Northern Africa and golf

Four words you’d probably thought you’d never see in the same sentence.

The women’s basketball team is in Tunisia this week playing that country’s Under-20 national team. Assistant SID Dan Goldberger is filing updates from there on Tech’s website. Here’s the link:

They head to Paris soon. 

Golf coach Bruce Heppler signed a five-year deal that will expire in 2015. The team recently won its third ACC title in the past four years, and has won six in Heppler’s 14 years in Atlanta.

Looking ahead to football, I was just perusing the ACC’s composite schedule and highlighting what I think will be the best games each week.

Post yours, and critique mine.

Sept. 5

Alabama at Va. Tech, Ga. Dome. Remember what the Tide did here last year against Clemson?


Sept. 10

Clemson at Ga. Tech. Witness the power of a fully operational spread-based option offense (assuming everyone’s healthy).


Sept. 17 and 19

Ga. Tech at Miami. Big test for both teams early in the season.

Nebraska at Va. Tech. Big Red vs. Big Maroon. A VT win could open some eyes around the nation in the beauty pageant that is the polls.


Sept. 26

UNC at Ga. Tech. Another in a tough three-game stretch for the Jackets.


Oct. 3

Oklahoma at Miami. This has the potential to get really ugly for the Canes.


Oct. 10

Ga. Tech at FSU. Paul Johnson must have done something to make the schedule-maker mad. (Just kidding, these things are done years in advance, for the most part).


Oct. 17

Virginia Tech at Ga. Tech. Read Oct. 10 entry.


Oct. 24

Boston College at Notre Dame. I’m sure the nation wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles win.


Oct. 29

UNC at Virginia Tech. If the Hokies are still unbeaten, you’ll be able to hear the noise in Atlanta from Blacksburg and this Thursday night affair.


Nov. 7

FSU at Clemson. Dabo meet BoBo.


Nov. 14

FSU at Wake. The Deacons bring out the worst in the ‘Noles.


Nov. 21

Good weekend to rake leaves.


Nov. 28

Rivalry week. Too many good games to go into here. We’ll save that for another blog entry.

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May 5th, 2009
11:23 am

I think Nov. 21 is when Awbarn blast UGAg in between the leave raking for some out of conference action. Should be good even though neither will be ranked.

UNC is got some revenge coming to them. Sept. 26 will be a big impact game. ESPN Gameday will broadcast from Atlanta that day…mark it down.

Plz ignore my soon to surface UGAy imposter making homosexual references

gt fan

May 5th, 2009
11:36 am

re alabama and vt. tommy bowden is NO beamer.

while bama may still beat the chokeys i would expect vt will be ready to play unlike clemson.

clemson under bowden was soft…. much like tech under gailey or the jackets under phew.

Atlanta Jackets

May 5th, 2009
12:30 pm

Nov 28: The Robot crushes mutts once again.

Curious, who pays for the basketball team’s trip to Tunisa? If it’s not an intercollegate event, how do they justify paying for it?


May 5th, 2009
12:55 pm

gt fan – I agree, VT will put up a better game. At least VT has the championship to back up the hype, unlike Clemson of last year.

old gold engineer

May 5th, 2009
2:28 pm

GT certainly jumps right into the thick of it with games 2, 3, and 4 against conference opponents. Until VT shows otherwise, they’ll be remembered by their debacle against LSU a few years ago when it comes to high profile non-conference games. Miami vs. Oklahoma sounds big, but Miami may not be up for that big of a challenge after already playing FSU, GT, and VT.

GT Student

May 5th, 2009
3:01 pm

From what I heard from some people in the AA, the Africa bball trip was partially funded by alumni and partially funded by the fact that every dollar spent on a men’s program must also be matched with spending on a women’s program. Hence, most all of the girls teams are decked out with Oakley’s and nice equipment. I’m not complaining at all. I’m just stating the facts.

Not Disappointed

May 5th, 2009
3:33 pm

I’m just ready for some College Football. “Who Knew that watching the option could be so much fun!” Especially if you’re winning! Nesbit should be exciting as well. Great matches in the ACC and Sec. Ramblin Wreck!


May 6th, 2009
1:13 pm

CPJ has two weeks to get ready for georgie? poor wee willie martinez lol!


May 6th, 2009
10:39 pm




May 9th, 2009
9:57 am

old gold engineer: “they’ll be remembered by their debacle against LSU a few years ago when it comes to high profile non-conference games.”

hello? Beating Georgia counts for nothing? Oh yeah they were only ranked #1 pre-season last year. probably not high profile enough. Most people who follow GT football know better than to judge our team based solely on our performance against LSU. And for those who don’t, well I think its a good thing, it keeps our guys motivated and gives them something to prove still. I hope we meet LSU again soon, perhaps a National Championship?