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So, I was riding home from the Falcons game last night with a friend of mine and I got a call from a producer of the Scott Wetzel show on Sirius Radio.

He asked if I had time to come on. Sure, I said. I assume yall want to talk about Georgia Tech, I asked.

Yep, he says, my boss has picked Georgia Tech to win the whole thing.

Short pause on my end.

The ACC, I ask.

No, he says, the BCS championship.

Short pause on my end.

I turn to my friend Scott, who can hear the conversation, and say to him, Sure, why not.

A few minutes later I’m on the phone with Mr. Wetzel.

Yes indeed, he is picking the Jackets to win the whole thing, defeating Ohio State for the title.

He asked a couple of interesting questions:

Other than Georgia, which team does Georgia Tech want to beat more than the others. I said Virginia Tech, reasoning that they are the defending champs, and that Georgia Tech lost to them last year.

He asked which team does Georgia Tech need to beat to make people stand up and notice. I said North Carolina, reasoning that Tech defeated Miami and FSU last season, and lost to UNC. Plus, they would play them early enough that a win against the Heels, who are supposed to have a solid defense, would make people go hmmm. (dropping a little C+C Music Factory on you….I hated that “band” in college)

So, I’ll throw those two questions out to the floor. Tell me what you think, and why.

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September 4th, 2009
12:25 am

I totally agree with GT going undefeated this season. I also picked them to win 9 games last year and no one listened. At least I am not alone this year. One other thing, Why do teams with two losses play for the BCS championship? I mkean should we even bother playing the season. Perhaps Florida should play Texas this week and we can crown the winner National Champion. But if you ask me, we need to play the games and if any team is undefeated and all others are not, they are in. Stupid not to let things get decided on the field.


September 4th, 2009
12:42 am

Cmon – Most Tech fans will say Clemson – no matter what happened last year.


September 4th, 2009
1:00 am


September 4th, 2009
1:06 am

I, by total chance, heard the interview on XM Radio and wished you had sold the Yellow Jackets more. Not once was Dwyer mentioned in the whole conversation. Nor the rest of the backfield, which may be the best backfield in the nation at the moment. The Yellow Jackets DO have a possibility of a MNC, if they stay healthy and can execute every week. You should believe it.

PTC Jacket

September 4th, 2009
1:25 am

They have a good chance of going undefeated. But so does Notre Dame, and it doesn’t mean that they’re the best team. Just my two cents.

BS Patrol

September 4th, 2009
1:54 am

True enough, PTC. But to me, if only one team is undefeated they are champs. You can only play the hand you are dealt.

Never Ever

September 4th, 2009
2:32 am

This guy should really know about SEC and ACC Football.
You kiddin me. Typical Northeastern jerk.
Yeah he has a real feel for what’s going down south.
He could not care less.
Scott Wetzel
Before his work at Sporting News Radio, Scott Wetzel hosted New York Islander pregame and postgame radio shows and announced play-by-play action for Hofstra University basketball, football, hockey and lacrosse. He soon anchored sportscasts and live reports on New York sports radio giant WFAN, as well as WINS

Always One

September 4th, 2009
2:49 am

Good input there, UGAY fan. Back to the UGAY blog, we talk legitimate topics over here.

Go Jackets

September 4th, 2009
4:38 am

Other than Georgia, definitely VT. But not because they are defending champs but because they are picked ahead of us.

I would also agree with the UNC pick – insightful. They shut us down last year so its important that we light up the scoreboard against them so nobody gets the idea that they have our offense “figured out.”

And, as previously noted, not mentioning Dwyer was a missed opportunity to get his name out there as he is one some Heisman watch lists. I expect objectivity in your articles and I know you aren’t/can’t be a fan but I think it would have been ok to pump up Dwyer and the Jackets a little bit. I think that’s why Scott called you in the first place – to add some substance to his decision to put Tech in the #1 spot.


September 4th, 2009
4:54 am

Anyone who was a fan throughout the 90’s would appreciate beating FSU more than any team besides UGA. I realize that they have been down the last few years but last season was the first victory for us over them in how many? 12 meetings? Of course I personally watched Charlie Ward beat us in basketball and football so maybe I’m biased.


