The road woes continue

The fact that Georgia Tech’s men’s basketball team has trouble winning on the road is well established. It has one winning road record under coach Paul Hewitt and is 31-86 away from home on non-neutral courts.

But the fact they are losing by such large margins this seasons raises new issues. In their six road losses this season, the Yellow Jackets have been beaten by an average of 14 points. They were hammered by 25 at Clemson, a game in which coach Paul Hewitt said the team lost its focus, and were behind by as much as 18 points at Virginia on Saturday. They were eventually subdued 72-64 in Charlottesville.

But a bright spot, such as they are in an eight-point defeat, is that Hewitt said the team kept its composure and kept working to rally against the Cavaliers.

“They didn’t fall apart,” he said. “We stayed organized and kept chipping away.”

As much as the odds were against it, Tech actually had a bit of momentum in the second half. They cut the Cavs’ lead to 13 on a 3-pointer by Brian Oliver with 7:53 remaining, but then went through a two-minute scoring drought that sealed the defeat.

The Jackets haven’t beaten a team on its court since knocking off North Carolina on Jan. 16 2010, a stretch of 12 road games.

Tech will play four of its next five and five of its next seven at home. It has road games at Miami and at Virginia Tech in that stretch, before it must go to Duke on Feb. 20. Its last two road games are at N.C. State (Feb. 26) and at Wake Forest (March 3).

Its chances of making the NCAA tournament as an at-large team for the second consecutive year, which has only happened once under Hewitt, are slim at best. The Jackets must start winning their road games.

“We just have to keep things tighter defensively,” Iman Shumpert said.

– Doug Roberson, AJC

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douglasville dawg

January 22nd, 2011
3:53 pm

My Johnson is better than your Johnson


January 22nd, 2011
4:00 pm

Tech Basketball — Hawks Basketball ….. SCHIZ – O – PHRENIC!

Tech Fan Since 1950

January 22nd, 2011
4:01 pm

“…we just have to keep things tighter”..we just have to play better…we just have to do this or that. This is what we as fans have been hearing for years. The Tech athletic program as a whole has to be concerned about its mental toughness, and not just on the road games. Tech is a tough school academically and students have to be tough mentally just to keep up with the rigors of day to day life on campus. That said, one would think that Tech athletes would be better prepared to cope with the mental aspects of the games they play. I am sympathetic to the plight of the student/athlete at Tech but I do not accept the overall excuse. Toughen up guys and gals whether you are on the road at Virginia or Duke!

UGA = Yawn

January 22nd, 2011
4:13 pm

Enough already. Hewitt stinks. When Drad finally
makes the change we won’t care anymore. The damage
has been done FOREVER. It is irreversible.


January 22nd, 2011
4:16 pm

“They didn’t fall apart,” he said. “We stayed organized and kept chipping away.”

blah, blah, blah … this team has already accepted defeat before they start each game. How many more games like this are we gonna have to put up with under Coach “Blewitt” ??

UGA Athletic Department

January 22nd, 2011
4:17 pm

You Nerds need to borrow $7M???

We have that sitting in the “give a penny take a penny” cup on our reception desk.

D A DoubleU G

January 22nd, 2011
4:19 pm

Should I pull out the blog after Tech beat UNC last week, and show you Techies where you were saying “Tech is back! Hewitt is back!”

Catch 22

January 22nd, 2011
4:19 pm


January 22nd, 2011
5:06 pm

31-86 in road games is better than I thought. Dating back to 08/09, we have lost 18 of our last 19 regular season road games in the ACC. That was a 2 point win over NC State last year. We MIGHT beat Wake on the road this year, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t.


January 22nd, 2011
5:07 pm

Sorry, I meant UNC not NC State. You would think with only one win to keep track of I could get it right.


January 22nd, 2011
5:12 pm

Tech deserves Hewitt!

Old Tech fan in NC

January 22nd, 2011
5:29 pm

but they did “fall apart” for about the last five minutes of the first half.
VA would not be a good team to play HORSE with…they hit a very high % of 3’s. Perhaps the unguarded condition is why…


January 22nd, 2011
5:35 pm

For everyone that was worried that Hewitt would get this team to go on a roll and save his job, relax.

Anytime we play a team that can hit 3s we are in trouble. We can’t guard the perimeter and we foul too much. And even when we have an inside advantage we still settle for jump shots too much. You would think that if the game announcers see this maybe the coach would, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Watch as we lose to VT and Maryland at home next week.

