Paul Johnson transcript

Courtesy of the fine folks at Georgia Tech’s sports information department, here’s a transcript of Paul Johnson’s press conference on Tuesday. Also, please join my Georgia Tech page on Facebook:
Opening Statement:

“I was proud of our football team Saturday. I thought they competed hard and found a way to win. We came out in the second half and did what we had to do to win the game. I thought our defense played well in the first half especially, and gave us enough of a chance to get our feet under us and win the game. Having said that, winning that game makes this game the biggest of the year. I told the team in the locker room, we have to go to Charlottesville and play a team that is on top of our division right now. It’s an elimination game for us, if we go up and don’t win the game our chances of winning the Coastal Division are not very good. We stayed alive for another week and we have the same opportunity we had a week ago to play one more time and see if we can stay alive in the conference race.”

On keeping players focused after a big win:

“I don’t think we’ll have a problem staying focused. We did enough things poorly in that game Saturday night that was pointed out to them on film. We can play better and we need to. We strive to get better every week and if we have to ground them the week we’re getting ready to play, then they’re not very smart. A year ago, we were 6-1 and a two-touchdown favorite against the same team [Virginia] and they came in here and smacked us in the mouth. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Virginia will come to play; they sit atop the division standings. We know where we’re at; our backs are against the wall.”

On an improving Virginia team:

“They [Virginia] have reverted back to what they used to do. They scrapped the new offense; they’re back to running the same offense they ran forever under Al [Groh] and they stopped turning the ball over. They were a turnover a minute earlier in the year. They weren’t giving themselves a chance to play, but the last three games they have created turnovers. They’ve taken care of the ball and that’s the difference between winning and losing. When you look statistically, they’ve been pretty good defensively the whole time, but they couldn’t survive the turnovers. If you look at last week’s game against Maryland, they forced five turnovers. One went for a touchdown; one was on the one-yard line. So, the offense took advantage, kicked some field goals and won the game. They had an offensive explosion against Indiana, other than that; it’s been defense and turnovers.”

On struggles of the kick coverage unit:

“We just have to keep working on it. We worked on it yesterday. It’s just like with offense or defensive, if you have three or four knuckleheads run the wrong way, you’re not going to be successful. It’s not because of a lack of effort, it’s just paying attention to detail and being accountable and responsible. It would also help if we kicked the ball better.”

On last year’s Virginia game:

“I don’t remember much about the week leading up. I remember that in the game we had a zillion chances to win. We had a lot of turnovers, we turned the ball over on the four yard line going in and we dropped a snap in the second half. We tied the game up at 17 all and they drove down and scored and we couldn’t answer. I remember their quarterback [Marc Verica] was pretty effective throwing the ball against us. He had a high percentage and hit a lot of short passes. The running back [Cedric Peerman] had over a 100 yards and ran the ball right down our throat. They have some good players. We have to play as well as we can play and see if we’re good enough. I tell our guys that all the time, go play your game and see if you’re good enough. The best way to win the game is not to lose it, don’t give them away and make them beat you. ”

On simplifying the defense against Virginia Tech:

“Simplifying could mean a lot of things. When I say simplify, all I mean is, line up and run to the ball. You might not be the very best you can be against everything, but you should be sound against it all and you get to play fast. Now, if they find a little niche that is hurting you, you need to find an answer for it. There’s going to be weaknesses in whatever you do. We played well in the first half on defense and ok in the second. We have to play better; they scored three or four times in the second half. Are we better, yeah, but are we there yet, no. You can’t pat yourself on the back when you win; you still have to get better.”

On Sean Bedford’s transition from defense to offense:

“He was on the scout team and beating up the offensive line. I said why don’t you come over to the other side and beat them out, instead of beating them up. So, he moved over and has worked his tail off. He’s worked as hard as any member of our football team. He’s a great kid, a guy that is a self-motivator and achiever. All you have to do is look at everything he does. He has a 3.8 GPA in Aeronautical Engineering, so he does great in school. He’s solid off the field. He’s a great kid. ”

On what the defense did right against Virginia Tech:

“I thought in the first half we limited their running game pretty well. We also forced a lot of punts; they only had a field goal in the first half, so that was a positive. We didn’t change anything in the second half. When they broke things open, it was on breakdowns. But, we did a lot of positive things throughout the game. Where we really got hurt was when their quarterback [Tyrod Taylor] was scrambling.”

