Richardson’s 3-pointer lifts Georgia State over Liberty

Rashaad Richardson hit a 3-pointer with less than three seconds left gave Georgia State a 67-66 win at Liberty on Sunday.

The win gave Panthers (4-4) coach Ron Hunter the 300th of his career.

Richardson hit a half-court buzzer beater 10 days ago to lift the Panthers over Tennessee State.

Manny Atkins and Devonta White each scored 17 points to lead Georgia State.

Georgia State opened the second half with a 9-0 run to take a 38-37 lead with 16:42 remaining in the game.

“That was a big win for us to get on the road,” Richardson said in a statement given to the media. “The play was actually not drawn up for me, it was drawn up for either Devonta or R.J., but when I came off the screen, I was open, Devonta got me the ball and I was fortunate enough to make the shot.”

Davon Marshall’s 3-pointer with 49 seconds remaining gave the Flames a 63-58 lead before GSU finished the game on a 9-3 run.

Following a tip-in and free throw by senior James Vincent cut the deficit to two, Marshall hit another pair of free throws to give Liberty a four-point lead.

R.J. Hunter, who finished with 12 points and seven rebounds, followed a dunk with free throw with 18 seconds to play to cut the deficit to one.

Casey Roberts made the first of two free throws before the Panthers drove to half-court as Hunter called a timeout.

– Information provided by Georgia State’s sports information department.

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December 2nd, 2012
9:17 pm

I’ll take the W but that was too close…. I feel some growing pains coming once we start conference play.


December 2nd, 2012
10:03 pm

Good win. For an 0-7 team Liberty played very well.


December 2nd, 2012
10:36 pm

Your Mercer Bears whipped FSU today. That would be a real team, unlike those you guys regularly play….

Steve Nash's Pick and Roll

December 2nd, 2012
11:06 pm

@phil – lay off the crack. You call a five point win a whipping? And we’ve already played at Duke and BYU. Congrats on your legendary home win against Oglethorpe!

phil her up

December 3rd, 2012
12:41 am

The same (4-3) FSU team that lost to South Alabama? The same South Alabama team that lost to GSU?

Combined record of teams Mercer (4-4) has lost to: 22-8. Combined record of teams Mercer have defeated: 6-8 – Sewanee and Oglethorpe don’t count and are glorified exhibition games.

Best team played #25 New Mexico beat you by 18, University of Illinois-Chicago beat you by 26, and both Wake and BMU beat you 3

Combined record of teams GSU (4-4) has lost to: 25-5. Combined record of teams GSU have defeated: 11-19

Best team played #2 Duke beat us by 19, both BYU & La Tech beat us by 18, and ECU beat us by 9

Phil III

December 3rd, 2012
1:06 am

@phil her up: I have been rereading your comment for the past 5 minutes and I have absolutely no idea what point you are trying to make. Completely lost after the first sentence

Phil III

December 3rd, 2012
1:06 am

I am a Georgia State fan… I am not trying to argue. I am just completely baffled.

Panther Station

December 3rd, 2012
1:27 pm

@phil I think he was using stats to call you out on the statement you made about Mercer beating a real team as opposed to whom GSU plays.

Chicken Bone

December 4th, 2012
2:11 pm

OMG Phil’s back! lol