GT Dad

January 22nd, 2011
5:48 pm

Sadly, this is our lot with Hewitt. Same song, different verse.

Drad, I’ve emailed you and appreciate your replies each time. However, this is just getting exhausting. Jacket fans are just getting tired of this – look at the home crowd (or lack of one). Who needs bond money when you can’t get your fans in seats. The culture created by Hewitt is not what you need to build momentum. I can’t even watch them on TV anymore because I have a pit in my stomach from the start.

UGA = Yawn

January 22nd, 2011
5:51 pm

The funny thing GT Dad – the box score for the Wake game showed 6000 for attendance!! Lol. There might have been 1500 there. And PS: to UGA sorry a#% fans. We did not come on here after the UNC game and boast. We are GT – we have brains unlike you. We knew it was a fluke. We all said that.

Delbert D.

January 22nd, 2011
5:57 pm

It just keeps happening: fluke, followed by flounder.


January 22nd, 2011
5:59 pm

Thirty year season ticket holder not going nor giving away the tickets with parking pass this year – I want it empty and silent as a tomb. I’m not buying the tickets next year if Hewitt is still there. We csn play the games in a phone booth next year because nobody is going to the “venue of the week” while the new 50 million palace is built. It’ll be like the overbuilt football stadium three quarters full and half of those will be for the other team.

Outside Observer

January 22nd, 2011
6:00 pm

Did Josh Nesbitt ever win that Heisman????


January 22nd, 2011
6:16 pm

We aren’t good on the road. That much is obvious. At least we fought back towards the end today. In the Clemson game we just died. Either way we probably need a coach who can motivate the guys for away games.


January 22nd, 2011
6:24 pm

How about a bond issue to buy out Hewitt?

The Dude

January 22nd, 2011
6:32 pm

I’m probably echoing sentiments already expressed here, but how much longer do we have hear these “it was my fault” and “they weren’t prepared” excuses from the coach? They’re consistent. Does this man even take his job seriously? The results and the comments make me wonder.


January 22nd, 2011
6:34 pm

Shocked, I tell you. I’m shocked we couldn’t win on the road.

GROUND HOG DAY has no mercy.

Gary O

January 22nd, 2011
6:49 pm

Hewitt can do whatever he wants, and say whatever he wants. because with his $7 mil rollover contract, he is not going anywhere.

GT fans hurting

January 22nd, 2011
7:19 pm

Paul Hewitt just keeps making excuses..more BS. Rads how much more of this BS before you put Hewitt on the road.The GT Basketball program has become a joke in USA. Just say GT basketball and the first works you hear..”Paul Hewitt can’t coach and needs to be fired”. Its the joke of the State. I hate to tell someone I’m a GT fan. Its time to take action, Fire Paul Hewitt!!!!!

louisville slugger

January 22nd, 2011
7:41 pm

Here’s what’s really sad… I watched enough of the game on ESPN3 to see it was a normal CPH game, then I watched UGA beat the stew out of Miss St, and I found myself thinking, “I’d much rather watch this Bulldog team than my Jackets right now”. I love the way the Dawgs play right now. That sucks.

Reality Bites

January 22nd, 2011
8:07 pm

I know there was some singing when we beat cellar dweller Wake and UNC, but in the immortal words of one C. Lauper….”I see your true colors shining through” Fire the P.O.S. coach already….

Fire Paul Johnson

January 22nd, 2011
8:18 pm

Tech commit 3-star DE Darrius Caldwell taking a visit this weekend. Is Johnson going to KEEP HIS WORD and pull this kid’s scholarship?

Fire Paul Johnson

January 22nd, 2011
9:08 pm

According to Rivals, Caldwell is visiting Illinois. Is PJ a man of integrity or not? We’re going to find out soon!


January 22nd, 2011
10:38 pm

paul is the dumbest worst coach in acc history. this loser should quit. he hasn’t earned 10% of his pay so far. only someone in denial continues to talk the crap he does. nice road record. what a joke.


January 22nd, 2011
10:45 pm

Uva is a bad team. They were 1-3 going into today and tech gets behind by 18. This team lost to kenn st. Wtf are you waiting for drad. Get rid of him now. Enough is enough


January 22nd, 2011
10:49 pm

Fire Paul Hewitt ….nuff said.