On the play of the linebacking corps against Virginia Tech:

“We changed things up a little bit to turn them lose and let them play and I thought they did very well against the run. We still have some work to do in the passing game, but they played pretty well against the run. Sedric Griffin was our player-of-the-game, he made some great plays. Brad Jefferson made some great tackles and was very active and did some good things throughout the course of the game. Steven Sylvester played a lot better. They were productive.”

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October 20th, 2009
4:02 pm

CPJ is making every effort to insure there is no letdown after the huge win against the Hokies. I think he will suceed & the Jackets win their first at UVA since 1990!

johnny weissmuller

October 20th, 2009
4:05 pm

johnny weissmuller

October 20th, 2009
4:05 pm

johnny weissmuller

October 20th, 2009
4:06 pm

I agree – I love that he is constantly concerned with week to week improvement


October 20th, 2009
4:10 pm

Josh Nesbitt is the man. Keep pitching it baby.

johnny weissmuller

October 20th, 2009
4:17 pm

that kid is all heart


October 20th, 2009
4:18 pm



October 20th, 2009
4:19 pm

my statement is not intended to take away from Nesbitt….he’s THE MAN, TOO!!!

Willie Coyote

October 20th, 2009
4:22 pm

If this team is ever over confident, it won’t be because he inflated their egos :)


October 20th, 2009
4:25 pm

All the Way.. Turned Up!! Go Jackets.


October 20th, 2009
4:32 pm

I’m a 62 year old Tech grad who has been a Tech fan since I learned to say football. My first tech game was a 1956 game at Grant field against LSU. I’ve seen a few guys comment that they were at the 1962 Alabama game. I was a Junior at North Fulton HS and couldn’t afford a ticket. I clearly remember Al Ciraldo calling the game on WGST and I’ll never forget when Alabama went for 2 after scoring their late touchdown and getting stuffed. Tech beats #1 and breaks their 26 game winning streak. YEE HAW. I remember the ‘69 Ugag game when I was a senior at Tech. We stunk and I think they were top ten. We ahut down the mutts 6-0. Remember Rock Perdoni? He was abeast.
I moved to Baltimore after graduation and have been here ever since. I went to the 1990 game in Charlottesville and I have been to 5 or 6 GT games in Charlottesville since then. I haven’t missed since 1999 and I have to tell you, I’m ready for a change. I’ll be there Saturday and hopefully this is the last jinx we have to break for a long time. I’m dreaming 11-1 plus Miami loss to klempson, ACC Championship win and an Orange bowl victory. Top 5 final ranking and a bright future. There’s just no reason that this can’t happen, particularly if we can continue to improve on D. Go Jackets — Stomp the whoos.


October 20th, 2009
4:33 pm

Sir Paul will just not let us lose to UVA this week, guarantee.


October 20th, 2009
4:33 pm

Josh Nesbitt is playing each game like a war horse and nobody but nobody puts BAY BAY in the corner. Love this team! Congrats to Sean Bedford, a 3.8 in Aeronautical Engineering, that’s impressive. Good luck against Virginia and go get’em Jackets


October 20th, 2009
4:36 pm

You really have to credit Coach Paul Johnson for his ability to recognize heart and talent much like he has done with Sean Bedford, who as a “walk on” has been named the ACC Lineman of the week Twice so far this season. What a great kid! We are going to UVA to win a football game on Saturday.

Go to for more Georgia Tech Football Articles and a review of the Hokies game, as well as expanded coverage on Safety Kam Chancellor’s performance in the “Big Game.” Go Jackets!


October 20th, 2009
4:42 pm

i love the fact the coach johnson isn’t afraid to lay it on the line and call it like he sees it…and that he’s willing to kick his own players in the @$$, publicly, if that’s what it takes to get their attention.


October 20th, 2009
4:46 pm

Yea I have to agree that Nesbitt is playing like a war horse. That guy has a lot of heart and I think he will lead this team and us as fans to places we haven’t seen in a long time like the acc championship, getting a streak going going ugag, bcs bowls, and yes I am going to say it National Championships! I think another bright spot on this team is definitely Paul Johnson. I feel like we have a chance going into every game and if we are down I know without a doubt CPJ will make adjustments to get us back into it. The sky is the limit on this team and it is an exciting time to be a Yellow Jacket!!!!!!!!!! Go Jackets!!!!!!


