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Barrick talks about the yard

Austin Barrick has played many positions at Georgia Tech: wide receiver, tight end, special teams blocker, offensive tackle, and done each of them fairly well, as he modestly says.

Despite his ability to change positions and all that comes with it — different assignments, routines, terms, skill sets — he’s perhaps most known for the thing he wasn’t able to do: get three feet against Georgia in last year’s 45-42 win.

Barrick, who is 6-3 and 275 pounds give or take a baked potato, took a lateral on the play, and as he neared the first down marker, tried to do a little shimmy that didn’t quite work. He came up one yard short.

But, Barrick laughed it off in an interview on Monday, and promised a different result should he get another chance.

AJC: You’ve played, like, six different positions. Which has been the hardest position?


AB: Hardest position? They’ve all had their challenges. Tight end was a tough transition for me because I came in as a receiving tight end. I …

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Dis and dat

A few tidbits to tide you over:

I just went and looked at the new scoreboard and new ISP suite at Bobby Dodd.

The scoreboard appears to have the main screen up. The two screens on the side and the banner screens that will go around the stadium are still being worked on.

The giant suite on the opposite side of the stadium is being worked on as well. It hasn’t been closed in yet, but the overhang will make for a nice place to watch the game.

I will be doing some more Q&As this week with a few players, Austin Barrick for one.

For the Tech fans, what questions would you like me to ask the football players this week.

With football season around the corner —  with all the news that will follow the start of the first practice —you can follow me on twitter @ajcgatech

Also, the Albany Times-Union reported Sunday that Tech will play Siena in men’s hoops this season, as the opener of a three-game agreement. So, Paul Hewitt and Brad Sheehan will get to return to their stomping …

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Robert Hall Q&A

Robert Hall was kind enough to sit down with me a few weeks ago for another in our summer question and answer series. In this, he talks about German French fries, the joy of math, and the toughest player to tackle in the ACC.

 AJC: A lot of the players I’ve talked to, when I’ve asked them for a player that really stood out in spring, they named you. So what does it feel like to be invincible out there on the football field?


RH: (laughs) I wouldn’t say invincible. I mean, I just feel like it’s my time. I waited my time. It’s time for me to step up to the plate. That’s it.


AJC: What did you learn from the guys before you?

RH: What did I learn? Play as an entire unit, and not just as an individual. I guess you wouldn’t say each one of them alone was really the greatest. But all together they made a great defense. Really liked that teamwork.


AJC: How does that work on the defensive line? You’re out on the end, you’re trying to focus on what’s ahead of you, but also, I …

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