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A few photos from Thursday

Here are a few photos I took today from Tech’s practices and the party the Orange Bowl folks threw for the team at their hotel. Follow Orange Bowl coverage on facebook at:

Dominique Reese gets some washable ink

Dominique Reese gets some washable ink

OBIE, or OB, entertained the coaches and players....I think.

OBIE, or OB, entertained the coaches and players….I think.

You may not be able to see it, but there's an Orange Bowl logo there

You may not be able to see it, but there's an Orange Bowl logo there

A view from the party balcony. Very few bikini babes.....

A view from the party balcony. Very few bikini babes…..

The team bus. It beats the crap out of my Chevy Nova, and not because my face isn't plastered on the side of the car.

The team bus. It beats the crap out of my Chevy Nova, and not because my face isn't plastered on the side of the car.

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Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Plantation?!? Who cares. It’s Florida and it’s warm

Woohoo! It’s 75 degrees outside, about 35 higher than in Douglasville at 1:30 Wednesday when I left.

Even better than the warmth……Cuban food. I loves me some Cuban food.

But, I digress.

There are lots and lots of interesting storylines to watch for in the upcoming Orange Bowl.

Here’s a few I’m most interested in, and would be interested to hear your t houghts on the subject, as well:

  • Iowa’s large, tough defensive line, against Tech’s smaller, quicker, and tough, offensive line.
  • How will Tech’s offense fare after a month off? Running offenses are generally characterized as physical and tough. Tech’s is both, but it also relies on timing. Will the timing be there after so many days off?
  • Any hangover from the last trip to Miami earlier this season? I doubt it. I don’t really see a connection between a site and a result, but as I’ve often said, what do I know?
  • How has Tech’s defense improved in its past 10+ practices?
  • For a team that hasn’t appeared in one of the “Big Four” bowls …

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And we’re back

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know my family and I did.

I’ll be heading to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow, or today, as the clock turns.

Tech is still favored by oddsmakers to win the Orange Bowl, which ain’t too bad considering how the ACC is taking it on the chin during the bowl season with  North Carolina, Miami and Boston College have already lost in their postseason partypalozzas.

It’s no secret that the ACC isn’t thought of fondly nationally (cueing the Georgia fans for the comment section below). With only Clemson having won their game, the league really needs the Yellow Jackets to defeat the Hawkeyes to save its reputation.

Everyone knows the ACC’s rep in BCS games, and that the ACC has yet to place more than its champ in one of those  games for the past decade or so.

Virgina Tech and Florida State are next on the docket before GT takes the stage.

What say you, is there a theme to the ACC’s losses so far? Can the league save face with a Jackets’ victory?

Did you …

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

The blog will be on hiatus for a week or so over the Christmas Holiday, but shoul be back around Dec. 30.

As a gift to Tech fans, I’ve blocked the score of  a certain something-something from being posted in the commentary section of the blog.

However, I’ll unblock it when I return.

Safe travels, and I hope to see you in Miami.


If you want to say what you are thankful for, feel free. Spread the love around.

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What’s going on in Iowa?

I figured I’d share some of the stories that the fine journalists in Iowa are producing about the Hawkeyes as they prepare to face your Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 5.

It appears QB Ricky Stanzi’s ankle is good to go:

Like Georgia Tech, Iowa has a few players who have to decide if they want to leave school for the NFL:

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz wants his team to focus on Miami:


Tech coach Paul Johnson said he was pleased with the team’s practice on Thursday, which moved to the morning after three days of afternoon practices.


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Anderson’s surgery went well

Ben Anderson’s surgery went well on Tuesday, but Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said he’s not sure if the defensive tackle will be back for spring ball in April.

Anderson, a defensive tackle who started 12 games this season, sustained a knee injury against Georgia that forced him to miss most of the game, as well as the ACC championship.

Anderson, a redshirt junior, has 15 tackles and two sacks this season.

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Records watch, with one game left

It’s time for the record watch, put together by the AJC’s Matthew Dempsey.

Your ACC-champion, Orange Bowl-bound Yellow Jackets had some impressive players statistically. With the big bowl game against Iowa still to come, let’s see where everyone stands.

Rushing Records

Most rushes in a season

Name Rushes Year

1. Tashard Choice 297 2006

2. P.J. Daniels 283 2003

3. Joe Burns 282 2001

4. Robert Lavette 280 1982

5. Eddie Lee Ivery 267 1978

6. Tashard Choice 261 2007

7. Robert Lavette 260 1984

8 Josh Nesbitt 259 2009

9. Jerry Mays 249 1989

10. C.J. Williams 245 1995

With an average rushing day for Nesbitt against Iowa, he should move into the top five for rushes in a season.

Most rushes, Career

Name Rushes Career

1. Robert Lavette 914 1981-84

2. P.J. Daniels 707 2002-05

3. Jerry Mays 695 1985-89

4. Tashard Choice 675 2005-07

5. Joe Burns 614 1998-01

6. Eddie Lee Ivery 609 1975-78

7. C.J. Williams 539 1994-95

8. Jonathan …

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Morgan, Thomas named All-Americans

Derrick Morgan and Demaryius Thomas were named to the Associated Press All-America teams on Tuesday.

Morgan, a defensive end who had 12 1/2 sacks this season, made the first-team.

Thomas, a wide receiver who had 46 receptions for 1,154 yards and eight touchdowns, made the third-team.

Both are juniors and are considering leaving school early for the NFL, though neither has said they have made up their minds.

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Johnson transcript from Monday

A few quotes from Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson’s press conference on Monday, courtesy of the sports information department:

“Good morning. We’re looking forward to getting back to practice this afternoon. We took last week off after the [ACC] Championship game to take finals. We’ll start day one of bowl preparation today. We have a quality opponent in the University of Iowa. They’re a tremendous defensive football team. I’ve known [Iowa defensive coordinator] Norm Parker for a while and he has a great reputation. They have some outstanding players and they play well together as a team.

“Offensively, they have some big guys that lean on you and mash you a little bit. Then, they’ll throw some play-action at you. Their quarterback [Ricky] Stanzi will be back for this game, which will be a big help to them. They have a good football team. They don’t beat themselves and they’re very well coached. I think they’ve showed a lot of character in that they’ve come from behind in …

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Anderson to have surgery Tuesday, with more updates

Georgia Tech defensive tackle Ben Anderson will have surgery on Tuesday and won’t  play in the Orange Bowl, coach Paul Johnson said on Monday.

Anderson injured his knee during the loss to Georgia.

However, several players who were injured will return to face Iowa, including wide receiver Kevin Cone (ankle), linebacker Malcolm Munroe (knee) and offensive tackle Austin Barrick (heel).

First look at Iowa

Iowa’s defense most closely resembles North Carolina’s, Johnson answered when asked if the Hawkeyes were similar to any team Tech has faced this season.

Iowa, like the Tar Heels and Clemson, features a defensive line with four NFL-caliber prospects who are very good against the run. The Hawkeyes are allowing 3.5 yards per rush, and 122 yards per game.

“No one can run the ball on them,” Johnson said.

The coaches have begun to break down film of the team. Johnson said they generally play with six men in the tackle box. Because the line is so skilled against the run,  five guys …

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