October 20th, 2009
4:49 pm

“Yea, he’s bad, bad, CPJ
The baddest man in the A-C-C,
Badder than that ole King Kong,
Meaner than those junkyard dawgs!!!!!!!!”

Supersize that order, mutt

October 20th, 2009
4:49 pm

I was there for the ‘62 win over Bama (freshman year at Tech), the ‘66 win over Tenn, the ‘69 win over UGAG, and most home games since then. Saturday night definitely rivaled each of those fantastic games and exceeded all but perhaps the Bama game in total excitement and enjoyment. It may have been more exciting than that Bama game too, but that’s so long ago, it’s hard to know for sure. Regardless, Saturday night was INCREDIBLE, and I look for more just like it. The students were fired up, the usually staid fans were fired up, the coaches were fired up, and most importantly, the team was fired up. Now let’s just take care of long overdo business and beat the hell out of the Cav’s this Saturday. I want to go back to the Orange Bowl–it’s been WAY TOO LONG since Tech went there, and the last trip (1/1/67) was less than satisfactory. Go Jackets!!!!

Joe Schmoe

October 20th, 2009
4:57 pm

“We just have to keep working on it. We worked on it yesterday. It’s just like with offense or defensive, if you have three or four knuckleheads run the wrong way, you’re not going to be successful. ”

This is what I like about CPJ!


October 20th, 2009
5:00 pm

“if you have three or four knuckleheads run the wrong way, you’re not going to be successful.”

You gotta love the guy.

I was wondering about how Nesbitt stacks up against Tebow since I think Josh is as important to GT as Tebow is to UF. Tebow averages 235 total yds per game (172 pass & 63 rush) and has 9 TDs. Josh averages 216 total yds per game (127 pass & 89 rush) and has 9 TDs. Pretty even. Eventually the national press is going to have to give Nesbitt some props and if we keep on winning he might even get a Heisman vote or 2.

gtbaltfan, enjoy the win in hoo land and eat some steamed crabs for me. Spent 8 years in Bawlmer and sure loved the seafood.


October 20th, 2009
5:09 pm

Funny reading! They just might win the ACC and yes…even attend the Organge Bowl. But UGA’s problem is stopping the pass. UGA will shut down the TO in BDS! Count on it!!! UGA also will beat UF!!!

Wait and SEE!!!

Hey Dogtards

October 20th, 2009
5:11 pm

“We know where we’re at; our backs are against the wall.”

This is why we are going to win Saturday. Because CPJ recognizes this game is bigger than the game last week and preaches that to our players.


October 20th, 2009
5:18 pm


Tremblin Chihuahua formerly known as BuLLDawg

October 20th, 2009
5:19 pm

I see the light. Paul Johnson is the best coach in the nation, bar none. Mark Richt sucks and there is no way we will beat you guys this year. I fear you guys more than Florida. I believe Nesbitt is twice the quarterback that Tebow is and we can’t stop him either. Florida doesn’t have one running back as good as your top 5 or 6 backs. Our season is over. We may win one more game this year, if we are lucky. Good luck the rest of the year. I just traded by season tickets for a small coke, hot dog, and french fries. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Any chance that I can get tickets to your game against Wake Forest? I am not interested in watching you slaughter us in Nov.

Tremblin Chihuahua formerly known as BuLLDawg

October 20th, 2009
5:21 pm

Would you like that order Super Sized Sir?

Paul ( You doesn't have to call me Johnson)

October 20th, 2009
5:50 pm

Ward, I’m worried about the Beaver!

Aw June, You don’t have to worry about the Beaver…….Unless Tech looses to Virginia in Charlottesville as they usually do.

TH Jefferson

October 20th, 2009
6:19 pm

The Good Ole Song of Wahoo-wa,
We’ll sing it o’er and oe’r,
It cheers our hears and warms our blood,
To hear them shout and roar.

We come from Old Virginia,
Where all is bright and gay,
Let’s all join hands and give a yell,
For dear Old U.Va.

Wahoowa Wahoowa Uni-V Virginia
Hooraray Hooraray Ray Ray U.Va.

GT For You And Me

October 20th, 2009
6:26 pm

A sign of encouragement! Last week Sagarin ranked the conferences in this order:

PAC-10, SEC, ACC, Big East, Big 12 Big Ten.