January 22nd, 2011
10:54 pm

The sad thing is this is one of the easiest schedules they’ve ever had. And they lose 6 ooc games. In the acc, they play dook and unc just one time. And fsu, arguably the second best team just once and maryland just once. And they play two bad acc teams twice in wake and uva. Of course they proved they are worse than uva.This year was set up for an easy 2 ooc game losses and 4-5 acc losses. BUt we have hewitt. The dumbest coach in ncaa history.
You could pluck 10 high school coaches around atlanta and they would do a better job than this idiot. But keep paying him. It’s working Drad!


January 22nd, 2011
10:55 pm

I’ll be laughing when Chattanooga beats paul feb 16th. I mean they were able to do what paul couldn’t. Beat Kenn st at their place.


January 22nd, 2011
11:13 pm

Best comment from Ramble On!! – GROUND HOG DAY!. Same ‘ole same ‘ole. Please shut down basketball at Tech versus keeping this joke going.


January 22nd, 2011
11:16 pm

If they were to raise the bond by $7,000,000…

college football

January 22nd, 2011
11:39 pm

SWEET…drilled again!


January 23rd, 2011
12:15 am

Fire Paul Johnson needs to retreat to his top bunk bed with his jar of vaseline and have his little UGA lovefest. CPJ is going through some growing pains on a bigger stage but is going to shut all you 13 year old UGA fans up. CPH, unfortunately is the biggst bullet ever dodged by SJU. Lvain has them on the big stage.


January 23rd, 2011
12:47 am

Does this team ever pactice?

Wolley Stekcaj

January 23rd, 2011
7:23 am

What’s worse than being upset at our athletic inability is the fact that people just do not care anymore! We are non relevent in basketball and football.

Thundering Flea on a Dawg

January 23rd, 2011
7:30 am

StatRat8……..think so, huh? HA HA HA!

D A DoubleU G

January 23rd, 2011
8:15 am

There’s nothing dumber than a University of Georgia fan.


January 23rd, 2011
8:48 am

Hewitt mumbles. I think he may be OK in one on one situations where he can be asked about 10 times a conversation what he is talking about, but in a group or a interview he is a soft spoken mumbler. Listen to Roy Williams or Coach K they fill the room with their presence. They communicate ideas that can be followed by the listener. They command their assistant coaches, they are the captain of their ships. I can see how Tech picked Bobby Cremins from a mass of mid-level coaches. I can picture the interview and see his resume, see his own connections to the New York underground railroad recruiting. I just can’t imagine what captured Tech for Hewitt. I can’t imagine the interview. Gailey had that same indifference to communication. There is a lot more to to this coaching than just liking the sports something we all share and do for free.

Yellow Britches

January 23rd, 2011
8:56 am

I don’t go anymore so maybe I have forfeited my right to complain. I’d rather watch Justin Bieber in concert than this bunch of hokum. Ugh


January 23rd, 2011
9:08 am

I understand not watching Tech anymore yellow but there is no way I could listen to that teenage girls music.


January 23rd, 2011
10:05 am

I agree with Brock. I see the all female band with the drummer and the GT on the drum and this is one of the reasons why I chose to ramble reclusively to my alma mater. This intro commercial for Tech might appeal to current and prospective students, but it turns me off as a ‘73 grad.


January 23rd, 2011
10:11 am

this tech team is young. Next year, with more experience they should be a lot better


January 23rd, 2011
10:19 am

I tuned in to the game when Tech was down by about 5, when the score was in the low 20’s. What I noticed was Tech did not attempt to block shots under the basket, and allowed Virginia all the rebounds. They weren’t aggro aggressive enough. Hicks shot a basket, and nobody crashed the board to get the rebound. Tech also had a guy run in toward the basket for an alley oop, and the guy who had the ball on the perimeter did not pass it up to him. Tech needs to get the lead out. I believe my analysis is as applicable as my grade of an “A” I got in Basketball in the Winter Quarter at Tech of 1971 under Whack Hyder.

5150 P.O.A.D

January 23rd, 2011
11:38 am

It looks like TECH and the Hawks drank the same “water” this weekend. Neither team could throw a rock in Lake Lanier or stop a 3rd grader from driving to the bucket.

GT = irrelevant

January 23rd, 2011
1:56 pm

Nobody cares. You scare noone at home, away or at a neutral site. In fact, teams look forward to playing Tech – easy W and it’s a great stat booster.


January 23rd, 2011
1:58 pm

HA HA HA. What’s it like to be a Tech fan? Terrible football team, terrible basketball team, no women on campus, etc.