Yellow Jackets can’t get to Murray

Georgia’s decision to keep seven men in to protect redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray frustrated Georgia Tech’s blitz in the 42-34 loss to the Bulldogs on Saturday.

The decision gave wide receivers A.J. Green and Kris Durham, and tight ends Orson Charles and Bruce Figgins plenty of time to find holes in the Yellow Jackets’ coverage.

In a video-game like performance, Murray completed 15 of his 19 attempts for 271 yards and three touchdowns. He was sacked once by Jeremiah Attaochu.

Tech defensive coordinator Al Groh said Murray was the Bulldogs’ most impressive player on Saturday.

“I thought the quarterback made the difference in the game today,” he said.

The Yellow Jackets surrendered four passing plays of at least 20 yards in the first half.

Tech said before the game that Green was going to get his receptions, and he did. Green caught eight passes for 97 yards, but many of his catches were flanker screens. He did catch three consecutive passes on Georgia’s touchdown drive that gave the Bulldogs a 28-21 lead in the third quarter. Johnson credited Green after the game, saying he made several great catches.

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November 28th, 2010
1:46 pm

well there you go one more in the book


November 28th, 2010
1:56 pm

Until someone can recruit over there, the defense on N. Avenue is not going to get any better.

But they can get to....

November 28th, 2010
2:21 pm

Shreveport or The San Fran Fight Hunger Bowl
I know we’re not in a good bowl either, but one year of Shreveport trash talk (even though we had beat you for the 60th time last year) makes you deserve this
Triple Joke Forever


November 28th, 2010
2:34 pm

Hey Jarvis–you can recruit all the talent you want when smarts is not a factor. And that’s a fact. Look it up.

It still amazes me that UGA thinks they won the Nobel Prize when they beat a team with half the talent.


November 28th, 2010
2:39 pm

from penthouse to outhouse in two years, so much to proud of, 5 stars wins you 6 games and cmr with all his money can relax and go get some more botox on monday while you morons think he deserves millions for what he has accomplished in the last two years, so much to beat your chest about..

BTW, Anthony Allen was the star of the game, too bad Doug


November 28th, 2010
3:03 pm

Say what you want about our 6 loss season….the fact is tech fans… is that our 6 loss team beat you yet again!! The better team always wins! So shut up and reflect on your BEES! You lost to a struggling 6 loss team! Stop making excuses. Yall are just mad because you are owned! Cry babies!

stupid is as stupid does

November 28th, 2010
3:55 pm

Jabster, tek and UGA recruit many of the same players. UGA graduates a higher % of their football players. There is not a dimes worth of difference in the smarts of either team’s players. Just keep believing that if it makes the losses easier to take.

A Dawg

November 28th, 2010
4:01 pm

Please keep Al Groh.. he’s awesome!! HA HA HA HA


November 28th, 2010
4:20 pm

@Stupid: Prove it!

Graduation rates mean nothing if the curricula aren’t comparably rigorous. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to KNOW that UGA’s recruitment would take a hit if their admissions standards were higher and they didn’t have the Big State U jock majors and crip courses–heck, UGA has a hard enough time admitting their recruits as is, so it IS already an issue at the margin, as it is with most schools. Otherwise, you could just throw money at the problem and buy a football program.

Looks like Denial runs through Athens, too. But keep believing that if it makes you feel better about yourself.

4 ncs are better than 1

November 28th, 2010
4:36 pm

PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSE keep Richt! He is awesome, too!!!!!

4 ncs are better than 1

November 28th, 2010
4:37 pm

Guess they figured out the option!!! They held us under 600 total yards.


November 28th, 2010
4:48 pm

4 ncs are better than 1 – Richt is 9-1 against you nerds, so you sarcasm make you look really stupid. As for the yards gained on us you can put that in the moral victory column.


November 28th, 2010
4:51 pm

WOW, I’m glad we didn’t lose to a team that lost to Kansas

HEY 9-1

November 28th, 2010
4:56 pm



November 28th, 2010
4:58 pm

“Jabster, tek and UGA recruit many of the same players. UGA graduates a higher % of their football players” Shouldn’t that read UGA “gives” diplomas to more players? Everyone knows…


November 28th, 2010
5:07 pm

GO JACKETS – no, the star of the game was the gtu defense. It is even worse than UGA’s.



November 28th, 2010
5:12 pm

Bill – If Clark closes tick will not be able to keep even 30% of your players in school. Get real and don’t believe that your guys are students who will be engineers one day.


November 28th, 2010
6:03 pm

reply to jabster: It’s a football game not a math quiz. The UGA players are smart enough to beat your players 9 out of the last ten.


November 28th, 2010
6:13 pm

Step One:

If you haven’t figured out that Doug Roberson is a UGA homer, then your behind the curve. Some of the stuff he writes shows pure lack of creativity and work ethic.

