Quotes from Paul Johnson

Quotes from Tech’s press conference, courtesy of the sports information department:

Coach Johnson on getting the younger players into the mix
“Today we will return to practice and get back into the swing of
things. There will probably be some carry over for the young guys on the
scout team. I don’t know how much they will play against each other,
we are still in the process of trying to break it down. There are a lot
of similarities (between Tech and Air Force’s offense), but there are
also differences as well. As we get more into it we will figure out how
all of that is going to work. “

On Joshua Nesbitt’s return for the bowl game

“I don’t know if Joshua will be returning for the bowl, that is all
in the doctor’s hands. We will play him when they say that he is good
to go. I think that he has had a great career and you always want to see
guys finishing it on the field playing. Certainly he is a tough
competitor and has made a lot of plays in the last three years for
Georgia Tech. If he could get out there that would be an added bonus,
but we are not going to put him at risk to see if we could get him out
there for one more game or series. He is going to have to be cleared by
the doctors. They have to say that he has no issues and is good to go.

On how both rushing offenses will impact the length of the bowl game

“You can never tell if this will be the shortest bowl game. There
will probably be a lot of tv timeouts. I don’t think there will be a
lot of passes thrown in this game. Maybe more than people think, but
there won’t be a lot.”

On how the familiarity with Air Force will impact his preparation for
the game

“It might, but it helps them as well because they have a familiarity
with me and the team. I think we played them twice when Troy [Calhoun]
was there. I think the other four times came when Coach DeBerry was the
head coach.”

On the Georgia game
“I thought that we moved the ball fairly well. I was disappointed
that we didn’t get more points off of production than we had. The
turnovers were huge, just like the year before. We missed some
opportunities in the passing game. “

On Tevin Washington’s improvement

“I think Tevin has done some positive things. He has played enough
now where we expect him to be the starter. He is no longer the back-up.
We can’t say, ‘ok you haven’t played much’. His level and
standard is getting higher. The more he plays the higher the

On scouting Air Force
“I haven’t had enough of a chance to really zero in on what they
are doing yet. We will start that today. We just switched tapes at the
beginning of the week and I have been out recruiting. I will be glad to
answer that later on but right now I couldn’t give you a legitimate
answer. They aren’t going to be much different than us. It is what it
is. You are optioning people and blocking people. You might do it with a
little different formation, but it is not going to be like us lining up
against Miami, there will be a lot of similarities and carry over.”

On going for it on fourth down
“You have to weigh all of the different factors in. Conveniently,
hindsight is 20/20. Everyone knows what you should have done after the
fact. They forget about the times that you made it and went in to score,
that gets discounted. If you are on your 45-yard line heading in, who is
to say that if you punted the ball and it goes into the end zone they
wouldn’t get it on their 20-yard line. Every time you do that, it
doesn’t mean the other team has to score. The biggest joke was the
three turnovers led to 21 points against Georgia. I guess literally that
is true. But we neglected to say that one was a 95-yard drive, one was
an 85-yard drive. It wasn’t like they picked the ball up on the five,
ran two plays, and took it in. It all comes into play. You do have a
better chance of stopping someone if you have them on their own five
yard line than on the 45.”

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December 8th, 2010
4:29 pm

Georgia Tech Athletics is REALLY going down hill fast….
It might be best if we just quit schedulaling Georgia For a few years just like we did with FSU…


December 8th, 2010
4:38 pm

Yeah…talking John Swofford into letting us get FSU off the schedule was a real coup. A lot like your spelling ‘GT’.


December 8th, 2010
4:39 pm

Paul what hurt was you not taking any points early on. It’s fine to go for it on 4th down when
A. It’s late and you have to to win or
B. When you’ve worn down the d and it’s very short yardade 2-3 or less

But not taking the 6 gimme points in the first quarter came back to bite you. Why go for it then when their defense is still fresh? That is what pisses us off and of course the bad turnovers. And those two things cost us the game. If you kick a field goal, the missed extra point is meaningless.


December 8th, 2010
4:40 pm

You would think a Dawg would understand a rolling schedule since the SEC has been using one since the conference expanded in 1991.


December 8th, 2010
4:49 pm

Just shows the ignorance burdell.

Stinger 2

December 8th, 2010
5:08 pm

I did not read anything much of substance nor did I see anything newsworthy that has not already been said. Anyway, always hopeful for the best. A 7-6 season sure beats a 6-7 record. Go Jackets!!

college football

December 8th, 2010
5:15 pm

where da drugs!!!


December 8th, 2010
5:20 pm

Trolls; won’t live with them; can’t live without them on the AJC blogs (even if we wanted to). Can we keep this on point and civil? GA won GA Tech lost, both teams had lousy years and are going to minor bowls, but are going to bowls. The kids worked hard to get to them so support your respective teams and concentrate on them; they have enough going on that they need you behind them, not wasting your time bad-mouthing another team.


December 8th, 2010
5:45 pm

It is what it is.

