Tech must sweep the Eagles in baseball

This is a big weekend for Georgia Tech’s baseball team. A big weekend.

Georgia Tech is in, or to be exact, near Beantown for a three-game series against Boston College.

Tech is tied with Miami for second in the ACC’s Coastal Division. Both teams are two games behind Virginia. A thousand miles or so away, Miami is hosting Virginia in its own three-game series.

For the Jackets to win the Coastal and get the No. 1 seed in next week’s ACC tournament two things need to happen:

1. They need to sweep the Eagles.

2. The Hurricanes must sweep the Cavaliers.

Should that happen Tech will get the top seed because it owns the tiebreaker over Miami by virtue of winning last weekend’s series.

It would lose a tiebreaker with Virginia because it lost the series against the Cavs.

Slugging first baseman Tony Plagman said the team will try to keep up with what’s going on in Coral Gables as it does its best to defeat the Eagles.

Here are the probable starting pitching matchups:

Thursday, 1:30 p.m.

Georgia Tech – Deck McGuire, Jr., RHP (7-3, 2.91 ERA, 99 K’s)

Boston College – Pat Dean, Jr., LHP (5-1, 3.76 ERA, 51 K’s)

Friday 1:30 p.m.

Georgia Tech – Mark Pope, So., RHP (7-1, 4.13 ERA, 62 K’s)

Boston College – John Leonard, Jr., RHP (2-2, 6.04 ERA, 22 K’s)

Saturday, 1 p.m.

Georgia Tech – Jed Bradley, So., LHP (9-2, 3.81 ERA, 87 K’s)

Boston College – Taylor Lasko, So., RHP (3-1, 4.87 ERA, 35 K’s)

Here are the matchups for Miami and Virginia:

Thursday , 7 p.m.

Virginia  – Branden Kline, RHP, (4-0, 3.00 ERA)

Miami- Jason Santana, RHP, (5-3, 5.86 ERA)

Friday, 7 p.m.

Virginia – Robert Morey, RHP, (8-2, 3.30 ERA)

Miami – Chris Hernandez, LHP, (8-2, 3.04 ERA)

Saturday, noon

Virginia – Danny Hultzen, LHP, (7-1, 1.98 ERA)

Miami – David Gutierrez, RHP (5-0, 4.00 ERA)

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Saint Simons

May 20th, 2010
10:03 am

Why doesn’t ajc have a baseball schedule for Tech?


May 20th, 2010
10:30 am

It would be nice if the stars aligned like this but I just dont see Miami sweeping Virginia.

Cogitatus of Borg

May 20th, 2010
10:30 am

The Fort Worth newspaper covers TCU with game stories and photos.


May 20th, 2010
10:43 am

It’s really too bad that college baseball isn’t covered more by the AJC. There are a hell of alot more studs coming out of the Atlanta/N.Fulton/E. Cobb/Gwinett areas for baseball every year than basketball players.

Saint Simons

May 20th, 2010
11:02 am

UGA 30 – GT 24!!!!!!!!!!
UGA 73 – GT 66!!!!!!!!!!!



Doug Roberson

May 20th, 2010
11:07 am

Saint Simons…you’re done.

Lance Link, Secret Chimp

May 20th, 2010
11:14 am

Go Boston College!


May 20th, 2010
11:34 am

Funny how Saint Simons left off the baseball scores…..responding to a baseball post. :)


May 20th, 2010
11:42 am

Thanks Doug. It does seem that when UGA was/is in Ohama we get more college baseball coverage. Hell the ESPN site treats college baseball like a third class sport too. Go Beesballers.

Brunswick Tech

May 20th, 2010
11:54 am

thanks Doug, 1 down about 50 or so to go. Go Bee Ball !!!


May 20th, 2010
11:55 am

I agree that college baseball gets short treatment with the ajc. And so does softball. But that is probably a reflection of fan interest.
When Tech or UGA is putting 30,000 in the stands for home games maybe that will change.

Joe's place Joe speaking

May 20th, 2010
12:18 pm

Hey Doug next time you do a tech basketball mock draft then you need to mention the hawks pick!!! Nobody cares about where al farouq is going!!!


May 20th, 2010
12:20 pm

25-6 IN ATHENS!!

sweep baby!

This weekend should be interesting. I don’t see Virginia giving up a sweep, even though its in Miami. UVA has a really strong team that may give up a game, but not 3. We “should” sweep BC, but who knows. It would be great to see our team continue its early season hitting (not the stuff we had against NCST, UVA, and VT.) Can’t wait to get up to Greensboro to cheer us on to another ACC title in a year full of them! GO JACKETS!


