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The Georgia State blog has moved

The AJC has its own new version of Panthersville.

That’s right, the blog has moved.

Please bookmark this site.

You’ll notice there will now be a blog and a news feed.

The blog will be reserved for opinion and analysis, such as the “Three thoughts” or “Catching up…” with items.

The news feed will contain news (duh!), features and game stories.

You will now be asked to register before posting comments in the blogs and stories. We value the spirited discussion and debate, and believe this change will improve the interactivity for everyone.

Bookmarks and RSS feeds: If you visit the blog from a bookmark or use an RSS reader, you will need to update those links.

Thanks for being part of the Sports community.

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Catching up with new GSU line coach Harold Etheridge

This is another in an occasional series of interviews with the new assistant coaches that will work with new coach Trent Miles at Georgia State.

Next up is offensive line coach Harold Etheridge:

Q: As someone who was with Trent Miles at Indiana State, what was key in getting that program headed in a positive direction?

A: No. 1, we went out and recruited good players. We did a great job evaluating talent and brought in good players that addressed our needs. We had kids that bought into what we were selling and teaching. It just took off from there.

Q: I assume that’s the same approach for here?

A: No doubt. Recruiting is No. 1. That’s how you win. We have to recruit guys who fit our style. Do a great job of evaluating talent and projecting kids that may be able to play at a different position.

Q: What are the challenges going from the Missouri Valley to the Sun Belt and the FBS?

A: I don’t see it being that big of a challenge. I’ve coached in this league before and …

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Three thoughts on the new coaching staff at Georgia State

Hopefully you read the first of an occasional series of interviews I’m doing with the new football coaching staff at Georgia State, led by Trent Miles.

I met with three coaches on Wednesday, Jesse Minter, Harold Etheridge and J.D. Williams, and hope to meet with more in the next two weeks. (I also apologize it has taken so long. I had planned to do this in December, but on the day the interviews were scheduled we had a family emergency).

I posted the Minter interview yesterday (the link is above). Etheridge will post on Monday and Williams will post on Tuesday.

1. It’s all about recruiting right now. As you have read and will see, the staff is focused on improving the team’s talent and depth. That’s not a knock on the current roster. It’s more of an obvious understanding that the team, which won one game last year with an FCS schedule and was blown out in many of its games, is headed to the FBS, which won’t be any easier. To compete they will need a better caliber of …

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R.J. Hunter enjoying his Georgia State experience

He’s a leading scorer, a leader, and even a Diaper Dandy.

It’s been an interesting few months for Georgia State’s R.J. Hunter.

Playing for his dad for the first time, with all of the pressures that can come with that, Hunter is thriving as a freshman on Georgia State’s basketball team.

He has played so well, already winning four conference rookie of the week awards, ESPN’s Dick Vitale listed him as a “Diaper Dandy,” a term used for promising freshmen, in a column he recently wrote.

“I’ve been kind of satisfied, but we aren’t winning enough,” Hunter said. “That’s partially my fault. I’ve done some good things but not good enough. I’m going to keep working, keep trusting my teammates and just try to do my part.”

Despite Hunter’s 16 points per game, the Panthers (6-10) have struggled this year heading into Saturday’s Centennial game against Delaware at the Sports Arena. The team features nine members who didn’t play at Georgia State last …

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Catching up with Georgia State DC Jesse Minter

This is the first in an occasional series of interviews with the new assistant coaches that will work with new coach Trent Miles at Georgia State.

First up is defensive coordinator Jesse Minter:

Q: What is your defensive philosophy?

A: We want to be attacking. We want to put our players in the best position to be successful. The No. 1 thing is take away what an offense does best.

If we play a team that relies heavily on the run then we will do what we have to do to stop the run. If there’s one player that can beat you let’s not let that one player beat us.

I think now in college football you have to be multiple. One week you might play a team that’s going to line up with two backs and two tight ends and try to run it down your throat. Then you might play a team that’s four and five wides.

From a system standpoint you have to have something that’s flexible enough to try to defend all those things. That’s kind of the overview.

Q: What’s the most important position …

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Georgia State falls to Hofstra

Georgia State went scoreless for nine minutes in the first half, rallied to tie the game in the second half, but lost to Hofstra 52-50 on Monday on a layup with six seconds left..

The loss drops the Panthers to 6-10, 1-2 in the CAA. They will host Delaware on Saturday.

The Panthers missed 18 of their 20 3-pointers, dropping their shooting percentage to 32.5 percent in that category.

Trailing by 12 in the second half, Georgia State tied the game at 46 on two free throws by Denny Burguillos with 3:46 left. The Panthers tied it again on a putback by James Vincent with less than 20 seconds remaining. But Stevie Mejia’s layup was enough to win the game for Hofstra.

R.J. Hunter led the Panthers with 13 points.

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Quickly catching up on the past two weeks

I hope each of you had a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

A few things happened while I was gone:

Georgia State went 1-3 in men’s basketball, including a disheartening loss at Georgia Southern in which the Panthers squandered a 10-point lead in the final two minutes. But they bounced back to defeat James Madison 68-52 and will go into tonight’s game at Hofstra with a slightly new approach.

Coach Ron Hunter elected to play David Travers at the point for part of the game against Dukes, shifting Devonta White to the shooting guard, or off-guard, spot. The move seemed to work; the Panthers (6-9, 1-1) finished with more assists (14) than turnovers (11) for the first time since the win over Southern Poly. That’s not to say that White wasn’t capably leading the team, but he was carrying a majority of the ball-handling burden. Unlike last year’s team, this year’s doesn’t have a wealth of experienced ball-handlers. Adding another, even if Travers is a freshman, should alleviate some of …

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