However, this particular time, he’s right. Murray had all night long in the pocket. On one play, I could have sworn he was on his cell phone confirming bowl reservations.

college football

November 28th, 2010
6:22 pm

every thing about georgia tech and it’s football team SUCK!!!


November 28th, 2010
6:33 pm

Scary thing is, Murray is a Freshman. He’ll be doing that to y’all and the rest of the CFB world for the next 3 years and is only going to get better.


November 28th, 2010
6:43 pm

The score is what it is. However, you can’t turn the ball over 3 times giving up points on all 3 turnovers and expect to win. Neither can you not expect to win the the other team turns it over 3 times and you come away with nothing. I question the calls made by CPJ on Tech possession after the fumble on the KO. It’s to early in the game to be going for it on 4th. & 2. Try to put the points on the board and that being the 3. I also question the officials not overturning the play that Jones fumbled and the ball went up the sidelines. Clearly the GA players foot was out of bounds, even the announcers call the game on TV said the same after the replay and it was clearly evident. Don’t know what the replay official saw, but it was a bad call. To me, that was the turning point of the game. I will say that until Tech develops some kind of pass rush, learns how to tackle, and can come up with some decent corners and safeties who can defend a pass the defense will be the same next year. For all of you band wagon Tech fans who don’t think the triple option works and is HS, get a life. It is awesome to watch. Go Jackets.


November 28th, 2010
6:45 pm

If it took my team 92 plays to get those yards and I still lost I believe I’d STFU.


November 28th, 2010
6:50 pm

Hey #11, Murray is a redshirt freshman. Meaning if he has another year next year like this one, he’s going pro. The redshirt means he just has an extra year of elidgability. He’s elidgable for the draft after next season.


November 28th, 2010
6:57 pm

Who cares what bowl game Tech goes to, they have lost their last 5 bowl games. Progress would be winning the next game, instead of finishing 6-7. That should motivate the players!


November 28th, 2010
7:06 pm

Roughrider wrote: “reply to jabster: It’s a football game not a math quiz. The UGA players are smart enough to beat your players 9 out of the last ten.”

But not smart enough to get into Tech to play ball for Tech. QED.

Wow, RoughRider, you’re a real master debater. Are you in denial or just stupid? But if believing in some fairytale “nerd factor” makes you feel better, well, live how you want to live.

Grip Reality

November 28th, 2010
8:17 pm

Yes, it is harder for a football player to get into Tech than it is UGA. But it is harder for one to get into UGA than about 95% of all other D1 schools. This is fact. Both Tech and UGA have self-imposed requirements above the minimum that most schools follow. And don’t for a second believe that Tech doesn’t make allowances for football players. It’s a pretty safe bet that you could count on ONE hand the number of ball players that would be admitted to the general population were it not for football. Every school does it. Tech is no different in that regard. And their graduation rates reflect it.


November 28th, 2010
8:18 pm

I thought the Tech turnout was horrible. They should be humiliated that their fans will not support their team. If the band had not been there, it would have been even more pathetic. If I was a Tech player or coach, I would be DISGUSTED.


November 28th, 2010
8:32 pm

Hey Techies…You all go out and be “Rocket Scientist” and we’ll keep woopin’ ya’lls but! Deal?

Sautee Dawg

November 28th, 2010
9:28 pm

Go Jackets

By the way
Justin Houston was the player of the game, in case you missed it. ! fumble recovery for a touchdown, 1 sack. 1 interception to seal the victory.
Coming in a close 2nd place was Arron Murray. 15 of 19 passing for 278 yards and 3 touchdowns. And no int’s.
Only thing from keeping Murray from player of the game was his fumble inside the red zone which i believe was his 1st this season. not bad for a redshirt huh??
Allen did have a good game but the QB for Tech really made the game closes than Allen did. Allen spent too much time hunting his helmet which someone predicted would come off at least 6 times during the game. it came off on Tech’s 1st play from scrimmage.
ACC officals kept the game closer than it should have been with their horrendous calls,
Caleb King’s so-called fumble in front of the student section was clearly out of bounds but the 2 officals both just looked at each other and shrugged and made the wrong call.
Arron Murray got robbed also on a 4th and 1 spot where the officials missed the spot.
The Great Paul Johnson calling 4 passing plays in a row 2 years in a row with a running QB pretty much sums up the which one of the 2 coaches earns his money or not.
Coach Mark Richt 9 out of 10 against Tech???? He’s earned his money.
Go Jackets
go back yo where you come from with your lame excuses.

Gooey Cake

November 28th, 2010
9:47 pm

Nerds………”We are in your heads.” BooooooooYAH LMAO@ you poor sob’s. :-)


November 28th, 2010
11:01 pm

Actually not “couldn’t get to Murray”, but “DIDN’T get to Murray”.

More than once did I see the Tech linemen just barely inside the line of srimmage simply standing nose to nose with another Georgia lineman, not making much of an effort to slide by, push back or push him aside. Effort? It nearly looked like dancing or discussion of their latest Tweet.