September 4th, 2009
5:56 am

Would say Virginia Tech and Florida State. Most prognosticators pick Florida State to beat Tech at their place so that would be a real big win. With Tech this year it may not be so much specific wins but how well the team plays, particularly the defensive line. Talk Tech football at: http://www.bbuzzoff.com


September 4th, 2009
6:25 am

You can get mad at me if you want but that is stretching things a long long way.tek gets spanked by Miss. state ,UGA,VT,and N.C. .


September 4th, 2009
6:27 am


September 4th, 2009
6:36 am

Last year, when everyone said Tech would only win 3 games, I bet people they would win at least 8. That was after I witnessed a horrible spring game. Johnson won at Navy without athletes. Think of what he can do with athletes. This year Tech may lose one game if that. If the team thinks they can beat anyone by just walking onto the field, they will not do so well. Johnson knows the psychological side of coaching and I think he will have them ready for every game. I believe they will control time with the run and keep the opposing offense off the field. If they get the passing game in synch, no one will stop them. They will go to the big show.

One other thing. I have attended Tech games since I was a kid. It is poor sportsmanship to boo the opposing team when they come on the field. You can’t have a game without them. This did not happen when Bobby Dodd coached Tech. Polite applause for the opposition would show a lot of class.

B'Ham Jacket

September 4th, 2009
6:41 am

Again, a bad call by SEC officials (face mask, no call) to determine/effect outcome of a game!


September 4th, 2009
6:42 am

Don’t drink the coolade!!! The last time we were patting our selves on the back about how great our team was, we got whacked by LSU. As CPJ keeps saying, we have proven nothing yet. It is WAAAAAAY too soon to start talking about national championchips.

I agree with the answer about wanting to beat VT most of all, aim for the defending ACC champ. I think the game we NEED to win most of all is at UVA. We got spanked by them last year and we haven’t won up there in what, 18 years? If we can’t earn a W this year, then we probably never will.


September 4th, 2009
6:47 am

BTW, it’s not Dawg Roberson’s job to “sell” GT. This is not the GT sports information office and this blog does not appear in the Technique.

Little Lord Fontleroy

September 4th, 2009
6:52 am

WANT to beat: UNC
NEED to beat: VT

Alabama Jack

September 4th, 2009
7:08 am

Put an asterisk beside that USC- NC State game. No one wanted to win.


September 4th, 2009
7:27 am

i just hope we beat jacksonville state…


September 4th, 2009
7:29 am

If GaTech goes undefeated and say Florida, Texas and USC lose to top 5 teams away in close games, I think Florida, Texas and USC should be ranked over GaTech since we play such a weak schedule. VaTech is probably top 20 at best with no offense. Georgia may be top 10, but will be physically beat up by the end of the season.

I only went to two games last year – UVa and UNC and neither time did GaTech really seem up for the game. So this whole discussion is way premature. We had the athletes to destroy Gardner-Webb last year too and look what happened.

Dang, Headhunter...

September 4th, 2009
7:29 am

…if you remember Bobby Dodd and the “polite applause” you are older than I am – and that is OLD!


September 4th, 2009
7:31 am

Congrats SuperDawg! Your mediocre team beat our mediocre team……like being the tallest little person in the room. I’m sure you’re fired up today…….

Really Missy St? A team we crushed 38-7; you’re that same guy that will argue that the SEC is toughest top to bottom conference in the nation until you crush their teams and they backpeddle on how bad that team sucks.

Scram moron.

Also will someone tell Ray Giler that Jax St is not DII like he states in his article…..embarrassing.


September 4th, 2009
8:01 am

Both S Carolina and NC State stunk last nite. I wish Tech could play them both. To the Georgia fan who posted earlier, expecting Tech to lose 4 times…well, we might. But the Missy State thing was a joke, right?


September 4th, 2009
8:13 am

I just read that tech winning the BCS is a “legitimate topic”… There is absolutely no way you will win the title this year or any year with that system and a bad D. You will rack up rushing yards sure, but you will lose at least 3 every year.