This week Sagarin ranks them:

Big Ten, Big 12, PAC-10, Big East, ACC, SEC.

The Big Ten went from last to first and the SEC went from second to last, and neither league played a substantial non-conference game last weekend. GO JACKETS!!!!


October 20th, 2009
6:33 pm

great coach…good team. Tech’s fight song is so much better,


October 20th, 2009
6:34 pm

I wish we dull dykes had a real coach like Paul Johnson. Our team and coaches suck…

RT in NC

October 20th, 2009
6:42 pm

How big was the VT win? I live in North Carolina and wear a variety of GT shirts and hats. No one has said anything to me about GT in the two years I’ve been here. Today, I wore a tech T-shirt and two strangers congratulated me on the win. Keep in mind this is Monroe, North Carolina, not Norcross. Making a statement on national TV is what wins a trip to the BCS. (It is basically a popularity contest after all).

I’ve got a little strut in my step thanks to the boys on the flats. Keep it up.



October 20th, 2009
6:56 pm

Bulldawg, you gonna put that email address up so i can take your money or what loser?? I have posted this to you twice. put up or shut up joke. Keep eating those terds with the rest of your pathetic fan base. Dawgs do eat their own crap don’t they bulldawg?? Your team logo should be a picture of you with a john brown in your mouth and a joe dirt t-shirt on. That’s a dream right there!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR TEAM SUCKS!!!!!!!! Get ranked back in the top 40 before you talk smack loser. When florida beats you guys to death, your team will not even be in the top 50. Who would have ever thought the mighty dawgs would be ranked behind wake forest,clemson,boston college,miami,gt,vt, and fsu. The same 7 acc teams you bashed and said that they all stink and are weak. You will be ranked behind all them in 2 weeks after your 4th loss. TAKE IT TO THE BANK. The rate you guys are going, bill curry’s team might give you a run for the money next year because you guys suck. Go buy a sugar bowl ring off ebay bro, you can rehash your glory days loser. What a joke, your players selling sugar bowl rings on ebay. That’s the most pathetic display of appreciation of a major accomplishment i have ever heard of. Bulldawg, does that terd in your mouth taste worse than the beatdown that crompton put on you? crompton?? I bet most of dawgnation would not even claim you as a fan. Let me know when you decide to man up and place that wager on the tech game. I’m confident that you will keep hiding behind your keyboard.

THWG 45-42


October 20th, 2009
7:06 pm

Tech expended a lot of energy during and after the VT game. To beat Virginia they have to be rested and focused. Right now they are neither. The next few days are critical.


October 20th, 2009
7:21 pm


October 20th, 2009
7:24 pm

Paul Johnson gets more out of his team than any other coach in the nation. Tech will go to Scott Stadium and continue the work of killing bad streaks. Florida State at Doak Campbell (1st win ever). #4 VT at home (1st win vs. a top-5 team at home since ‘62). This team is on a roll and know that focusing on the next opponent – and them ONLY – and listening to CPJ pays off. Tech will win it’s first game in Charlottesville since…

…1990. What would be better than going to this Saturday’s viewing parties sporting the most famous kick in Tech history – “Toe Meets Leather”? Get yours today at!

Not Disappointed

October 20th, 2009
7:42 pm

Great read Doug. Keep up the good work! Ramblin Wreck!


October 20th, 2009
7:44 pm

The UVA game has got “trap game” written all over it. Right after Tech’s biggest win in a while, and UVA is playing better. Not to sound like Dooley, but this will be a tough game for us. Just bought my tickets and headed to Charlottesville…


October 20th, 2009
7:49 pm

I remember watching the ‘51-52 teams with Darrell Crawford, Paul Rotenberry, George Volkert, George Morris, Leon Hardeman, Larry Morris, Jakie Rudolph and about 50 other all-Americans. I hated ‘em.
I was 12 and wrote both Tech coach Bobby Dodd and Georgia Coach Wally Butts, begging for a football jersey (they weren’t licensed and on sale everywhere then). Dodd ignored the request, Butts sent me No. 23, Zippy Morocco’s jersey and bought himself a fan.


October 20th, 2009
7:50 pm

Oops! Having said that, I’m Tech all the way as long as CPJ is there. He coached Ga. Southern when my daughter was down there and I loved watching that flex bone. I KNEW he’d make Tech a winner.