I think Tech out-did themselves, and I’m proud of that. But often there was too little effort displayed. The game film will show it.


November 28th, 2010
11:18 pm

hey tech played a dang good game. they are the toughest team we have played . i have to give to them they gave us heck they do everyyear. i mean its awlays a good game. i mean come on uga take it easy talkin crap they aint sry they played hard


November 28th, 2010
11:21 pm

hell you not wont i hope tech beats us 10 years in a row lol that would be funny hahha


November 28th, 2010
11:21 pm

you know wut that what i meant


November 29th, 2010
2:50 am

tech fans stop crying take that loss like a man and move on! Its funny how tech fans talk trash all year long but its never abt what happens on the field they have nothing to say about losing 9/10 instead they talk abt the arrests or the teams academic profile or they brag abt how ANOTHER team beat uga! Suck it up tech you guys are the little brother to uga! Instead of worrying abt uga maybe you should set your sights on ga state because uga is out of your league!!!!


November 29th, 2010
6:50 am

Concerning the comments on GT attendance at the game… the answer lies in Athens. We typically travel twice a year to an away game (attend all the home games), but we have little desire to attend a game in Athens. Some UGA fans typically make it unbearable (not all fans but the classless ones always leave the strongest impression). Yes, I have friends and family that have graduated from UGA and still will not attend.


November 29th, 2010
6:51 am

Where are all those Tech smartypants who called Murray “the midget”? How do you like him now? Better get used to him. He is here for three more years.

Gooey Cake

November 29th, 2010
6:55 am

Nerds………”We are in your heads.” BooooooooYAH LMAO@ you poor sob’s. :-)

Gooey Cake

November 29th, 2010
7:00 am

Fairly obvious that the “genius” of Paul Johnson doesn’t understand the concept of a “balanced” offense. The nerd passing game is as interesting as watching paint dry. Tuck Fech….. :-)

Dave from GT

November 29th, 2010
9:18 am

We need our Johnson (Michael) back !!!!!


November 29th, 2010
9:30 am

I have a question? As a tech Fan I love Johnson. He’s tough. But would you rather have a multiple offense like Oregon and Auburn or one demensional option? I rest my case.

My second most favorite stadium to play UGA ball

November 29th, 2010
9:50 am

I am so pumped. Next year, UGA travels to Grant Field to play GT and that is our second most enjoyable place to play ball. Used to be in Columbus, Ga. 80 years ago with Auburn. They finally could afford to build a stadium, so we play home and away now with them. We enjoy their place too.

UGA vs GT??We play GT at our second most enjoyable stadium ……………..Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

9-1 over GT and UGA coached by” lousy CoachRicht and the lousy UGA players”. Right? How does that make GT and your clown ( 8 pts is better than 1) CPJ look???

Ealey cannot jump

November 29th, 2010
9:57 am

Gang ………………..y’all are forgetting the blown TD on the 1 foot line where UGA’s Midget back Ealey tried to leap over tall buildings, but at 5′7″ he simply could not. Ball went over on downs. THAT was a BOBB dumb call.

Ealey scores there and UGA in anotehr run away game. See? How about the two attempts on a first down after Kris Durham DID GET one, but they short chained him? See?

The game is won or lost by the moment. Recall UGA’s Japser Sanks non fumble in the 1998 GT end zone, where the ground caused his “fumble”? Later, the SEC office ruled a bad call on that ref. W.O. that call, UGA won the game.

I could go on and on. When you snooze, you loss GT and you lost to one horrible, horrible UGA football team. The Difference? SEC plays big boy ball baby.

Too Easy

November 29th, 2010
10:16 am

GoldBlur: Thanks for not coming to Athens. We don’t miss you, and it wouldn’t have helped your team, anyway.


November 29th, 2010
11:24 am

Tech fan but have to say Murray was the difference because of his ability to complete big passes but AJ Green running out of bounds instead of turning it up field for the first down on a crucial drive was a telling sign of his character , he is preserving his self for the big contract in the NFL and Paul Johnson was by far the better coach in this game …future is brighter for tech & uga fans will be ready to throw Richt under the bus after Boise St puts a whoopin on there arses next year….THWG


November 29th, 2010
11:35 am

GoldBlur: That’s a horrible excuse. All programs, even yours, have obnoxious fans that are no fun to put up with. Get over it and support your team.


November 29th, 2010
2:12 pm

Tech just finds a way to lose. Two sub-par teams fighting for respect.


November 29th, 2010
2:31 pm

GT make whatever excuses you want but the truth is for the past decade you have been put to shame by the Dawgs. 9-1 argue that!

San Fran and Polosi lover's bowl

November 29th, 2010
2:52 pm

Tech, enjoy your trip. Be careful, San Francisco may send you back wearing flowers in your hair, paint on your toe nails, and a love for animals, i.e. bulldogs! Or, you may decide to stay and wallow in the muck and mire of liberalism.