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Which FSU team will show up on Saturday

I don’t know if you’ve been following the turmoil in Tallahassee, but wow!
So the question a Tech fan must ask him or herself is this: Will the Jackets play a Seminoles team that’s so distracted players will be wearing their right shoes on their left foot, or will it be a very aggravated and focused team that will try to prove to everyone that their coach is still good.
In reality, FSU is three plays from being 5-0, instead of 2-3.
What would the noise be out of Tallahassee had those plays gone a different way?
As I wrote in the print notebook, Coach Paul Johnson said there will be quite a few changes on the kickoff coverage teams in the wake of their poor performance against MIssissippi State.
Depending upon what happens in practice this week, there may be changes in the two-deep depth chart at linebacker and defensive back. Johnson and Dave Wommack said they want to see how the players perform this week.
An interesting tidbit: Spurrier never won in …

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Sunday aftermath

For a guy whose team scored 42 points on Saturday, coach Paul Johnson didn’t seem as pleased as one might think on Sunday.
As I wrote for the Monday print story, he said the team is going to be have a lot better for next week’s game against FSU in Tallahassee.
He wasn’t happy with the play of special teams, the offensive line, the defensive ends, the linebackers and the secondary.
So much so that he said there may be some changes at linebacker and secondary.
He didn’t say what or who, only that they are going to take a look at a couple of things.
I”d be curious to hear your thoughts on that. Who would be replaced? And why?
I can’t imagine Jefferson or Griffin would be replaced. Jerrard Tarrant is one of the team’s leading tackler. And Mario Butler seems solid. I’ll be curious to hear what Johnson says this week.
Johnson was asked about Anthony Egbuniwe, who got off to a fast start against MSU. Johnson said he’s got ability, but needs to be more consistent. He said that …

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Live from beautiful Starkville

It’s a beautiful day in Starkville. Hope you are reading from here.
We are still several hours from kickoff, but I thought now might be a good time to get things going, seeing as what has already happened in the ACC today.
Clemson loses to Maryland!?!
North Carolina loses to Virginia?!?
Parity is one thing, but what the ACC is doing this season isn’t good for the conference, and especially not good for Miami, Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech.
The points systems that the computers use to determine the BCS rankings will blow a fuse putting those numbers together. The Hokies, Jackets and Hurricanes need big numbers if they want to move up the BCS rankings. Those losses won’t help.
What do you make of those losses?
What do you make of the ACC?

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