserve the help and appreciate it.


March 9th, 2011
7:40 am

Enter your comments here

Old Gold Britches

March 9th, 2011
7:44 am

Give it your all Joshua! Thanks for the memories. He is one class act!

Devil mutt …go on back home and play with your goat!


March 9th, 2011
7:47 am

Nevermind the jerks and trolls…

You rose to the highest tier of all-time Tech players with your attitude, determination, and execution. We watched you go from a young freshman with potential, to a sophomore who gave it your all but occasionally made mistakes, to a junior who executed the running game perfectly and distributed to the great talents around you, to a senior who took the entire team on your back when no one else stepped up.

That play against Florida State has to go down as one of the greatest plays of all time, but it was just a microcosm of your determination and hustle.

That you weren’t invited to the Combine is a travesty…even if the scouts don’t like you as a QB, they have to realize your incredible athleticism. Did you see the wide receiver who ran a 5.0 flat??? A smart coach/GM will pick you up and hopefully will be able to get the most out of your talent.

From the entire Jacket Nation, we thank you and wish you the best in the future. You are welcome back home any time, and know that we are all pulling for you.


Jackets 2011

March 9th, 2011
8:01 am

Haven’t been to a pro event in decades.
I want dawg fans to enjoy the company of Atlanta metro’s obnoxious transplants. (like last night’s Hawk-Lakers)
I knew they would prove good for something.
Tech gets all my sports money. (every last cent)
Was the Packers beatdown of the Falcons funny for anyone else?
I’m not sure I’ve ever bought a Falcon ticket.
I mean dawg owned, where will that get u?
Dawg owned = zero championships.


March 9th, 2011
8:09 am

you kicked some butt here, Josh. Now do it on Sunday!

the truth

March 9th, 2011
8:12 am


UGA = Yawn

March 9th, 2011
8:22 am

GT fans, don’t waste your ink on the likes of ‘devildawg’. These posts are coming from 14 year old high school kids. They are not being posted by UGA students or alums.


March 9th, 2011
8:31 am

It is easy to respect and admire Josh Nesbitt. Good luck to Josh as he pursues his dream.


March 9th, 2011
8:57 am

It sounds like a brilliant play call from “the smartest guy in the room” Paul Johnson. So they were running up and down the field on VT, eh? I’m sure they were. Then Coach Fish Fry abandons all reason and has a 40% completion percentage QB try to thread the needle in the endzone. Brilliant!!!! Its kind of like his baffling play calls late in close games. Paul Johnson is the most overrated hack in college football. I only bring this up because it is amazing to me how you Techies refuse to hold him responsible for anything. Nesbitt’s injury is at least partially by his arrogant hands.

I digress. Good luck to Nesbitt. I actually like him a lot and will be rooting for him. It sucks he played for such awful fans and an arrogant coach.



March 9th, 2011
8:58 am

Can we go ahead and say he’s top 5 if not the best quarterback we’ve ever had? Sorry I grew up in the Reggie Ball days when every snap I cringed. It was refreshing to get excited when Joshua had the ball in his hands. I know Joe Hamilton was awesome too, that’s why I put in the comment about top 5.


March 9th, 2011
8:59 am

Thanks for showing up. Your continued obsession really inspires us.


March 9th, 2011
9:00 am

Joe, Joshua, Godsey, and Shawn Jones are the top 4 (in no particular order) QBs we’ve had in modern history.


March 9th, 2011
9:43 am

He’ll be an NFL special teamer


March 9th, 2011
9:56 am

If we punch the ball in the end zone there, it maight have been a completely different season. Who knows, maybe not. One things for sure, Mr. Nesbitt was a warrior and I will miss watching his gritty play. Work hard, Joshua and I believe you’ll get your chance in the NFL. Good luck!


March 9th, 2011
10:06 am

Hey, dawgfan, go hold your own coach accountable. Your coach has done nothing, and then can’t even run a clean program (arrests, NCAA violations, . . .)

Joshua Nesbitt was a warrior.

NESBITT is the man

March 9th, 2011
10:11 am

good luck today Josh I wish you the best. You need to play so if NFL doesn’t work out although I believe it will, go play in Canada. And when that is over, come back and coach the quarterbacks. The Florida State game was the best and great job in winning the ACC title in 09. You will be missed.

Going down by next Tuesday

March 9th, 2011
10:12 am

Nesbitt was an iron man and will be long remembered as a crucial part of installing Paul Johnson’s option here at Tech. No one questions that we were better with him than without him, and Tech fans wish him luck at the next level. That being said, it is clear that in the option you need at least two capable QB’s because even the toughest stud in the barn (Nesbitt, for example) will find it difficult to go entire seasons full-tilt without injury. The other obvious truth is that as good as the option can be (and Johnson is the best architect out there), you must have the ability to throw the ball at least as well as your opponent in order to keep defenses honest, retain your ability to come-from-behind late, and add true “options” on possession downs. I still maintain that Brandon Shaw’s departure was a significant loss last year. He provided a viable alternative for passing situations, to spell Nesbitt when he was tired or no longer needed, and of course as a leader when Nesbitt went down. I don’t blame Shaw for leaving of course, but the past season shows us that we must have at least two good QB’s in the system at all times.