May 20th, 2010
12:43 pm

Not getting the top seed in the ACC tourney isn’t really a killer; a sweep of BC gives Tech a chance at perhaps a more important goal: A top 8 national seed.

If Tech can (1) Sweep BC and (2) win their ACC tourney pool, then I have to think they’ll get very serious consideration for a National 8 seed, even if their RPI is around 9 or 10. UVA will be a 1,2, or 3 seed, and finishing second to them in the ACC is certainly no embarrassment.

Cracker Jacket

May 20th, 2010
1:03 pm

Tech will fold like a lawn chair in the games that count!


May 20th, 2010
1:29 pm

This Saint Simons jerkoff very conveniently omits the baseball sweep by Tech this year.

But morons are known to have poor memories. :-)


May 20th, 2010
2:14 pm

St Simon is actually working for Satan. Needs to be exorcised off the board…..sweep for Tech isn’t likely to get them top seed because UVA probably won’t be swept. BUT…National Seed is still in play as Tech is on cusp of being number 7 or 8 National Seed. They still have to do well in ACC tourney, but going 2-1 at ACC would put them in good shape. Still need a little help across country. NC ST bites them in the rear again.


May 20th, 2010
2:49 pm

Jackets ar ripping the ball today. 8-2 is looking good. Doug can you give updates on the UVa/Miami game? Thanks.

hoos vs the canes dont play till

May 20th, 2010
2:57 pm


May 20th, 2010
3:04 pm

Thanks didn’t know it was a later game.


May 20th, 2010
3:04 pm

I find this to be the best College Baseball Website.

saint symuns

May 20th, 2010
3:30 pm

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May 20th, 2010
3:35 pm

St. Simons is a Tech fan for all you guys who really don’t know.

GT Bob

May 20th, 2010
3:45 pm

St. Simons works for the AJC…….


May 20th, 2010
3:47 pm

I guess if you make Doug mad we whips out his magical powers and you are gone. Doug you need to grow a pair.

Brunswick Tech

May 20th, 2010
4:07 pm

I have noticed that we stay pretty much clear of the Uga blogs….if they have a problem with GT jerks left them have a dose of the same…..childish BS …and if thats what your here for GTGRAD you can roll too. maybe would be more your speed

Brunswick Tech

May 20th, 2010
4:11 pm

spell check ….let…hehehe, and by the way he was warned time after time to post something other than that post. He never added to a post topic,just the same ole smack. he asked for it and got it.


May 20th, 2010
5:00 pm

I think it can happen! Go get ‘em Jackets..


May 20th, 2010
6:07 pm

Georgia Tech Baseball!
athens cesspool leg-humper baseball?????


May 21st, 2010
2:05 pm

I would like to see more College Baseball coverage everywhere


May 21st, 2010
11:52 pm

canes dropped game two to UVA 3-1. Doesn’t really matter where you start your seed in the ACC Tourney…just win it.
Go Jackets!


May 21st, 2010
11:55 pm

Interesting. Three team inthe coastal have better ACC records than the number one seed in the Atlantic…sounds a little like the football breakdown as well. UVA, GT & UM all have better ACC records than FSU.


May 21st, 2010
11:55 pm

thanks for the link CrabKilla


May 22nd, 2010
2:11 am

Where is UGA ranked in baseball? I couldn’t seem to find them anywhere? Please advise!

GT Alum:

May 22nd, 2010
2:15 am

One of my family members attends UVA. It’s a great school and their baseball team is very good. No way will Miami sweep them and probably won’t even win a game. However, I am a GT grad and UVA supporter, so it’s a no lose situation for me. Go Jackets and Cavs. THWG!

N. C. Brandon

May 22nd, 2010
10:02 am

Where are the Tech Baseball scores????…after saying Tech needs to sweep BC, shouldn’t there be some coverage???


May 22nd, 2010
11:51 am

Thursday 5/20 GT 15 BC 8
Friday 5/21 GT 7 BC 5
Sat 5/22 12:30 pm start

IL Jacket

May 22nd, 2010
11:43 pm

Congratulations to the Georgia Tech Golf Team on advancing to the NCAA Championships. Go Jackets!

IL Jacket

May 23rd, 2010
12:00 am

Additionally, congratulations to the Tech softballers on their great victory over Auburn this afternoon. Jessica Coan had another wonderful outing. If you get a chance you should take in these games-Jee Yee is incredible-hit her 28th homer for the year this afternoon.