September 4th, 2009
8:17 am

I don’t think we’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell to go undefeated. We should have lost to Gardner Webb last year and I’m not that sure that we’re that much better than we were last year. Let’s talk about winning the ACC before we start talking BCS Champs…

And the other team we want to beat is definately Clemson, but followed very closely by VT.


September 4th, 2009
8:25 am

Also tell Ray Giler that we beat Mississippi State 41-14 last year, NOT Southern Miss.

Must be another UGA guy.


September 4th, 2009
8:36 am

et, don’t phone home……..go home. you are clueless, son.


September 4th, 2009
8:38 am

I agree with both of your answers. Could have said FSU for need to beat, but since we play UNC earlier than FSU it works.


September 4th, 2009
8:50 am

GT winning the national championship?!? WOW, he and Lou Holtz must be smoking some really good stuff!

Granted the USC-NCST game was painful to watch, but I love how now all of a sudden it doesn’t count… “Congrats SuperDawg! Your mediocre team beat our mediocre team……”
Wasn’t that supposed to be one of the ACC’s “guaranteed” victories over the SEC? and if by your logic of two equally matched “mediocre” teams doesn’t really meaning much, then if GT (one of the best ACC teams) beats MissSt (one of the worst SEC teams) what will that mean?

You guys are such a joke.


September 4th, 2009
8:53 am

BTW, I love how all you ACC/Techie idiots can come on the UGA blog and dish it out, but you can’t take it!

national championship indeed! you guys won’t even win your own conference this year let alone a national championship!!

Thanks for the laughs this morning though I needed that!


September 4th, 2009
8:56 am

I stand corrected – the score was 38-7. Even so, we did not play Southern Miss last year.


September 4th, 2009
9:02 am

How many people forget that the G-W game was quarterbacked by a slow-footed pocket passer recruited for a different system? Seriously people, we don’t have any QBs like that on the team anymore. If Tevin Washington or Jaybo had been available for that game, it wouldn’t have been 10-7. Besides, we didn’t lose, so move on.

To whomever only went to the UNC and UVa games – I went to all the home games, trust me those weren’t representative. The team played sloppy most of last year and got bit by it in those games, but they’ve had 9 months to work with a perfectionist head coach on cleaning that up.

To whomever said they can’t compete for a national title with this offense, I’d like to remind them that Ga Southern won TWO national championships with this offense and played for a third. That third they played for? It was in Johnson’s second season as head coach at the school.

GT is an Imposter

September 4th, 2009
9:16 am

Undefeated, what are you teck fans smoking? I know it has been a long dry spell boys since you had any respect but you are setting yourselves up for a very dissappointing season. Teck won’t even win the costal division much less the ACC and the NC??? ROTFLMAO!!! If Nesbitt gets hurt you guys are 6 and 6. OH by the way SEC 1 ACC 0… soon to be SEC 2 ACC 0.

chuck allison

September 4th, 2009
9:22 am

SEC 1 ACC 0, you may be correct. Tech may not win its own conference, let alone the BCS championship. But at least we will be able to soften our disappointment by beating Georgie AGAIN!


September 4th, 2009
9:34 am

Tech vs. Jacksonville Paint and Body. Yawn…..1 AA no less…….Way to man up Nerds.


September 4th, 2009
9:35 am

Tech will be just fine this year – - Nesbitt is the key – he will have a break out year – so I have just 4 words



September 4th, 2009
9:41 am

Tech loses to Clemson, Miami, VT, FSU and Georgia. No Top 25……..Back to Boise for the snowblower bowl.


September 4th, 2009
9:43 am

Nesbitt will have a break leg year, I don’t know about a break out year.


September 4th, 2009
10:00 am

The team we need to beat is whoever we play the current week. The team we want to beat should be the same.

There is absolutely no reason to look forward or to underestimate any other team.

The good thing about the LSU game is that it should be fresh in their memories.

If we overlook or trip on any game, it just lessons the perceived importance of a future big game.

Tech has a lot of tough games on its’ schedule and many that could bite them should they lose focus.

Gardner Webb was a unique situation, trying to utilize a non-option qb that was liking putting a square peg in a round hole.

Winning and losing aside, the team is just more fun to watch now. Gailey was BORING and predictable. At least PJ has some fire and appears to be about as good a fit as anyone could hope for.