March 9th, 2011
10:14 am

It was a fluke play, and its a shame that it ended his career, but it is what it is. He handled it like he handles everything else. Like a leader. We were lucky to have him at Tech.


March 9th, 2011
10:22 am

Sure hope he makes the NFL…… word is he can’t read….please tell me how he stayed in school?


March 9th, 2011
10:26 am

T-Bone, one more mediocre season and Mark Richt is gone. One more mediocre season for Coach Fish Fry and you clowns will still be ready to name the damn stadium after him. You don’t even want to go there pal. UGA and Tech exist in entirely different universes when it comes to expectations. We shoot for the stars. You shoot for whatever you can hit and then make excuses for the misses. That’s the loser Techie mentality in a nutshell.



March 9th, 2011
10:28 am

Go jump off a bridge. Take dogfan with you


March 9th, 2011
10:35 am

the truth?-no Hershel=NO NCS in modern era…….the stars haven’t got it done……


March 9th, 2011
10:39 am

I’ll post this again so you guys can see what total hypocrite this dawgfan is. Keep ‘em coming dummy. You continue to prove my point. Here’s what he wrote on a dog blog yet he pitches a tent on tech blogs.

March 5th, 2011
2:46 pm
Don’t you Techies have anything better to do than come on here with your usual hateful bitter “thug” talk about selling jerseys and suspended drivers licenses? I would recommened using your time more wisely by dreaming up more excuses for your half azzed crock of a football program. Coach Fish Fry needs your help.


March 9th, 2011
10:48 am

Thanks Joshua for all your hard work at GT. Best wishes for the future. Be sure to finish that degree.

Buzz Me

March 9th, 2011
10:48 am

Hey devil dog, juice and dog fan…I have a lot of friends of who love the dawgs and they are nowhere the A hole that you guys are. It is cretans like you that make people think the worst of dawg fans. There are times for smack and talk about a guy like Nesbitt is not one of them. Grow up.


March 9th, 2011
10:51 am

& cmr has been there how long? if you are shooting for the stars, a lot of his seasons have been mediocre, so what does he go & be gone?

A diploma

March 9th, 2011
10:51 am

Nesbitt OUGHT to be thinking about that GT education that he never got. He and 89% of all GT football, basketball players blow it off after their eligibility is up. THAT is a disgace and the GT men that I know are emabarrased.

GT athletes are no different in this regard than the ones at Auburn or Clemson or FSU or Mississippi State or Ohio State.


March 9th, 2011
11:01 am

“A diploma,”
If you are a Tech fan (and we all know you are not), I’m embarrassed. If YOU had the opportunity to possibly make millions, would you worry about silly piece of paper that you can always go back and get?


March 9th, 2011
11:07 am

Mr Ealey did win the Heisman either!


March 9th, 2011
11:31 am

A diploma, Nesbitt can come back and finish his degree if football doesn’t work out for him. There are many athletes who do that. He needs to concentrate on football right now. This is basically his only shot.


March 9th, 2011
11:44 am

The injury was certainly unfortunate for Nesbitt, but one assumes (& hopes) that it wasn’t a career-killing one. Anyone have any info as to his projected position in the NFL (don’t see him as a QB)?

Honest and Frank Discussion

March 9th, 2011
11:50 am

Go Josh Go!!! We always got your back!

Jacket Dad

March 9th, 2011
11:59 am

Joshua, thanks for the great contribution you made at GT! You were a leader and poured your heart into every game. It’s easy to look back with 20/20 vision and say we could’ve done something different/better. I admire you for staying strong and working through it.

You will forever be appreciated for your contribution to GT football!


March 9th, 2011
12:10 pm

dawgfan is correct about the tek mentality.


March 9th, 2011
12:16 pm

Joshua has a zero chance of being drafted.


March 9th, 2011
12:22 pm

Great young man not trying to be negative but JN was one of the country’s top DB prospects coming out of H.S. and is tough enough to play in the NFL as an athlete. I hope some team gives him a true chance, they will get a steal with he and Anthony Allen!


March 9th, 2011
12:32 pm

Of course I am superDawg. That’s what gets under their skin so much. I’ve been around Tech fans my entire life. I know all their tricks. I know them better than they know themselves. Its been the same sore loser crybaby excuses out of these clowns for not just years but decades.

Brock, please point to me where I make up lies about Georgia Tech football players and call them names like “thug” and insult their integrity and intelligence. If you can do that then you can call me a hypocrite. My hatred is not directed at your players. Never has been. Its directed at their fans.


dekalb fan

March 9th, 2011
12:33 pm

Tech Fans as much as you bad mouth Reggie Ball, check where he is on the all time winning percentage list for QBs at Tech. (You will find that he is in the top 5) He had NO HELP (1 year with CJ) and still led Tech to 4 consecutive Bowl Games. Who is the last QB Tech sent to the league? He started 4 years and the last 3 it seemed that every year he was fighting for his job. I think Reggie performed admirably given the situation he was in


March 9th, 2011
12:36 pm

Reggie had Calvin, the best receiver in college football history, for 3 years. He also had great defenses every year he was at Tech. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.