October 20th, 2009
7:54 pm

Old Virginia where all is definitely gay

Your boy "m" trolling UGA Blogs

October 20th, 2009
7:55 pm


October 20th, 2009
7:40 am
The sec sucks…and the sec officials suck. And Tony crying about officials because his tems sucks….SUCKS.

Low down on officials….sec officials are bad….acc officials are worse. The difference is acc officials are universally bad to the point of incompetency. They don’t necessarily favor any one team…they are just bad for everybody.

The sec officials are just about as bad…but they favor certain teams over others and they definitely favor sec over non-conference teams. If they make a bad call against a non-conference team it is no big deal. If they make a bad call against an sec team they are suspended and threatened and cried about by Tony and all the other redneck sec fans.

If a call goes against an acc team it is no big whoop. If it goes against an sec team you hear about it for 20 years.

Bottom line is the sec is the crybaby, full of excuses league. And the sec is the weakest I have ever seen it in my llfetime…and that is why Tony and all the other sec crybabies are complaining about officials.

Besides, the acc is going to beat the sec 4 out of 7 this year just like they beat the sec 6 out of 10 last year. TECH will be the the unofficial champion by going 3-0 against the sec…but winning against the pitiful sec this year is NOTHING to brag about.”


October 20th, 2009
7:55 pm

Enter your comments here


October 20th, 2009
7:57 pm

For the 1962 7-6 win over Alabama and Joe Namath, I was in high school, listening at home on the radio, and will never forget how excited I was when Don Toner intercepted Namath’s pass to win the game. That was one of the greatest moments in all of college football for me.


October 20th, 2009
8:29 pm

All the Way Turned Up! Time to end another streak on Saturday in Charlottesville.

Tokyo jacket

October 20th, 2009
8:34 pm

M, I think you actually have the officials figured out in both leagues. Just to get you fired up again, what would our record be if CCG were still the coach on the flats?

My personal take is 4-3. But, in Gailey’s defense (don’t yell at me too much M), I think we’d probably be 4-3 if we had CMR too. ESPN has said multiple times this year that CPJ is THE NUMBER 1 coach in all of football when it comes to making halftime adjustments. How do you win close football games? Halftime adjustments!

Tokyo jacket

October 20th, 2009
8:38 pm

CPJ is like having Charlie Weiss’s brain but with Dick Vermeil’s heart!


October 20th, 2009
8:47 pm

Normally I would think of this as a trap game that screws up the whole season because it’s a game we should win but on the road and after an emotional victory, but with CPJ leading this group there is no chance we lose this game and I love it.



October 20th, 2009
9:04 pm

Am I the only ACC fan that HATES The University of Virginia?

What a crappy excuse for a program. Every year, they embarrass themselves and the ACC by losing to terrible teams out of conference… And as sure as death and taxes, by week 6, they’re playing well, and further embarrassing our conference by beating ACC opponents.

I hope we kill those guys. But mark my words, we will play with less focus and intensity this Saturday.

The only question is, are we capable of beating UVA playing mediocre?

UVA sucks! We should give them the boot out of the ACC given the first opportunity.


October 20th, 2009
9:17 pm

Working as a taxi driver I once, after he retired, carrried Coach Butts on a fairly long distance fare. As now I was a Tech fan. Of course I recognized him and identified myself as a Tech fa and a football fan. we talked football for about an hour. I certainly complimented him for the great Uga passing offenses during his tenure. Remember, Uga fans, Zeke Bratkowski and Harry Carson among others. Uga was cutting edge even with the pros in their innovative passing.

Someone wiser than I once said: The measure of a man is how he treats his valet. A taxi driver is a valet. Wally Butts is a prince.

Brian Jones Tech fan

October 20th, 2009
9:38 pm

WEARETREMBLINCHIWAWAS i have a question if yall couldnt stop the TO last year in your own stadium when we sucked at running the TO how the hell will you stop it this year when our oline is starting to get the big picture. Remember you have slick willie who can tstop a traditional style offense and just so you know BAY BAY thomas has 24 rec for 624 yds 4 tds AJ overrated green has 42 rec for 643 6 td so dont act liek all we can do is run and if VT couldnt stop it yalls garbage thugs wont stop it