Beat Air Force!


December 8th, 2010
6:10 pm

What about that scout team? Now is the time to look to next season. I have not heard one thing about the young up and coming kids. Lets use this winter, spring and summer to even out the boys maybe even practice some special teams and passing. Sure the seniors get the bowl game but lets start thinking about how to beat UGA next year, and who do we have coming up that can help us do just that.

It’s time for the young guys to step up and lets forget about Nesbitt, “The most interesting player in college football” as they wasted time last summer making YouTube videos about, when he should have been out there throwing the ball around.


December 8th, 2010
6:37 pm

Well Tech can still be 7-6. Georgia can still go 6-7.

Something to hope for.


December 8th, 2010
6:50 pm

Glenn, you make too much sense.
I think the best way to deal with the woofing dogs is to ignore them. It’s very easy to scroll right over their comments because they are so typical and mostly start the same.

Ted, you are right to a degree. He should have taken the gift 3 pts at the beginning of the game instead of going for it. I don’t think there have been more than 3 other times in 3 years where I disagreed with his going for it. What I don’t want to see anymore is the play to try and draw them offsides and then calling time out…then going for it. Either do it or don’t.

4th down

December 8th, 2010
9:03 pm

The main reason for that play is not to draw the opposing team offside-it’s to figure out how they are lining up to see if there’s an opportunity to go for it. If the alignment looks sound, chances are GT punts it away; however, if PJ sees a flaw in the alignment, he will end up trying to exploit it.


December 8th, 2010
11:57 pm

I share Born2Buzz’s point. I for one like the fact that we flipping go for it! If you can’t get a yard, you don’t deserve to win. If we scored a TD, then we win the game by that logic. Few times has going for it been dumb, but I’ll take it. I think punting on the other team’s 40 on 4th and short I’d dumb. I rarely see this blog complain about the decision to punt when the other team runs it back for a TD! Play to win and CPJ reflects what I think GT Football is all about. He’s a perfect fit and hates to lose. I’ll judge him over the next couple years. For now, I like this coach!

For all you complainers, get involved and help your team! Stop bringing them down


December 9th, 2010
3:57 am

CPJ represents an old school style of coaching and it has translated onto the field for Tech. He’s not going to make apologies for what he does…and it’s refreshing! I’m SO tired of all the ‘pretty boy’ coaches out there! I’ve NEVER played for a coach that I wanted to hang out with, but I ALWAYS respected every coach I had. Most of my coaches didn’t hand out compliments often and always seemed to find room for improvement, regardless of wins and losses. CPJ is a ‘go for it’ kind of guy and isn’t interested in the popular opinion. That’s a sign of GREAT leadership and I LOVE that he’s our coach! Obviously, the 3 points that we could’ve had had we kicked it would’ve been nice, it would’ve been a punch to the gut of the pups had we finished that drive with 7! Hind sight is 20/20…he made a call and he isn’t going to say he’s sorry for it. GT-UT, I concur with your post and I continue to celebrate this coach and his old school ways! GO TECH!!!

Fire Paul Johnson

December 9th, 2010
8:49 am

Johnson speaks the truth here. GT fans wail and gnash their teeth that we “gave them” 21 points off turnovers, but that is a truly misleading stat. UGA gave us just as many opportunities and we did not take advantage.

Bottom line: Tech flat out got its tail whipped by a bad UGA team. AGAIN.

And now Richt has new life with Urban gone. Richt would be GONE today if only PJ could DO HIS JOB and beat two of the worst UGA teams in recent memory. How many in a row will we lose to UGA with “Mr. Fish Fry” at the helm?


Ramblin Man

December 9th, 2010
10:29 am

It’s not the going for it that bothers me as much as the stupid play he runs to pull them offsides. I like CPJ but please scrap that play or I don’t know maybe run a play out of it once or twice to make a defense think a snap might actually be coming.

devils advocate

December 9th, 2010
4:14 pm

Attn Mr 4th down…please list your credentials so we can believe you when you say that play is not to garner an offsides call.

GT Sambo

December 10th, 2010
8:21 am

Attn Mr. devils advocate… please list your credentials for being the devils advocate.

GT Sambo

December 10th, 2010
8:24 am

Ramblin Man,
I’ll tell you why you keep running that play… one reason only. At some point, in a key situation, the first A-back starts in motion and stops behind the QB, then the 2nd A-back starts in motion. At that point everyone in the stadium thinks the ball will not be snapped, except it is, surprising everyone, and its an easy QB sneak behind the center and guard for a 1st down.

Beat UGA or Get Fired

December 12th, 2010
1:57 pm

Beat UGA or Get Fired. This should be in all GT coaches contracts. The basketball team needed to ax Paul H long ago. Replace with an ACC Assistant with some fire!.

Ole Techs

December 13th, 2010
9:15 pm

Blair missed the last PAT attempt. Who’s to say he would have made the gimme FG. I do hope CPJ learns to take losing to UGA more seriously.