As far as hoping for an undefeated season, you can always hope. Would I say that is my expectation, probably not. Could it happen, yes, until they lose the first one.

Lets just win the current season that ends on 9/6.


September 4th, 2009
10:09 am

Clemson is our natural conference rival. They are number 2 on the list behind Georgia. Virginia Tech is the team we must beat for people to take notice. You know like Rick Flair says… North Carolina, well they just got a good old fashioned a$$ whoppin’ coming to them.

Sting 'em Buzz

September 4th, 2009
10:15 am

Jaybo beat Miss St senseless last year. I doubt you will see the other puppies beating the Ramblin’ Wreck.

I like the thought of an undefeated season.

Sting 'em Buzz

September 4th, 2009
10:17 am

JB, does Tennessee Tech ring a bell?


September 4th, 2009
10:29 am

JB – With that kind of post, one could easily say that UGA will lose to OSU, ARK, LSU, UT, UF AUB and GT. I’ll give you KY and VANDY, but not really sure since those guys have both given you fits the past couple years. I do not post on the UGA Blawg and will not go on there to make meaningless prognostications meant only to troll for a response.

Shows real class hoping someone gets injured so that the team doesn’t live up to its’ full potential, kind of like hoping an opposing QB gets AIDS from spooning. I know, low blow, but if you really had the best interest of your team at heart, you would hope that both schools meet in November undefeated, as I do.

Not Disappointed!

September 4th, 2009
10:33 am

“JB thank you for the insite. We all fell complete now! Oh, BTW! Back to work and bring me some hot Fries! ”

Ramblin Wreck!


September 4th, 2009
10:33 am


For the first time in a long time we have the athletes and coaches to win every game on our schedule. All we need now is a little luck!

Remember the Tigers!


September 4th, 2009
10:34 am


Back then we chanted, “Differential X, differeitial Y…..” I was of the creed who wanted to pull my Johnson out and p*ss on the War Damn Eagels and ‘Dawgs. It was all in good spirit. Hell, we almost had the Auburn bench come up in the stands as we rants got on their country asses pretty goo (smile).

You applaud ‘em, I’ll scream for the Jackets.



September 4th, 2009
10:34 am

JB–you’re a real class act. Talking about players being injured….let me guess picked last at everything and you have an attic full of participation awards? Hopefully living through UGA will bring some meaning to your otherwise worthless life.

Trade School Junkie

September 4th, 2009
10:40 am

It all comes down to Wins & Losses.

Do I think GT has a legit shot at 12-0. Damn Right.
If GT crushes UNC, then the rest of the schedule will be a SLAM-DUNK.
Will that be a “factor” in the BCS picture. Yep.

I could see GT being 12-0, with USC, TX, OK, FL, OhioST all with perhaps 1 loss each. Do I think GT would get selected to play in BCS NC game? Not likely, unless GT wins EACH & EVERY by 20+ points.

The 1st most important GT game: UNC.
The 2nd msot importnt game: UVA.
UVA just seems to have had our number in Charlottesville since 1990. Gotta exorcize that “demon.” CPJ will do it.

GT lost to UNC in Week 9 in 2008. GT lost both OGs and both OTs in first half of 2008 UNC game, and yet, stiil put up 423 yds of Offense. UNC lost to VT in 2008…ONLY…b/c UNC starting QB went down with UNC up 17-7 in 3rd.

VT beat GT in Week 3: 20-17.
Miami beat VT in Week 10: 16-14
GT DESTROYED Miami in Week 11: 41-23.

Get the picture?

When GT wipes the field with FSU and VT in back-to-back games, GT will crack the BCS Top 10…and then…all the BCS-NC talk will REALLY begin.

Here’s my predicted ACC-Coastal finsh:
1. GT
2. Miami
3. UNC
4. VT
5. Duke
6. UVA


September 4th, 2009
10:42 am

gtvegas…….no, I don’t want Nesbitt to get hurt, but in that offense, you know his odds of making in through 12 games without being ” nicked up or limping” will be a miracle. Shoot, a bad hamstring on a run could put him out 2 -3 games. As a Dawg fan, it is fun to watch that offense.